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    Post Understanding Android GPS Architecture

    US past policy do restrict the use of GPS above certain altitude (to deny military use of GPS), but cell phones still acquire navigation using GlONASS in Planes.
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    Post Understanding Android GPS Architecture

    To My Understanding and Experience "NO", putting lto2.dat file in a Qualcomm Android Phone do not improve Time To First Fix (TTFF), did'nt experimented BroadCom. also contents of both files seems different, MediaTek processors uses EPO files instead, but it is astonishing that lto2.dat do...
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    Post ZTE U950 - Root, Recovery, ROM (& Google Play)

    I bricked my Phone I have tried to install Jelly bean CM10.1/2 - HeatSka But it is in complete, and my phone stuck in an Indefinete Restart Loop.
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    Post [APP][2.2+] Smart ways to control your incoming call: Waves and Voice control

    Smart Call Accept not Working on ZTE U950 (ICS 4.0.4) Your App on Google Play Smart Call Accept ls not working on my ZTE U950 With ICS 4.0.4
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    Thread Ultimate Car Anti Theft Security Using Android.

    Ultimate Car Anti Theft Security Using Android. (Do it yourself at Cheap Cost) Requirements 1) GPS Enabled Android Handset (Price 5k to 10k Pak Rs) 2) Car Mobile Charger (Price 150/- to 250/- Pak Rs) 3) Key Less Entry or Car Security Alarm Pre-Installed. (Price 1500 - 2500 Pak Rs) Android...
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    Post Is there an Android phone that will auto power on if connect to charger?

    Car Charging Intelligent Approach, I have also did the same thing but with some alteration and continue improvements to it for my vehicle security, i also did the same but putted the phone in dashboard and connected it to car cigarette lighter socket internally,(simple wiring), whenever car...
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    Thread Understanding Android GPS Architecture

    Plz see the Attached GPS Architecture diagram 1st before reading below Article: Location Services using GPS in Android consist of following Architectural Components 1) GPS Chip 2) GPS Driver 3) GL Engine 4) Android Framework 5) User Applications Now Lets Understand each GPS Chip: Radio...
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    Post Abnormal GlEngine stop during the GPS lock

    I have Just Diagnosed the Cause but not successful with any solid solution so far. Similar problem i have with my MTK6575 smartphone (QMobile A6) , Problem is due to InCorrect calculation of Time by GlEngine when it is using NVRAM as timesource, GlEngine is neither using NTP Servers nor Cell...
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    Post [Q] Anti-theft embedded in ROM

    Anti Theft App ROM embedded There is an App called Cerberus anti theft see website but it is not free
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    Post [Q] Magnetic and Orientation sensors not working on MTK6577

    Magnetic and Orientation Sensor Not Working on MTK6575 Same is the problem with my MTK6575 Phone, The presence of sensor is confirmed by apps but the sensor do not sending any events. My Phone is Qmobile A6, With Sensor BMM050 (Magnetic) From Boch.
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    Thread [Q] GPS Crashes during Cold Start

    On my QMobile A6, having 1Ghz MT6575 , Android 4.0.4: GPS crashes frequently during cold start and GPS beacon disappears and GPS Test App need to be restarted to restart GPS. While analysing the GPS debug i found that the GPS chip could not use LTO.DAT file GPS timming is in correct, although i...
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    Thread Qmobile A6 Poor GPS Fixed

    Qmobile A6 have Poor GPS because 1 ) Take long time for cold start 2) GPS crashes sometime during cold start, as GPS Beacon disappears but the App keep running. The 1st issue regarding long cold start is fixed, The reason was Mobile could only utilize GPS (StandAlone) and unable to Utilize...