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    Post [MOD][8.0+][Updated] MIUI 12 Live 'Super' Wallpapers ported to any Android device!

    Working great! Would you mind modfiy the day version such that the device time corresponds with the overview of the planet time ? I find that although it's nightime, i still see no lights or whatsoever on the planet like in the dark version.
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    Post MIUI 12 Earth/Mars Day Live Wallpaper [APK]

    Yea man please if u have time and resources, mod the linuxct's port to be day mode only, despite devices's theme setup.
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    Post T510 64-bit mode

    Yeah, but how ? I really like the stock rom, feels like tablet-friendly.
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    Thread T510 64-bit mode

    Is it possible to enable armv8a support on stock ROM?
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    Thread YouTube black bars t510

    Has anyone managed to fix the aspect ratio problem on every youtube video ? I can't zoom in the videos fill the black bars..
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    Miracast finally works ( 2.3 ). GJ!
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    rom looks great so far. No major bugs. AOD works fine, ambient display too ( despite that pocket detection thing ). Cast is still broken. That blending thing for the charging is cool but if you change the blending colors, it won't work, it will keep the default ones. Everything else is working...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    get esfile enable root and search in the device files for "experimental" and delete that camera.experimental file. If it says file busy or smth go in twrp, mount system and delete it from there. Google camera from gapps has never worked for me so dont bother on that. Custom cameras are always...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    it works but the proximity calibration is broken only for pocket detection, you must hold the finger right on the sensor so that the detection happens
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    google photos crashes randomly on 20181114 build. Tried everything from battery optimizations turned off to reinstalling the app. LOGCAT :
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    google photos crashes randomly on 20181114 build. Tried everything from battery optimizations turned off to reinstalling the app. LOGCAT :
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    if you install stock gapps or better check to be sure not to have cameraexperimental2016 file inside your system folder if i'm not wrong. Get esfile and search for this file and if it detects it, delete it. should solve the problem
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    Post Any stable pie ROMs?

    i dont think there is an issue with that. The slider moves in real time, it's different from oreo, it works on latest havoc. Im using Havoc OS latest build since the release day as main rom and it's doing really good, battery-wise too, gaming wise aswell, better than most oreo roms.
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    wait for next build best option
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    Anyone found a workaround for the live wallpapers ? I've found the livewallpaperpicker apk is missing from the rom, but installing one from the internet wont make any live wallpaper work :(
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    Sry i can't test ---------- Post added at 04:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:25 PM ---------- Get a good rom for gaming ( like this one ) and rename thermal engine from /system/bin to thermal engine.bak to ensure max performance. You may have lag spikes often tho, i use the 3gb ram...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    Short review of 10.19 build : Pros ( and some cons ) : very fast ui, mostly ; tons of useful features ( maybe the most featureful rom ) ; battery backup is good, better than oreo ; pubg runs good, but loads slower than on oreo, still the performance on hd is very good ; camera works fine, hdr+...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]
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    Thread Best battery-performance combo

    What's the best combo you've found for battery and performance ? I mean rom and, if needed, kernel or other optimisations. I will make a chart based on your replies so other ppl can know what they should go for if they're looking for this thing specifically. Many thx.
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    Thread modify max shutter speed in video recording

    Anyone with compiling skills can lead me on editing an apk file in order to change the maximum shutter speed adjustable when recording a video ( to get that 30fps in low light ? ) What programs should i start with ? Thank you.
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    Post Thermal throttling

    It really works, lol. I was about to replace the thermal paste to the chip but it doesn't heat that much to be necessary. Thanks.
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    Thread Thermal throttling

    I recently did 2 tests regarding performance as far as I've seen lag spikes and fps drops in pubg by the end of the matches when the device heats really much : In the first one, there's my phone in the freezer, then, outside the freezer. You can clearly see the difference. I'm using abc with...
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    Post [ROM] [KENZO/KATE] ABC ROM [8.1.x]

    Is there any version where we can use custom kernels withour boorloop?
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    Post The Best Gaming Rom For Kenzo is Out Already!!!!

    I'm using ABC oreo rom with magisk
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    Post The Best Gaming Rom For Kenzo is Out Already!!!!

    I did a stress test and i think my device is thermal throttling. I also noticed frequencies dont run near max values, which i also noticed in pubg, where during gameplay the performance becomes more and more choppy and i lose smoothness. Do you know any workaround for this to improve...
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    Post [ROM] [KENZO/KATE] ABC ROM [8.1.x]

    Thanks for response, but there is clearly something messed up with this rom. I cannot edit the majority of the files in the root folders, such as system or vendor. Most of them end up with errors or with "resource busy" or smth like that. I haven't encountered this on NOS. I tried multiple ways...
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    Thread Can we get rid of white noise in headphones ?

    It's that quiet static sound or white noise like a fm turned on without playing a post or an old tv without signal. It's noticeable when you plug in your earphones/headphones and navigate on your phone. It appears in music too. Is there any method to get rid of it ? Idk, some sound mod tweaks ?
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    Post [ROM] [KENZO/KATE] ABC ROM [8.1.x]

    I found out that vendor is read only and i cannot edit files in it even if i have root. Is there any method that i can mount system/vendor rw ?
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    Post GAPPS STOCK SUPER and AROMA grayed out

    alright... works downloading older releases, thankfully
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    Thread GAPPS STOCK SUPER and AROMA grayed out

    anyone knows why arm64 stock super and aroma gapps from the official website are grayed out and cannot be downloaded ? thx
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    Post AM3D Zirene® Sound [Unity][Deprecated]

    that's what doesn't work means :D
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    Post AM3D Zirene® Sound [Unity][Deprecated]

    on NOS 8.1 it doesn't work
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    Post 4K 25fps footage from kenzo

    Thanks, but, what's special about this ? We have 4k video recording since the very first custom builds..
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    Post Cpu governor overlay issue

    NOS 8.1. I found it was the long press function on caffeine button
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    Thread Cpu governor overlay issue

    Anyone knows how do i get rid of this cpu governor overlay that suddenly appeared ?
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    Thread Odd display issue

    I just came across this very odd display issue after sending my phone to replace the glass broke. They used OCA as they said.
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    Post AM3D Zirene® Sound [Unity][Deprecated]

    still blank white screen on 8.1.. :( After booting it says "in progress" and stays like this. If i close the app and reopen it, it freezes white.
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    Thread AM3D Zirene for Oreo

    Anyone managed to get am3d working on oreo roms ? If so, which rom and what tweaks were applied. Thanks.
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    Post Pixel 2 portrait mode on Redmi Note 3 and other non google devices.

    Works only on back, front doesnt take pictures and crahses after taking
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    Post [GAPPS][8.1]OpenGapps [Daily] [Unofficial] [ARM64/ARM]

    Site doesnt work -.- please mirror the stock version, thanks
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0] ► [OTA] ► Nitrogen OS Beta

    Quote: Originally Posted by dd230774 I got from forum next door, Adv_Sushil_Tater wrote : "After flashing the rom, if you are facing any security keys like your said...try this steps: 1. shutdown device 2. enter recovery (twrp) and go to Advanced >File Manager, and go to the data/system folder...
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    Post [REQUEST] Latest Xperia X Sound System from it's Nougat ROM

    It was banned due to the user community for pirating the premium apk and sharing it on the original thread. I've been using the mod for almost an year and i couldn't find anything better in the course.
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    Post [REQUEST] Latest Xperia X Sound System from it's Nougat ROM

    You might wanna take a look over this sound mod, it packs more than you could ever want :
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    Post Mi A1 camera app

    Well, have you find any aosp/caf/cm based rom for the A1? I can only find miuis and those are few since it has been released 4 days ago afaik
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    Post Google Camera [HDR+, 60FPS, 42Mbit/sec] [Updated 31/8]

    U need to enable root mod in ES to modify system files, the app works fine
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    Post Google Camera [HDR+, 60FPS, 42Mbit/sec] [Updated 31/8]

    u may consider read some posts written above before complaining about an issue already explained. ---------- Post added at 07:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 PM ---------- enable camera 2 api