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  1. uchithisanka

    Thread Which one should i buy? qualcomm or exynos

    Hey guys im planing to buy a note 8 but there are two different chipset models so which model should i buy? and also i heard there is a colour burning issue on note 8 is it happen in both chipset devices or just exynos device.please help me to sort out this problems
  2. uchithisanka

    Thread gonna buy new phone help neeeed plz guys

    im gonna buy a new phone but i dont know which one to plz help me guys.i like htc one m8,htc eye and htc m8 these 3 phones please tell what are the faults,errors and why i dont buy one of these phone.hurry up guys i want to buy immediately...!!! i think m8 is better am i correct...
  3. uchithisanka

    Thread [Q] Files auto delete in my z2

    recently i have bought 128gb memory card for my z2.i have connected the z2 using usb cable & transfer videos,songs & images to sd card using MTP format (i couldnt use mass storage because when i'm tring to connect using mass storage it appears a msg that you need to format the memory card which...
  4. uchithisanka

    Thread [Q]App drawer 5x6 support TW launcher

    please some one post stock TW launcher with 240DPI mod or App drawer 5x6 support TW launcher.please help me....
  5. uchithisanka

    Thread [Q] unofficial jb/ics [touch 10second] [gaming prob] must see

    when I'm playing games in 10cm,9cm or any unofficial jb or ics rom touch pad not respond some times.that mean touch pad didn't recognized my finger.when touch hold my finger like 10second and suddenly not respond if some one know how to correct this please tell me.that will help to other...
  6. uchithisanka

    Thread [Q] help needed

    1..i want to buy a photon 4g but that phone is not a sprint it is us cellular there any changing features between us cellular version and sprint.? 2..what are the errors in this phone .i want to know all things about this phone. 3..which is the best phone xperia ray,xperia neo v or...
  7. uchithisanka

    Thread [Any rom] SPEEDY ENGINE v1 (100% WORKING){increased ram performance}

    Speedy Engine v1 Multitasking is an important aspect in today’s world. When an individual purchases a smartphone, he/she expects it to be fast and to have good multitasking capabilities. There are variety of Apps/MODs which help in improving multitasking – SwapIt, Thunderbolt, V6 Supercharger...
  8. uchithisanka

    Thread [MOD]*****Speedy V3 Released*****[2013,07,11] Feel the freedom

    Speedy Lab(speed up your rom 100% works) <<Description-Speedy is a ram optimizer(increase ram performance)you can now play high ending games in xperia x10 like gangster rio,nova 3,modern combat 3 tested and...
  9. uchithisanka

    Thread what is pacman ???????

    Can some tell me what is pacman and why we should use it??:crying:
  10. uchithisanka

    Thread {UPDATED}(Apk)Must having app for android[font changer]

    This app must having for your android device Then you can edit your font using this app.If you are enable internet option you can download any font using this app main page Click thanks if you appreciate my works;)
  11. uchithisanka

    Thread (Only for X10) Access all apps in market

    This is a mod market that can help to access all apps in android market. you have following thinks 1-root explore 2-mod market(end of the post) First you have to edit your build.prop goto system using and open build.prop and you can find this four lines in middle of the link.if you found then...
  12. uchithisanka

    Thread (Updated) Xperia s music player for all roms with walkman icon

    sony s music player for all custom roms. download this zip and flash using cwm ;) Before install rom you have to wipe cache partition and dalvik cache here is the link happy flashing:)
  13. uchithisanka

    Thread gameloft campatible all games for xperia x10

    All games work well in xperia x10 but request 150 mb of minimum ram #List of Games# 1. 9mm HD 1.0.1 2. Asphalt 6 1.3.3 3. Asphalt5 3.3.9 4. Assassin’s Creed 3.7.0 5. Assassins’ Creed Revelations 1.0.8 6. Avatar 3.3.3 7. BackStab HD 1.2.5 8. Block Breaker 3 1.3.2 9. Brothers In Arms 2 1.0.4...
  14. uchithisanka

    Thread Xperia x10 detail

    This is for xperia x10 details about phone... it has 288 mb of ram 1ghz processer 485mb of space up to 32gb memory card supported Qualcomm graphic 4 inch of display 840*480 resolution and meny moree
  15. uchithisanka

    Thread hd games playable in Xperia x10

    This post showing what are the games working in Xperia x10. Xperia x10 is a arm v7 phone that can play all android games in x10. 1-shadow gun 2-shadow guardian 3-splintercell 4-nova 1 and 2 5-fifa 6-asphalt 6 and 7 7-dead space 8-gangster Rio 9-dark knight rises 10-9mm 11-most wanted 12-modern...
  16. uchithisanka

    Thread best roms for Xperia x10

    this post you can guide about what are the best roms for Xperia x10 1-semc debranded engine-this based on Xperia s firmware,beautiful Rom ever 2-dikej final gaming rom-lot more ram like 200mb 3-techdevil rom-i using this Rom for best gaming experiance 4-cm7.2 based on zmod-this is also good...
  17. uchithisanka

    Thread best gaming Rom for Xperia x10

    hii guys do you want to play heavy games in Xperia x10???? here is the solliution..... you can use techdevil gaming Rom for all of this games. IN MY X10 THERE ARE splintercell nova 1 nova 2 modern combat 1 2 and 3 dark knight rises six guns temple run asphalt 6 and 7 most wanted 2...