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    Thread What is the best firmware for Canadian S8 G950W?

    I am looking for firmware that will not trip knox. Someone said FLash g950U firmware apparently that breaks many thinggs trips knox the. Makes the phone slow. Is it true?
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    Thread Canada S7 G930W8, how do I move to firmware with no third party apps installed?

    Even if I install a different carrier TAR for my S7, the damn thing shows Rogers apps. How is this possible>
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    Thread How do I get Viper4Android on One M8 Developer Edition?

    As the title states, How do I get Viper4Android on One M8 Developer Edition? I am rooted with TWRP
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    Thread Anyone else think this phone is..........mysterious?

    Dear god, coming from a Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 and Nexus 6 user, this phone is weird! To flash the factory images, I had to go through some program that would not detect my phone for 3 hours, then randomly it just decided to work. TWRP flashing was a PAIN IN THE ASS, and the damn thing lags...
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    Thread Why can't I flash a G900F ROM on a G900W8?

    Spec wise, they are the EXACT same phones. So why does ODIN give error?
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    Thread review

    Sup guys, as you may know I review unlock sites often and here is my review for : Site design was VERY, and I means, VERY good. I like it better than the other sites. However, it is the after-sale experience that boggled my mind. I bought an LG G3 Fido unlock code, and it took...
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    Thread Review of Unlock any Phone in Canada for $20
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    Thread Anyone with a white S5 find that the Recent key is brighter than the Back key?

    My recent apps key looks to be brighter than my back key and it is kind of infuriating.
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    Thread Wind Canada AWS XT1064, No SIM card problem even if SIM is inside. tried with 4 sims

    I REALLY need to know the name of the baseband. Reason is, I flashed american Lollipop on XT1064 from wind, and now when I insert a SIM, it says no SIM card. I need to know which AWS modem to flash. Or how to fix the problem Also can someone refer me to the Wind Canada XT1064 ROM with modem...
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    Thread [Q] Will updating my modem get rid of Wind mobile frequencies?

    I have an i337M S4 from Rogers and it's unlocked. It works on Wind too(Going to guess the seller flashed that AWS mod). Can I go ahead and just flash a modem TAR and a bootloader TAR from Odin(WITHOUT losing Wind 1700AWS support)? I want to update my modem and BL because they are old now. I...
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    Thread [Q] What is this? Dropped S4 on the ground. Everything still perfect, no cracks

    What is this and how can I fix it? No cracks, everything is fine:
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    Thread Just got an S4 i337M, came from Nexus 5. Help please.

    I was a power user for my Nexus 5. I have been using Nexuses since the beginning and customized the hell out of my devices(Roms, root, all that jazz). Now I got this S4 Rogers(i337M). It had Golden eye 37 installed previously and had twrp 2.6.x Please help me with the following questions. The...
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    Thread Smell your earphone port!

    My 10 month old N4 and my 4 buddies' N4 smell like butter if you smell through the earphone port!!
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    Thread How to Get a custom Recovey on i9100

    I used to have an i9100 before and heavily tweaked it. I have a Nexus now and it is so much easier than S2 and I forgot everything. Now, my brother is got an i9100 and I would like to know how to get a custom recovery on it. I don't need root, just a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM will do...
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    Thread Please help me overcome depression from a recent rejection

    I asked my person of interest for the first time in my life. We met in a group discussion which went for 2 weeks and I had a liking for her from 1 month ago. When I asked, she was nice about it and said no and that we should stay friends. I shrugged it off and said OK, thanks for being nice...
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    Thread Dropped my 1 month old nexus 4, bezel dented :(

    Is there any way to repair it? I dropped it from a ~1.5ft. edge and it already has a dent. The dent is on the bezel, and is seen easily if you bend the phone. Pic:
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    Thread How is this Girly or Gay?

    I am a 24 year old guy. I still don't get why I have been called "U gay?"(No, I do not have any hate towards Gay people, I am straight and married) or "Bro that ****'s girly" because of the wallpaper on my N4--> Can someone care to explain what is there to it? This is a serious question...
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    Thread Google can remotely do w/e they want to my Nexus 4?

    Recently, I was overhearing a few geeks on the Metro. They were saying that Google can remotely disable your phone, one guy tried doing a chargeback(stupid scammer) and his phone wouldn't work. Is this true? Can Google really brick/make your Nexus 4 a non-usable phone? In my opinion, that is...
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    Thread Which anti theft app was this?

    I remember having an Anti theft App on my Android device. It had red and green buttons, and it was very nice as it had multiple siren triggers like unplug detection, motion, wrong pin, etc. It had its own siren sounds, and you could use your own too. I remember it had a siren sound like the...
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    Thread Please help me find a ROM with the following.

    I know "Best ROM" threads aren't allowed. All I am looking for is a ROM with the following: 1. Has DSP Manager 2. Has ROM Control 3. Has customizable navbar buttons 4. Is a 4.3 based ROM. I am currently using the latest CM10.2 nightly and all is well except ROM control. Thanks in advance...
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    Thread Today, I became a happy man

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    Thread Difference Between international Optimus G and Other Carrier?

    Can I flash a ROM for the international on any other carrier phone? I don't care about mobile data/NFC
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    Thread UNBELIEVABLE! $3 eBay battery better than stock! Buy yours now!

    Today I received the following battery from eBay: Long story short: It really seemed fishy at first, then I had used the battery for 11+ hours and battery life is at 33% atm :good: I watched youtube vids for at least half an hour, played real racing for an hour and every often I kept on...
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    Thread 1950mAh possible on standard sized battery?

    I just received an i9100 battery that is the same size as original Samsung but it is 1950mah. So far it seems working well(After half an hour doing nothing it is at 99% :D Is it really 1950mah? I will test it today till 0% and let you guys know here Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [MOD]Phone App w/Different Background & Removed Gradient

    Hello XDA members, I have made a phone app mod with a different background+removed the ugly gradient(subjective!). It is a very simple modification, nothing has been removed or added in terms of the functionality. You may find this exact background on another contacts.apk mod, but this apk is...
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    Thread Strange clicking and humming noise from outside, help me identify it

    I was studying at around 2 A.M, while I just heard this noise. Turned the fan off, and it seemed to be more obvious. It is also important to note that I heard a human humming noise, like hmmmmmmmmmmmmm for about 10 minutes, then it disappeared. Yes, I checked EVERYWHERE in my house but nothing...
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    Thread [FREE] Website design and management for XDA members!

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    Thread Quick Question--i9100 vs S3 i747

    I am in a hurry now, is it a good trade? My friend is offering his s3 in perfect condition to trade with my S2 i9100 Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Can anyone please direct me to an S2 touchwiz launcher?

    I have been looking for an S2 touchwiz launcher with the labels for dock icons. Please help me find one. I want one that is like the original Samsung 4.1.2 firmware. I am on CM10.1 Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Is this really true? Google can remotely reset your PW? Will it work on custom ROMs too? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Bought this usb flex cable for my i9100M....Will it work?

    I bought this cable because my one got damaged with water. Here it is My board said rev2.2 when I opened mine. Will this one work? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread $5 REWARD! My S2 Won't turn off, charges even with no plug

    My beloved S2 has the following problems and they started from yesterday: The phone charges fine but even when it is plugged out, it shows "Charging" When I turn the phone off, it boots back into the ROM, not the battery symbol I have tried cleaning the port with alcohol Sent from my...
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    Thread How bad is daydream?

    I got interested in this feature. I keep my phone at a home made dock and was wondering if having daydream on thus my screen on for 8-9 hours every night is a bad thing or not Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Any way to make scrolling smoother?

    I have been using my i9100 for a long time and I came across this issue now. IT HAS HORRIBLE SCROLLING! I am on CM10.1 4.2.2 JellyBam ROM. Any.ideas? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread S3 i747M To be outdated soon?

    *sigh* My dad recently traded his iPhone 5 with an S3 i747M from Rogers Canada plus 200 Cash. I ran sygic (gps app) and it lagged a lot on his phone compared to my S2 i9100. Will this mean my dad's S3 will be outdated soon with a weaker GPU at 1280X720 screen (Bad choice Samsung!)? Mod...
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    Thread Is there a Stock Jelly Bean ROM?

    I just got an s3 for my friend, and I want a ROM that is as close to stock as possible. Such as this one for s2 I tried Synergy but it has weird blue toggles. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Jelly Bean auto rotation bug

    *JellyBAM Version : 7.3.0 *Kernel Used : Default one that comes with JellyBam 7.2.0(see screeny) *Full wipe History : Wiped with CWM beforehand, Factory reset, wipe cache and dalvik cache *Bug that I faced : Accelerometer stops working occasionally *How to replicate the bug : Press auto...
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    Thread Accelerometer works intermittently

    Any help would be appreciated. I am on JellyBam 7.2 Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Is ok to charge with 5.1V 0.7a on i9100?

    As the title says, is ok to charge with a charger that outputs 5.1V 0.7a on an i9100? Please let me know as I left my charger in my friend's house and only have this left. The ports match too. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread (SOLVED)Emmc Brickbug

    I'll make this short. I bought an s2 from someone, he flashed it to 4.1.2 stock before I bought it. I am now worried about the emmc brickbug. I ran the bug checker and I have the vulnerable 0x19 chip. I am using Neatrom 4.6.1 with philz kernel and I love flashing ROMs, so what are the things I...
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    Thread What happened to JellyBam?

    I remember using an i9100 ROM named JellyBam by iGio90. After I came back to the scene after a few months, there is no trace of JellyBam left:mad: What happened? Yes, I do know his site is online but where is the threads and iGio?
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    Thread Am I allowed to post ads on XDA?

    I am a web dev. I offer affordable web services to customers, but I was wondering if I am allowed to post my service ads here on XDA. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread 720p vs 1080p for S2 videos

    Recently, I noticed that 720p recording mode is quite wider than 1080p on my s2. It is simply far superior as it gives more to view. However, I noticed that 1080p makes the camera automatically zoom in and screw up the video by making it zoomed and pixelated. My question is that 720p "Looks"...
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    Thread I am getting i9100 tomorrow, is it still good?

    I am planning to get this phone tomorrow, and have the following questions: 1. I am getting it for $140 Canadian. Rip-Off or good deal? i9100 is unlocked, screen is 10/10 and body is 9/10 2. I actually owned this phone before and know the ins and outs of it. Is it still like before where I...
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    Thread Questions before I get this phone

    Hi, I am planning to get this phone from a friend. It is the S2 From Rogers. Couple of questions: 1. Im getting it for $160 CDN. Good deal? No contract, whatever and in 9/10 condition 2. Is this phone really that bad compared to S2 i9100 which I had before? 3. Can I flash the AT&T ROMs here...
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    Thread Should I get this phone?

    Hi, I am planning to get a Droid Razr, XT 910. Now, I had a galaxy s2 2 years ago but sold it 1 year ago. Being disconnected from the cell phone world, I was wondering the following: 1. Is it as good as S2 in terms of dev support? 2. Is it true if I put a JB ROM on it and try to go back to...
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    Thread What to do with $300? Non-Phones :(

    I recently got $300 for designing 2 websites, and as the title states, what should I buy with it? Obviously it's what I want(hehe I knew someone was going to say that) but I would love to hear you guys' opinions. It has to be something non-phone related as I am in my crucial years of high school...
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    Thread Tips for Job Interview

    I am going for my job interview tomorrow to a store comparable or better than Best Buy. I am applying for product specialist and I was wondering for some tips. I will have my resume with me there, of course. I'll elaborate on this topic, and I'll add more to this post later Sent from my...
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    Thread Download my first program: Be Awesome for Windows!

    Hey guys, just thought I'd get into programming and build my first app. It is called "Be Awesome" and it does what it says: MAKES YOU AWESOME! I won't say more, but here is the link-- Here's the virus scan...