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  1. indresh88

    Thread [MOD]8/11/2013 4.3/4.1.2 S4 Accuweather,S4 Status bar[0,25,50,75,100) odexed deodexed

    Hi,Good Day to all of you.Well This mod is only for accuweatherwidget.apk. I have not modded accuwidgetweather_main.apk. S4 Style status bar added for DEODEXED 2 style: 1.transparent on desktop and white icon. 2. only white icon I have seen that since the leak for 4.2.2 comes, there is less...
  2. indresh88

    Thread Jtag service in india???

    I have my htc sensation4g hardbreak during corrupted firmware anybody know in india that unbreak my device with riff jtag tool..... Reply much appreciated.... Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. indresh88

    Thread Gti9000m and gti9000

    Is gt i9000m and i9000 same??? Means rom and kernels of gt i9000 can be flashed to gt i9000m???? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  4. indresh88

    Thread Hard brick??

    I was on viper 1.2.1 with firmware3.32 tmob. I was having error like working so i just tried to flash 3.32.401 firmware via from booloader but during flashing last component gave me error fail.....then when i pressed power button to continue......oh...
  5. indresh88

    Thread [Q] wifi isuue still

    hi i have htc t mobile htc sensation i earlier posted about my wifi issue..i had no issue when i puchased...then i did s -off...then the devil comes.....wifi dead....i tried everything......s-on,installed stcok roms,gb rom,ics everything.....then at last Somehow my wifi started again in...
  6. indresh88

    Thread Wifi error even on stock rom

    I have t mobile sensayion in detail my story is, I have ics 3.32 stock t mobile rom on purchase.......and wifi running good.....then i made it s off with revolutionary using hardware soff method....installed 4ext recovery...rooted and make super cid 111111 ... Now i flashed...
  7. indresh88

    Thread (HELP) with caller screen

    is there any mod available to change the screen when call comes? i really hate that reply and drop button when caller comes...
  8. indresh88

    Thread advise about new android phone

    Hello, i need an advice regarding new android phone....may be a mint condition used phone may be enough.... my budget is around 250$ ......a good android with full range of graphics supported needed... please suggest good phone...
  9. indresh88

    Thread hiw to disable htc messaging client?

    how to change from manilla sense 2.5 sms client to stock 6.5 sms picker and client..? manila picker is too slow..
  10. indresh88

    Thread internet sharing hanged

    Hi, i am using htc fuze with energy 21918 rom .... i am having problem with internet sharing, it just hanged and freeze when i use as 3g for utorrent and skype in just 10 minutes...otherwise it work good for normal surfing for upto 2 hours.... pls help me...i have official data cable from my...
  11. indresh88

    Thread Touch screen not working

    Hey guys, I have been so much frustrated about my htc topaz....till now it is working perfectly. Since yesterday all of a sudden touch screen stops working...with ballooning effect on screen ...previously ballooning effect was noticed before 3-4 days,but i did not pay attention on it as touch...
  12. indresh88

    Thread new battery for fuze

    I am planning to buy new battery for htc touch pro...I have seen two types, one is BTR6850 and another is DIAM 171. Which one is good?
  13. indresh88

    Thread htc new gene dead?

    hi...i am in big trouble.......i have a new gene working in a decent condition up to yesterday..but when i wake up today new gene does not start only shows red led on does not go into bootloader.....only shows red light..... please give suggetion....
  14. indresh88

    Thread [PROBLEM] HTC OPAL bugs in wm 6.5

    Hi everyone, i am opal user.... i am facing some strange problems in wm 6.5 rom made in earvius visual kitchen.......and since there are not great chef's in opal forum i need help from you guys to solve the current bugs...... here are the bugs...... After flashing the wm 6.5 rom when device...
  15. indresh88

    Thread Wm 6.1 build 21056 for opal

    WM 6.1 BUILD 21056 FOR OPAL Here is my attempt to release WM 6.1 rom for opal users,since wm 6.1 is best at performance...... BUILD is 21056 the latest one leaked.......... Overall performance is very I have used manila 2d from stock rom......also...
  16. indresh88

    Thread UPDATED 26/3/2010 WM 6.5.3 opal revolution 25007

  17. indresh88

    Thread Sys 21057 wm 6.1 updated 12/4/10

    21057 SYS UPDATED ON 12/4/10 WM 6.5 28002 UC compatible Rom for New Gene and Old Gene page pool=8mb device memory=34mb free ram on start up=23mb,After normal use 19-20mb Here my self cooked rom for gene users...... I have seen that most of the htc devices in this forum have their UC[user...
  18. indresh88

    Thread storage card not installed

    hi everyone, i am facing very strange problem..... my storage card is kingston 4 gb....which is working very well since last 5 months.....then suddenly last night when i attached it to pc via card reader it shows 0 bytes...and say "insert the storage card" when i tried to open........ then i...