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    Thread Purple shade on screen out of nowhere???

    Hello everyone . Today when i woke up i just saw that in having some sort of purple-ish shade on my screen. I removed the protection glass just to make sure its screen itself. Does Anyone of you have an idea what could cause this and how can i fix it? Maybe i made some kind of pressure on to screen?
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    Thread Soft bricked or defected A5 2017 ? Please help :)

    Hello guys , i have a problem over here . When i try to install a firmware with odin , it stops at system.img file , its stuck over there , but when i flash all files except the AP big one , it boots up to erasing point , and starts to bootloop with tons of errors showing , but whenever i want...
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    Thread Can i install global rom on verizon g3 ?

    Hello guys , im interested what would happen if i install a global stock rom for LG D855 on my verizon G3 ? Or what would happen if i install Cyanogenmod for global d855 on verizon model ? Would i brick it or i'd expect some comaptability issues ? Thanks :)
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    Thread Bricked lg g3 after installing twrp

    Hi there. I've used a program called auto rec for lollipop , it installed twrp , i've turned off phone to go to recovery after it , and after that turning off , it wont turn on again. I tried charging it , download mode , everything. Phone just doesnt start up. One and only good sign is that my...
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    Thread Fulmics 5.3 or CM 13 for LG G3 ?

    Hi guys. Im currently using CM 13 on my LG G3 ( D852) and im in a big confusion. I've tried fulmics rom 5.3 . I dont know on which one to go now ? Whats your opinions ? Camera is Waaaaay better on fulmics with that modded 1080p 60 fps recording , cm doesnt even support 4k tho. But performance...