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  1. tony45x220

    Thread Anthrax setCPU frequency settings won't stick!?!?

    Hello I'm new to the 3D threads because I just joined the dual-core club...but I've been rooting and hacking since the Samsung Moment...anyway, I'm running ZR3D[GT] gingerbread ROM v4.1 with the anthrax kernel...I'm using setCPU to overclock the phone to around 1.6Ghz but let alone the settings...
  2. tony45x220

    Thread New Market Black Themed?

    Does anyone know of a new market apk like version 3.3.12 or something recent with black, transparent, or dark theming? Sent from my rooted, suited, & booted Epic 4G #knowdat!
  3. tony45x220

    Thread BETA ICS "2.4" hmm launcher (youtube)

    Found this in my subscriptions...check it out and let us know what you think...looks pretty lame to me... Link: Sent from my rooted, suited, & booted Epic 4G #knowdat!
  4. tony45x220

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S III

    Samsung Galaxy S3 ohh boy...2.0Ghz Quad-Core, Ice Cream, Touchwiz 5.0, 4.65" screen etc...check the specs out for yourself...coming mid 2012 Link:
  5. tony45x220

    Thread V6 Supercharger issues

    So I'm running the V6 supercharger update 8 version...and it speeds my phone up beautifly and makes everything very snappy...except for the fact that my home launcher no matter what I use is constantly giving me one vibration...followed by three...and then a freeze and force close...
  6. tony45x220

    Thread Android Emulator Force close everytime

    I'm running the new EG22 Urban ROM and for the life of me I can't get the Gameboid GBA emulator to work...I have the right bios file...but nothing shows up even when I run that and when I try to open up any game it just force closes instantly...I've seen this running on Much Older and slower...
  7. tony45x220

    Thread ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.0 leaked pics and Youtube (smartphoneenvy)

    I found this post with a couple of beta pics of ICS over on: Along with a short youtube video conferming the pics and features...
  8. tony45x220

    Thread [Q]Android.acore.process force close when adding SNS contacts? What gives!?!?

    Android.acore.process force close when adding SNS contacts? What gives....I can't even save a contact to my regular google account...what rotten files are the root of this...any help please? Sent from my rooted, suited, & booted Epic 4G kno dat!
  9. tony45x220

    Thread 1.5Ghz Overclock W. Tegrak Overclock Ultimate

    My explanation with a quick Linpack benchmark run of an app I was put on to (Shouts to QBking77) called Tegrak Overclock Ultimate which allowes me to overclock my Samsung Epic 4G to 1.5Ghz with no force closes, freeze/lock ups, or data loss (Post trial and error freezes, data loss, and force...
  10. tony45x220

    Thread Super F****** annoying launcher problem!?!?

    I'm running EF02 Bamboozle ROM and no matter which hom launcher I use Launcher Pro or TW4 or ASOP launcher....every single time I open an app and go back home it has to reload launcher will not stay in memory and its super annoying...any help is apprecated!?!? Sent from my...
  11. tony45x220

    Thread [Q] Tegrak Overclock Settings?

    Shouts to Qbking77 for introducing the application Tegrak Overclock to us...and with it I've been able to get my Epic to run stable at 1.496Ghz with 1375v using the Genocide like to ask if anyone has gone any higher than this and still kept the stability of their Epic without any...
  12. tony45x220

    Thread [HELP] Chainfire 3D fail?

    Ok I've been using chainfore 3D pretty much since version 1.7...and its been working wonders for me saving battery in night mode and speeding up my UI experience and saving me a lil bit of RAM with the settings...but after I updated to version 2.8...installed the drivers and rebooted....I can't...
  13. tony45x220

    Thread Dual-core Overclocking potential?

    With all these new 1.2Ghz dual-core smart phones coming out...and new even 1.5Ghz dual-to-multi-core phones coming out...once our developers get our hands on them...what is the potential for custom overclocking, undervolting, and what will the Mhz & Ghz numbers look like if anybody has an...
  14. tony45x220

    Thread Do we fit under the 18 month grace period for ICS in the future?

    I'm not sure if it was stated 18 months upon the announcment of ICS going into development or if its 18 months from the initial debut of ICS (Samsung Nexus Prime release)...any information would be appreciated? Sent from my rooted, suited, & booted Epic 4G kno dat!
  15. tony45x220

    Thread My contacts keep dissapearing!!!!

    My phone is constntly loosing my contact data...I have my Google, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, ooVoo, Qik, and Yahoo contacts synched to my contacts list...its usualy the facebook or the twitter contacts that will just dissapear without warning and even skype somtimes...but this time I was...
  16. tony45x220

    Thread [Rumor] HTC EVO Shift 2

    I heard a rumor from a guy with a quite reliable source about a bigger Qwerty brother to the Evo Shift 4G coming out late Q3 early Q4 to sprint with a bigger screen, dual-core...and of course that good old reliable and convenient slide-out-keyboard...can anyone chyme in? Sent from my rooted...
  17. tony45x220

    Thread [Q] (Request) Can someone port the screen "on" animation to Froyo or GB?

    I heard we had source code to apply the screen on and off animations to Froyo...and what a treat it would be to have it running on my EC05 overclocked ROM while waiting for official GB...or to have it on EF02....I'm admittedly obsessed with the screen animations...and us having the screen off...
  18. tony45x220

    Thread Where can I find the latest ver. Of ODIN?

    I was wondering where people were getting the new 1.8.something I think it is version of ODIN because out seems to have more features...can anyone help me out? Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA Premium App
  19. tony45x220

    Thread Any chance for a new dual-core, big screen, Qwerty Keyboard smartphone!?!?

    I'm a sprint customer with the Samsung epic 4G and with all these dual core phones coming out with so many rumored to be coming out with these dual-core 1.2ghz processors...I'm just insanely curious and filled with anticipation on the next superphone in Q3 or Q4 of 2011 (maybe even in January...
  20. tony45x220

    Thread Any chance for a new 4"-4.3" screen, dual-core, Qwerty keyboard phone!?!?

    I'm a sprint customer with the Samsung epic 4G and with all these dual core phones coming out with so many rumored to be coming out with these dual-core 1.2ghz processors...I'm just insanely curious and filled with anticipation on the next superphone in Q3 or Q4 of 2011 (maybe even in January...
  21. tony45x220

    Thread American SGS2 Variants?

    I was wondering if anybody knew what the upcoming US releases would be looking like as far as features go. With the original line of SGS phones each major US carrier had their own features from the Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate, and Epic....I'm a sprint customer with the Epic 4G....and I love...
  22. tony45x220

    Thread Is there any "NEW"potential for Gingebread Kernals?

    I see quick output in ROM'S but I'm impatient lol, I'm exited to know if there are any new kernel features that come along with Gingerbread like higher OC'ing or a higher FPS unlock, more mhz steps or something along those lines? Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA Premium App
  23. tony45x220

    Thread [Q] Why don't we have the screen "ON" animations for GB if the off works?

    All of the new releases have the screen off animation...but what's the complication with including the screen "ON" animation..unless I'm missing something? Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA Premium App
  24. tony45x220

    Thread Why doesn't the Epic 4G have official CM7 support?

    to my understanding they (Deamon87 and the Epic CM7 squad) have been trying to get a build that meets the official CM7 standards in order to get the official support....the question I'm bringing to the table is why the Epic 4G (which is supposed to be a flagship sprint phone) didn't have...
  25. tony45x220

    Thread [Q] is it possible to extract CM7 screen off/on effect to another ROM?

    I was always curous whether or not you'd be able to find the files within the system that make the screen off and on effect we all love with CM7...extract them or mod them in some way to make it compatable with one of our EC05 ROM'S...any suggestions or comments would help?? Sent from my...
  26. tony45x220

    Thread Epic 4g not sleeping properly any suggestions?

    I'm running the SupernovaROM and when I go into spare time without sleeping isn't at 100%....but It never fails that it gradually always creeps farthr and farther away from the screen time on might start off (time without sleeping & Time with screen on) 1 or 2% apart..and...
  27. tony45x220

    Thread MY EPIC WILL NOT SLEEP!!...any help would be nice y'all?

    I'm runnin baked snack 1.6 w/ ultimate kernel...and I have ridiculous battery drain!...I have autimatic task killer, setCPU (set @100mhz-800mhz w. Conservative governing), and I'm well seasoned in the usual battery saving how to's. When I check Spare Parts and go to "Battery History" under...
  28. tony45x220

    Thread 85 Hours Froyo Battery Life, 2800mAh Battery! w. Youtube Review (Update 12/28/10)

    New update with even Better battery life than Eclair!!! check the link to my latest youtube review. I just recently decided to update my Epic to Froyo and go with ViperROM 3.0.3 and I got a big improvement now getting 85+ HOURS OF LIGHT to MEDIUM USAGE! on the link to my Froyo...