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  1. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG G5 Unable to OTA As seen, it is shown in the screenshot an error. Can't update through LGUP nor the LG Flashtool. Anyone knows anything about this error? It does not work in OTA mode either. H860N SEA Edition.
  2. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG G5 Tips and Tricks

    I've posted a video talking about some neat tips and tricks that I've found on the LG G5 that maybe some of the people out there may not be sure of, or not sure how to get there. Will be updating constantly with more tips and tricks that is found and with a step-by-step guide on how to...
  3. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG V10 Xposed Installation & H961N Root TOT

    As some people actually requested a guide, for those who actually have root for H961N, thanks to BlueEffect . If you have missed it, head over to the link and get rooted! By all means...
  4. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG V10 TOT Root for H961N

    So, a user by the name BlueEffect managed to get the tot from the china website and have successfully proven that root is working on his device (Specifically H961N only). Link of post over here...
  5. Indicious Flow

    Thread Neat Tips and tricks for the V10

    Need more juice for your phone? Lacking in audio quality? Look no further as I guide you through some of the things that could actually change how you look at the V10! 1) Data Sleep 2) LED / Isai / Cover controls (I only covered about the LED notification part but the others can be found under...
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    Thread Quickly Access Activities Using V10's Second Screen

    Ever come across situations where you need to quickly access stuff that you can't usually find on the default second screen options? Now there's an alternative to it! The app is actually called QuickShortcutMaker! The app allows you to create shortcuts of activities like you would do on custom...
  7. Indicious Flow

    Thread Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    Using the app called Popup Widget, I'm able to quickly place any kinds of widget directly on the second screen, since we can easily move back and forth app shortcuts from the second screen and home screen, but that mainly applies to the stock launcher only, tried with Nova, but didn't work...
  8. Indicious Flow

    Thread Random Reboots

    Anyone encountered random reboots on the G4 before? Happens randomly, not sure if it's the cause of root or Xposed installed. Have Power Nap, Greenify and Amplify activated.
  9. Indicious Flow

    Thread H815 Open Europe 10E Rooted System Image

    Thanks S3V3N for providing the 10E Open Europe Firmware for the H815 And here is the rooted image that I bring to everyone :) Likewise from the previous one I've done, here are the steps. INSTRUCTIONS! Quote: instructions by TEAM_CodeFire modified by smaberg and modified again by me :) 1.)...
  10. Indicious Flow

    Thread H815 10f Rooted System.img

    Thanks smaberg for providing the firmware for H815's system.img I've decided to do the hard work and create the rooted system image for you guys. INSTRUCTIONS! Quote: instructions by TEAM_CodeFire modified by smaberg and modified again by me :) 1.) install all windows driver and adb, fastboot...
  11. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] Z3 Compact Display Issues

    Anyone having the same issue as me? Cause it seems that My set that I just gotten today (Green color) has the usual yellow tint that is slightly visible, but not as serious as the z2. Can be seen when placed side by side the retail demos of z3 and z3c, it seemed like there may be different...
  12. Indicious Flow

    Thread Looking for 1 invite

    Anyone has a spare invite? Need to grab my OPO D:
  13. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] V4Android Music Equalizer Anyone mind translating this page? Heard that this equalizer is better than beats audio and dsp :)
  14. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM][PORT][NEO/V] Xperia Ultimate HD™ ROM | «1.0 | «High Quality | «AROMA |«

    Jader13254 Proudly Presenting You Xperia Ultimate HD™ for Xperia Arc and Xperia Ray.[/font][/size][/center] User Experience with Xperia Ultimate HD™ "The ROM is amazing! It works like a charm on my Xperia Arc! I installed it directly without doing any Wipe. The multitasking is really good...
  15. Indicious Flow

    Thread JB with xperia port? Anyone wants to try to do a port for this? it is cm10 mixed with xperia :)
  16. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM]CM10-Pure v1 (31/7/2012}

    Thanks to the encouragement of blindndumb, I've decided to personally make a cm10 rom too. This CM10 Rom also acts as my base for my PA. So... Yea. As Usual, Double Thanks for cnote74 for making the kernel too for me as my computer is the most old fashion one :-/ And also 0.0 for teaching me...
  17. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM][PORT]ParanoidAndroid F.F.S V1/CM10-Unofficial V1 [1/8/2012]

    This time, I must really thank RandomBlame for setting aside the problem between me and him, and now allowing me to port things faster. Without a doubt, Thank him and me TOGETHER! PA1.9.7 will be up in an hour's time. So give me some time to work on it :D COPIED FROM OLD THREAD This is a port...
  18. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM][PORT]ParanoidAndroid v1.9.2a JellyBean Edition[Updated 29/7/12 (FULLY WORKING)]

    This is a port from the MyTouch 4G/Desire S forums so there may be several bugs included :/ This port can be done thanks to cnote74 - And also 0.0 for teaching me how to port :) And also blindndumb for the camera patch :D And also...
  19. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM][MIUI]05-07-2012 LaxiMIUI 1ST EDITION W/ Beats Audio!

    This is my 2nd port and I'm still a newbie so please guide me along if I made any mistakes. This time I've made a totally new MIUI 2.3.7 ROM which has beats audio implemented with Poweramp Music Player, at the same time battery efficient and smooth :D Screenshots will be up later. This ROM is...
  20. Indicious Flow

    Thread [ROM]LezoLax v1.0 Clean / Tweaked Version UP!(Based On Lezo OS 1.6.15!)

    This is my first time making a port rom based on Lezo OS 1.6.15 with some tweaks added. It's fully working so.... if there's any bugs and whoever knows how to fix mind helping me create patches? thanks. :) DOWNLOAD LINK AT BOTTOM! A unique main screen...
  21. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] AOSP Gingerbread Rom

    anyone available to make an AOSP gingerbread rom? Clean and fast like openfire :D
  22. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] How about windows 6.5 on wildfire?

    Possible to make windows 6.5 on wildfire?
  23. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] Meizu M9 or MIUI Rom For Wildfire?

    is it possible for any of this to be ported into wildfire? its totally cool. Meltus managed to make nexus one have Meizu M9. anyone can port it to android? heres the link. :D
  24. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] Something to ask the developers.

    Hey developers. Just to ask a question. Will Nexus One ROM be made onto Wildfire? If So, This Would help in the making of a Gingerbread ROM :D
  25. Indicious Flow

    Thread The Making of a HTC Wildfire ROM.

    I've been using HTC Wildfire for the past few months. I've always wanted to make my own rom. Anyone can tell me some tools to make one? ------------------------------------- Sent via CyanogenMod 6.1 Stable Wildfire.
  26. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] What does cyanogen nightlies do?

    I was using cyanogen for quite some time. But can anyone tell me what nightlies do?
  27. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Poll]Which ROM is the best that you've ever used in HTC Buzz: Wildfire?

    [Poll]Which ROM is the best that you've ever used in HTC Buzz: Wildfire?
  28. Indicious Flow

    Thread [Q] Openfire v2.2.3 or WildPuzzleROM??

    Hi im new to HTC Wildfire which i just rooted a few minutes ago. Should i use Openfire or WildPuzzleROM? I want a stable one with no errors that i could use. Any advices?