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    Thread Disable smart call reminders?

    Hi guys! I receive daily a notification by Samsung to turn on my Caller ID and Spam protection, which in turn will send Samsung even more data about the calls I receive. I don't want it. Dismissing the notification will just make it show again the next day. How can I remove it for good?
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    Thread Help flashing TWRP

    Hi guys! I don't seem to be able to flash TWRP 3.3.1 onto my pie phone. From Linux, I get the following: :$ fastboot flash recovery ./recovery-TWRP-3.3.1-0602-REDMI6-CN-wzsx150.img target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes sending 'recovery' (65536 KB)... OKAY [ 3.554s] writing...
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    Thread Can I still get my phone with MIUI 11.0.3 into Treble?

    Hi guys! I'm considering to install Treble on my Redmi 6, in order to get access to all the GSI images. Is this still possible from MIUI v11.0.3? Do I need to downgrade? Thank you!
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    Thread New to the whole treble scene. Can I get a GSI without rooting/tripping knox?

    Hi guys! I'm planning to purchase this phone. It would be in Asia, so I think it would be the Exynos version. I wanted to know whether it is possible to install some Treble GSI image, without tripping knox. I'm not interested in rooting, but I'd like to be able to keep Knox safe. Is this...
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    Thread Is there a possiblity of unofficial Trebble?

    Hi! So, the way I see it, in order to get Treble on your phone involves using Oreo-compatible blobs/drivers, and the Treble specific partitioning scheme. Once you get that (a custom made Treble partition following the standards, implementing the just released Oreo blobs from the official Samsung...
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    Thread Thinking about rooting my G930FD and installing CFW...Many questions

    Hi guys, I'm considering rooting my G930FD. If I just root it, I should be able to disable most of Samsung crap, correct? I'm concerned about being able to use apps that might detect for root/CFW, such as: -Google Pay -HSBC -MobileIron Is there a way to hide the root from these? I think...
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    Thread Would you upgrade your S7 to an S8 (provided there was no cost involved)?

    Hi guys, I reckon many would consider the S8 "not enough of an upgrade". However I'm going to be given one by my company as corporate phone. Given that I'm in the IT, I can just swap the corporate activation to my S7 and then use the S8 as my daily phone. Would you recommend one over the other...
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    Thread Galaxy S7 root keeping knox 0, android pay and fingerprint readers?

    Hi, I was wondering if the situation for rooting the S7 was any better now. I hear this phh's superuser method allows you to get a stealth root that would work even for Android Pay. Would this affect knox? What about fingerprint reader? Thanks a lot!
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    Thread How to avoid gmaps from suggesting alternative routes while driving?

    Hi guys! I drive a motorbike, and my smartphone holder has a protection to avoid getting it wet. This also involves a plastic protection sheet over the screen, which makes rather unresponsive to touch once protected. Sometimes while already driving, google decides I should take a "better"...
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    Thread [Completed] How to avoid gmaps from suggesting alternative routes while driving?

    Hi guys! I drive a motorbike, and my smartphone holder has a protection to avoid getting it wet. This also involves a plastic protection sheet over the screen. Which is hard to touch once in. Sometimes while already driving, google decides I should take a "better" route. Which I know is...
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    Thread Nougat testers, how's the battery life of the beta? Is it increased?

    Or more like so-so? Please do let know! Thanks!
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    Thread Can I check the log to see when was last a bluetooth device connected/disconnected?

    Hi guys, My girlfriend lost her bluetooth headphones and can't remember where. Is there a way I can check her logcat to see if I can see when did the bluetooth headphones disconnected? That would at least give us some time idea. Thanks!
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    Thread After latest "social" update I can't see the gallery's album names

    Hi guys, Did this happen to you as well? After the latest "social" update (which I won't be using), the gallery has now the option for Stories, and they remade the Albums tab so now it's a list, instead of the neat previous arrangement of two colums of thumbnails for the folders. And in my...
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    Thread What's the current CM camera status for the i9505?

    Hi guys, I'm considering moving from danvdh's ROM back to the latest CM, due to some limitations (not being able to use the SD card to move apps, unable to use xposed at the moment), but wanted to know what's the status of CM's camera, as this is something that works rather well on Danvdh's...
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    Thread Camera crash after modem update

    Hi guys, After updating my modem with ZHUFNL1 (GSM_Modem_ZHUFNL1_and_LTE_Modem_ZHUFNL1.tar), the camera stopped working. I tested multiple different ROMs, and a full system wipe, with no luck. I have a Knox free bootloader, that means I don't even have the Knox warranty 0x0 message. Never...
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    Thread [Q] Trouble updating modem to I9505ZHUFNL

    Hi guys, I have my i9505 running correctly Danvdh's unbranded Lollipop GPE. So far the rom runs rather well, but I think my modem might be outdated, currently I9505ZHUFNB3. I want to update via odin to I9505ZHUFNL1, but seems I can't. Odin says everything goes fine: But after the reboot, the...
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    Thread [Q] Is the 11 pin micro USB a Samsung only thing? Which phones support it?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out how many products do actually use the 11 pin microUSB connector. I know the S4 and the Note 2 do, and I guess I'm pretty safe asuming the Note 3 and S5 also have it. Do you guys know any other device having 11pin microUSB connectors? For the rest, the...
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    Thread [Q] Which AOSP ROM allows me to have Apps2SD?

    Hi, Mostly Apps 2 SD is the most important feature I miss when moving to AOSP. IS there a way to move apps to the SD card on AOSP? So far I'm using NoobDev's ROM, but it's starting to be a bit dated.
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    Thread [Q] Any app to automatically copy new files (photos) to a network drive?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get a lil' privacy here :P I know right now it's rather hard, but I'm trying to take my steps. So far setting Seacloud with https and encryption on a 2TB HDD wasn't too hard. Problem is, it doesn't upload the phone pictures to the server, at the moment. A second solution...
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    Thread [Q] Xiaomi Hongmi keeps re'-downloading inbox (activesync)

    Hi guys, Just as the title: One of the users in the office has a Xiaomi Red Rice (or Hongmi). He has an exchange mailbox..rather busy, receiving hundreds of emails every day. This seems to drive the XIaomi crazy. Randomly (but VERY oftenly), it will start redownloading all the inbox. When it...
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    Thread [Q] [several devices] Corporate email keeps redownloading inbox

    Hi guys, any sysadmins on the group? I'm having an issue with different devices, where they will randomly wipe all the mailbox emails and re-download it, just like when you first activate the email account. It can happen several times per day and can be rather frustrating. I've seen it...
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    Thread unzip has 350MB of background data (?!)

    Hi guys, This morning I just found out that unzip is taking 354MB of data just for itself. I never use this app, I just have it installed in case other apps use it as a library (ES file explorer, TB and similar?). Anyone knows what might have caused this crazy usage?
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    Thread [Q] Is it possible to embed GE's camera into CM ROM?

    Hi guys, So here's my doubt as in the title. I'm running Danvdh GE-based 4.4.2 ROM, which is almost stock with some small power user customizations. I woudln't complain about it if it wasn't for Google's stubborness to disable the SD card access...
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    Thread [Q] i9505 unable to tether/hotspot/bluetooth

    Hi guys, Here I am asking a rather basic question...I come from a very properly working i9100. I swapped the SIM card with that one, where I could tether with no problem. So now its bigger brother i9505 inherited the SIM. So I'm assuming that's not the source of the problem, the mobile provider...
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    Thread What do you guys think of ART?

    Just saw the news of the project ART, to replace the Dalvik machine with pre-compilation of the code...It allows for much faster execution. Maybe the most advanced phones won't see that much of an improvement, but I think for a S2 it could give back all it's life and power. What do you guys...
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    Thread [Q] Moving from i9100 to i9100G (chinese)..common doubts

    HI guys, Due to an undesired dead of my previous i9100, i'm probably switching to a i9100G, which I'll get borrowed from a friend for a few months. It's 100% the chinese model. After a bit of checking, I've found that it's not an Exynos model. Does this mean i9100G gets official full CM10.1...
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    Thread [Q] Help deciding for a new phone...

    Hi all, I need a bit of help in deciding for a phone...I had it a bit undecided, but my Galaxy S2 just died on me, and I'm forced to buy something immediately :( I'd need a phone that has the following: -Removable SD card, mandatory. I use a 32GB and I'd like to expand to anything I like...
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    Thread [Q] Soft brick, halp!

    Hi guys, I think this doesn't look good, due to the way it failed. It was working just fine, using NeatROM. Just came after a walk, using it no problem. Let it rest for a bit while I was doing other things, and then when I check it again, it's dead. It doesn't go beyond the Galaxy S2 logo, it...
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    Thread [Q] What phone will you move on to after your Galaxy S2?

    No polls, just say whichever phone you are considering to move after Your Galaxy S2. I've been having mine for almost 2 years, And it's been a hell of a ride, I still think it was a good purchase, as it can move most apps with no real problem. My biggest complain is the problem with the exynos...
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    Thread [Q] AOSP save pics in external SD?

    Hi guys, Is there a way to force the camera to save the pictures in the external SD? I'd be happy to even create a link between folders, if that was even possible. I've googled, and found modified aosp cameras for the galaxy s3, and even the AT&T galaxy s2. Is there one for our phone? Or how...
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    Thread [Q] NAS service for Android?

    Hi guys, I'd like to attach permanently a hard drive to my Android on a Stick, and have it work as the home NAS. How well would this work? Do you know of any reliable app that could work with either NTFS or EXT3/4? I don't mind which format as long as it can handle large files with no issues. I...
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    Thread [Q] Help managing your storage!

    Hi guys! I have a bit of a problem with my S2 storage. I'm running cyanogenmod. So I wanted to ask you guys how could I best manage all my apps/pics/videos/backups etc. My current status: System ROM 528MB, 149MB free Internal 2.11GB, 637MB free SD Card 12.3GB, 1.35GB free Ext. SD Card...
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    Thread CWM backup on CM10 fails on my SGS2!

    Hi, I'm having this issue where the CWM nand backup of the whole system fails. I upgraded to the latest CM10 version, and still it crashes. It goes as: CWM-Based Recovery v6.0.1.2 SD Card space free: 26140MB Backing up boot image... Backing up recovery image... Backing up system... Freeing...
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    Thread CWM backup on CM10 fails!

    Hi, I'm having this issue where the CWM nand backup of the whole system fails. I upgraded to the latest CM10 version, and still it crashes. It goes as: CWM-Based Recovery v6.0.1.2 SD Card space free: 26140MB Backing up boot image... Backing up recovery image... Backing up system... Freeing...
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    Thread Gallery full of black thumbnails

    Hi, my gallery is not detecting properly anymore the images on the phone, showing most of them as black thumbnails. I would like to reset the data, so it also synchronizes everything with picasa, because also those show as black thumbnails. So far only the camera folder and the whatsapp images...
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    Thread [Q] Google voice typing doesn't get accentuation signs

    Hi! I love how neatly Google Voice Typing works for English. But when I try to dictate on my native language, Spanish, it won't recognize commands such as "question mark", "comma", or things like that. If I say them in Spanish, it will write the whole thing, ie: "Signo de exclamación"...I just...
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    Thread [Q] Install TGY (LPE, Hong Kong) modem into XEO (LPQ) firmware?

    Hi, I installed the XEO LPQ firmware that was initially released. I didn't connect to the forum for about a week, and I see now there are new releases. The thing is, being in Hong Kong I went on a short trip to Shenzhen, and had a lot of issues (data lost completely during the MTR subway trip...
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    Thread [Q] ICS: Is there an installable for the AOSP gallery?

    Hi! I just got the LPQ, and after changing to apex launcher, I can say I feel comfortable with it. Also Chrome performs incredibly well now. But I'm missing the AOSP gallery from ICS! Is there a way I could add it up like a normal app? Thank you!
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    Thread [Q] App to take notes & save/export to pdf?

    Hello guys, My gf is using the note, and in the office she has found it rather useful for taking notes on the go during a meeting, using the app included from Samsung. She can rapidly take the phone, snap a picture (of the product being presented in the meeting), then either write some...
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    Thread [Q] How could I intercept the communications of a certain app?

    Hi! I don't intend to do anything wrong by this, but I'd like to capture the traffic of a very poorly designed official app, which doesn't work on most devices, and make an unofficial version. Basically it's a website to make reviews and stuff, and I'd like to know if the mobile version uses...
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    Thread [Q] VPN server?

    Hi, Tomorrow my girlfriend leaves for China for a week, and she'll be missing the usual things, facebook, youtube and such. Is there a way I can set up a VPN server on my PC so she can get connected to my machine (in Hong Kong) and get proper uncensored traffic from China? Which app should she...
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    Thread How's the status of the Bravia Engine for the SGS2?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knows how did the Bravia Engine development end? Did it work for the SGS2? I just saw a post from DarkyROM for the Note that mentions including the bravia engine, and started to wonder if it works for our phones too... Thank you!
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    Thread I'm interested in XXLP2...

    Hi guys! I've been rather adamant to install ICS as I considered it to have too many bugs yet (like problems with video acceleration, unable to do a goddamn call, etc). As of now I've been using the GB ROM Simple & Clean...Anyway, I'm not completely newbie to flash ROMs. I'm starting to think...
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    Thread My screen stays on all the time...

    Hi guys, I don't know very well what to do. The screen timer to turn it off from the display settings menu is at 1min, but it can stay hours on. Somehow the setting is being overriden, so I take it may be another app doing so? DO you know what may be causing it? Or how to investigate it? Thank...
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    Thread [Q] Regarding MHL output resolution...

    Hi guys, I have a doubt regarding the video playback of our galaxies... I'm checking the MHL output, and I have a couple of questions. The TV reports 1080i, although I'd like to choose 720p, if that's a possibility. In the end the TV's native resolution is 720p. Also, I'm afraid the video...
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    Thread Would you recommend a galaxy S?

    Hello guys, My brother is going to get his first smartphone. Initially they offered him a galaxy ace, but now (the phone operator) gave him the offer for an S. Would you go for it? What i recall from this phone was that it was rather cool and powerful, but with an infernal gps. Did it get...
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    Thread [Q] Reckless Getaway will only download over mobile network (?!)

    Hi! I bought these two amazing games (racing & getaway) over the market 10 billion offers for 10cents, but I'm having problems installing them: Neither of them will download the data files! I thought maybe it was the polarbit servers were being hammered by the downloads, but it's been 3 days...
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    Thread [Q] Updating from KI3, where to?

    Hi guys, I have been using in a more or less satisfying way the mentioned ROM, KI5 AHEM, KI3, under the darkyrom modification. I didn't quite like the glowy stuff, but anyway. I would like to have an upgrade, since I've read there are way newer versions already (gosh this moves fast!). So far...
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    Thread [Q] Why isn't apps2ext supported on Cyanogenmod?

    Hi, I have my phone usually a little bit too stuffed with apps, and even now with cyanogen, I'm starting to receive space warnings again. I know the easy answer is to make some room by erasing unneeded apps, but I'm not so eager to get rid of many of them. (Then I wonder why the heck the dolphin...
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    Thread [Q] Newbie developing: How to host/share an SQLite Database online?

    Hi! I'm rather newbie developing for Android, and I'm kind of lost...but here goes what I'd like to do: I'd like my app to have a local database that is updated from online, either downloading a new file each time versions don't match (which I find hard), or somehow to download/upload the...