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    Thread [Serious]Note 5 pro (Indian Variant)|Unable to boot any rom. [Help pls]

    Today morning, I started facing bootloops on my whyred (running Pixel Experience pie latest).I clean flashed PE but couldn't boot into it. Phone would be stuck in bootloops. I changed roms to Potato OS,AICP,Descandent,Syberia,RR etc. but none could boot. All of them would get stuck in boot loop...
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    Thread Fortnite now supported??

    I guess fortnite is now supported for whyred... I can now download it via the fortnite installer app:
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    Thread Camera 2 api without root or custom recovery

    Can u pls guide me the steps by following which I can enable camera 2 api on my device.I need to do it via adb without root and custom recovery...Can't I pull the build.prop edit it and then push it's back?? Thank you in advance!!