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  1. psycho2097

    Thread I used to be a nexus *****

    I used to be proud to call myself a nexus *****. I had a gnex,a n7 and used to fantasize endlessly about the nex 1, but couldn't afford it because I was in college then. When dev rascarlo introduced the term nexus ***** for us crack flashers, I adopted it without question, because I believed...
  2. psycho2097

    Thread JB ROM recommendation for a woman?? :p :p

    I gave my captivate to my wife last november, who pretty much uses it just for whatsapp n a few childish games. But she likes some eye candy n whatnot (yes she actly says yes/no to a rom based on the wallpaper in the screenshot). Here I am really busy doing my duty to my nexi :D , n she has been...
  3. psycho2097

    Thread Xoom dock compatibilty with Gnex/N7?

    I can buy the motorola xoom dock for 6$ on Any idea if these somehow fit the n7/gnex? Or even can be made to fit? 6$ for a dock is dirt cheap, even if there is the slightest hope, i will buy it. Any1 have any experience with this?
  4. psycho2097

    Thread Picasa sync alternative

    Hi guys, I heavily use the picasa sync feature of the stock gallery, I have about 5-6 albums there plus instant upload. I like to have all these folders synced in the stock gallery, which is y google photo sync is pretty important for me. But what pisses me off pretty bad is then I cant use the...
  5. psycho2097

    Thread Chrome inertial scrolling

    Hi,I have been having a really weird problem. My Google chrome's inertial scrolling is broken somehow I think. When i lift my finger from the screen while scrolling the scrolling stops. Its a nightmare navigating long pages. I have no idea how this happened. Scrolling in all other apps work...
  6. psycho2097

    Thread [Q] Cant text anymore on ATT, any ideas regarding SMS centre number?

    Hi guys, i dont text much, like 20-30 texts a month or so, hadnt texted any1 in a while(i guess 2 weeks), and since friday i can no longer send texts. but receiving works fine. I called ATT and they had me input a new smsc no. in phone information settings, but i wont take(says update failed)...
  7. psycho2097

    Thread Galaxy nexus tortured

    Check this out- I was horrified. But apparently the phone still works! Its a freaking miracle...
  8. psycho2097

    Thread Body glove icon cases VZW ONLY

    Well,body glove icon cases for the vz nexus are out...Google it,its 25$ and looks hot as hell! Its also 14$ on ebay! I m eating my heart out here...! Y nothing for GSM? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  9. psycho2097

    Thread Momax Icase Pro- SGP Neo hybrid lookalike

    I found a couple of cases on ebay/obostore/ioomobile that i really liked. All are hybrid(tpu sides, PC back) like the SGP neo hybrid (difference being, the Neo has PC sides and TPU back), and are way cheaper than the Neo, just 11$ on obostore. Has any1 used these and can attest to their quality...
  10. psycho2097

    Thread Camera apps

    I tried 2 camera apps- camera zoom and hdr camera+,2 of the best camera apps on the market. Camera zoom offers an interesting feature of touching the screen to take picture,thus preventing oof pics,as mentioned in another thread. Hdr offers excellent color saturation,the hdr effect by itself...
  11. psycho2097

    Thread Nexus themed walls 1080p

    My first attempt at walls, so pls go easy. One member requested my sig wall, so i ripped a couple of walls from youtube vids and whatnot. Nothing very gr8, but i rly like these. Edit:pls download the zip. I couldn't upload 1080p pics to xda.
  12. psycho2097

    Thread [HELP] Screen not shutting off

    Help pls! I have had this for about 2 weeks, no issues. none. suddenly from today morning, my screen wont shut down. Even when i press the power button it comes back up. and the battery status goes to "usb charging" once every 15-20 secs. it flashes usb charging, screen goes on, then the...
  13. psycho2097

    Thread local music detection

    Guys,a bit of a pinch here,I just transferred my music library,around 1.5gb to my brand new galaxy nexus,and guess what?it won't see them.I tried Google music,double twist,but both apps simply do not see my locally stored music.Google music plays my online music fine,but either player staunchly...
  14. psycho2097

    Thread Warrananties in US-negri,squaretrade or toughcell

    I bought it today from negrielectronics, yay yay yay! But wat abt warranty? Do I trust negrielectronics to honor their 1yr warranty policy,or repair or whatever?is that reasonable,or mind bendingly expensive? Or I could go 4 square trade for 99$,plus 99$ deductible each claim! Or toughcell...
  15. psycho2097

    Thread Known hardware issues in Gnex

    I, like many others in the US, and Asia, and other countries where the GN is not released yet, can hardly wait to buy it. In fact, I am probably going to buy it this week. But as I found out, late though it is, that people importing phones dont get warranty in their countries. So, I want to...
  16. psycho2097

    Thread Gnex international warranty

    Hi guys I had been extremely interested in the gnex for the past 2 months...buying it is on my top of list. I wanted to get it from amazon /newegg since they have the full international warranty.beccause I am out of the country frequently for 2-3 months,in Asia,Europe,china,India,etc. My...
  17. psycho2097

    Thread Gnote inpressions

    I was visiting India for a couple of weeks on business and I noticed a live one sitting on my neighborhood cell phone store! Asked to see it, naturally! Frigging huge! Holy **** almost the size of my nook color! How is someone supposed to talk with this???? It's 34k rupees here, almost 660$...
  18. psycho2097

    Thread Swap on captivate

    I run the risk of sounding extremely ignorant and retarded, but I really gotta ask this. I also own an hd2, or atleast used to, until my girl crapped it up. There is something called swap in the hd2 which allows you to use a portion of the sdcard as system ram, promoting increased multitasking...
  19. psycho2097

    Thread No more battery woes

    One of my biggest woes ever since i switched to gb was battery. I have been tirelessly searching for the best performance +battery rom out there. While i do value battery life,i dont wanna compromise on perf! I have tried out almost all stock based,i9000 based roms,cm7,n many releases of...
  20. psycho2097

    Thread RMA Experience

    Regularly I see horror stories about people who send their Transformer or dock for RMA, and something really horrible happens. Dock gets bent into a nexus s, dock cracked open like a nut, transformer screen repaired but transformer not working anymore....Totally not my intention to discredit...
  21. psycho2097

    Thread Headphone jack not working

    Hi guys, I post this problem with a very heavy heart because I know somewhere inside that it's unfixable. So, I sent my phone in for the unbrickable mod, all was successful, but now the headphone jack is absolutely not responding... I tried 4 roms, full format, kernel change, voodoo...
  22. psycho2097

    Thread Honeycomb wallpaper app?

    I use wallpaper Casa, and sometimes HD wallpapers to set wallpapers on my cappy,but those walls seem really washed out and grainy on the transformer. Ne1 know of any honeycomb compatible wall paper app yet? Sent from my Transformer TF101 using XDA Premium App
  23. psycho2097

    Thread [Q] Actual battery life

    Hi guys, any thoughts regarding Battery life? I get roughly 8 hrs, not the 9.5-10hrs advertised/reported in the forums. Of course, this is with very high use, screen on 7.5hrs, wifi on the whole time, plex on for an hour or so, mobo video playing for an hour, and web browsing for a couple of...
  24. psycho2097

    Thread Asus eee transformer

    I hear that asus has released the kernel code for the eee transformer, and it is slated for release in the us in a couple of weeks. So y is there not a topic for it? Come on devs, u have made my nook color, captivate and hd2 awesome, its time for the transformer..! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897...
  25. psycho2097

    Thread [Q] Cappy Bricked??? Pls help!!!! unique problem!!!

    Ok i know and have seen that there are many experienced users in this forum, so i give you this!!Pls help sum1!!! I think i bricked my fone, tried to get cwm 3 on it, then while rebooting, it wont reboot. went into download mode with odin (3 button fix) (i have done this 9-10 times before, not...
  26. psycho2097

    Thread [Q]Twingerbread fring problems?

    I started this thread because i jut flashed Twingy 4.3 yesterday, and i cant place fring out/ fring calls. I mean, i can, and I can hear the other person(my GF) clearly, but she cant hear me. Tried friendcaller n skype and they work. Any ideas why? :confused: p.s.- I am pretty much a noob, but i...