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  1. omariscal1019

    Thread [ROM]Unofficial Bliss 14.0 GAPPS[BETA] [KEBAB] [8T] 12/03/20

    BlissRoms BlissRoms based on Android 11 Bliss ROMs comes with a wide selection of customization options from around the Android community as well as unique options developed by our team. With so many options available, you’ll find it hard not to enjoy the Blissful experience. Special Thanks to...
  2. omariscal1019

    Thread [Team Hydra] Unofficial Evolution X 4.7 (Android 10) 09/29/2020

    Evolution X For OnePlus 7t Pro 5G [Hotdogg} Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving. [CENTER]Evolution X is a flashable custom ROM to bring a true Pixel feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly...
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    Thread Layers with Substratum!

    Just sharing that in stock rom rooted you can install layers aka substratum and its works flawlessly.
  4. omariscal1019

    Thread Band 12 after OTA Update!!!

    Hopefully read it on the Android Authority Review Sent from my LG-H901 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  5. omariscal1019

    Thread Hydrogen Os Camera Slow Mo working!! Heres the link enjoy just give props to the op in that forum. Dont know what framerate it records but it sure works. Thank the op from that forum! Update: Every works!!!!! Running Chroma!
  6. omariscal1019

    Thread T-Mobile Unlimited Tethering No More!!?

    So today it came to my surprise that ii was using my 7GB ofTethering. So i guess t mobile blocked the the "dun" in the apn for unlimited tethering! Any body have the same issue?
  7. omariscal1019

    Thread LG Post G Flex 2 on website..

    LG post G Flex 2 on their website for ATT and Sprint... Sprint being the LS996 and ATT model being the H950 model... Sprint Has Two colors...
  8. omariscal1019

    Thread LG Post G Flex 2 on their website For ATT and Sprint

    LG post G Flex 2 on their website for ATT and Sprint... Sprint being the LS996 and ATT model being the H950 ... Sprint Has Two colors...
  9. omariscal1019

    Thread Volume boosting mod confirmed working on MJA

    Heres the post from Samsung Galaxy s4 i9505... Confirmed working.. I tested the very loud one... credit goes to OP for the mod... like everyone says: Not responsible for bricking your phones test at your own risk every S4 is different blah :):thumbup...
  10. omariscal1019

    Thread Asopxxx jb cm10 fj..

    I was wondering if anyone can show me how to take a screenshot on asop xxx from flapjaxx thankz i greatly appreciated Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  11. omariscal1019

    Thread text notification

    I was wondering if theres a way to remove the stock text notification and add a custom one.... the att one really sucks... thanks i appreciate any help !!!
  12. omariscal1019

    Thread Mms help for my mopho flashed to metropcs

    I need help.... i looked everywhere and cant seem to find help on mms settings for my photon flashed to metropcs... if any can help i would greatly appreciate it... also my youtube doesnt work.... One more thing i tried the ##3282# and in the mms settings i input metro pcs mmsc proxy and...
  13. omariscal1019

    Thread [Q] Is any one having problems with camera? cannot connect?

    well im having probles with camera and it also doesnt show the option for front facing camera!! need help!!! thanks
  14. omariscal1019

    Thread update 45.3.6.MB855.Sprint.en.US

    I was wondering if any can direct me to the zip for this upadte thanks...45.3.6.MB855.Sprint.en.US... ihave 45.2.7 and my photon wants to update but says fail. i wanna try updating tru android recovery update with sd card