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    Post Interop Tools - A versatile registry app for all devices, now on Github

    thank you! I found wptweaker for win8.1 here on xda however it doesn't install either :( fyi - developer mode is on
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    Post Interop Tools - A versatile registry app for all devices, now on Github

    can somebody help me on what am i missing here after installing the interops tool and the arm dependencies on my lumia 640. None of the 4 options ever turn on 1) Interop / Cap Unlock 2) New Capability Engine Unlock 3)Full Filesystem Access 4) Restore NDTKSvc Also, how do i make sure that...
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    Post Interop Tools - A versatile registry app for all devices, now on Github

    Hi, Can I get some help using this tool from senior members please? I have a Lumia 640 and I am trying to take back of whatsapp data which I have not been able to see since the support got off however now its become inevitable. It wont let me turn on any of the 4 below 1) Interop / Cap Unlock...
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    Post Probable Hardware Fix For HD2 Poor Signal (Confirmed)

    Unfortunately, I have broken 2 of those pads or flaps or feet. I know ones for phone signal so unless I am outside, the caller gets not available message. The wifi isn't great add well. Any idea or tips on fixing these flaps would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ash Sent from my HD2...
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    Post HTC HD2 Screen Repair Guide

    Micro USB port broken on HD2 Hello there, The Micro USB port on my HD2 has broken so it doesn't charge with wire now nor can I connect it to computer for sync. Is there a suggestion what can be done to fix it or does it need to go to official HTC service center for replacement, please suggest...
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    Post [Q] [email protected] external buttons

    hi there, did you ever find out a solution for the depressed power button?
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    Thread HTC Elf motherboard ?

    Hi there, my phone's motherboard / charging point has problem and I doubt it will work. So if anybody out there has there screen smashed, I would appreciate if you can offer the motherboard (working condition) of HTC Elf phone for cash. Please email me or respond here. Thanks in advance, Ash
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    Post [Q] [Solved] What is

    This update is required with Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 so that 3G/EDGE works otherwise the phone show a 3G or E on top in notification however will not connect to internet at all using your data connection. This is important fix and everyone misses this fix after WP7 ROM update, I would not...
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    Post [Q] Dual Boot Android and Windows 7 on Asus Transformer

    Thanks Chris, for your reply. is there a possibility to dual boot Android and Windows Phone 7 on Asus Transformer? Thanks in advance, Ashish
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    Thread [Q] Dual Boot Android and Windows 7 on Asus Transformer

    Hello there, I am not too sure if this is a vague questions however I was wondering if an Asus Transformer tablet can be made dual bootable with Android and Windows 7? Has any one tried or thought of it or heard about it or if it do-able, please let me know. Cheers, Ashish
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    Thanks michael-jb, I have tried all these options. I have tried installing different WP7 again though, which I will do tomorrow or day after. Cheers, Ash
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    Post magldr doesnt recognize my SD card

    Is your recognising SD Card otherwise, other than MAGLDR? I have faced a similar problem where neither WM6.5 or WP7 or MAGLDR or CLK detect the SD Card however it is detected by bootloader.. See link below
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    Hi T-Macgnolia, thank you for this detailed reply. I was able to install CLK using SD Card method however it does not recognize SD Card nor does it mount it. It shows an error message - see attached screen shot. I was wondering if a faster SD Card like Class 6 8 GB would make any difference to...
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    Hi ASCIIker, Many thanks for your response, the SD Card is FAT32 formatted. I have tried both 4gb and 16gb cards but WM6.5 says No Card found. See screen shots attached. I have also attached screen shot of version showing Stock ROM flashed earlier today using SD Card. I am not too sure, could...
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    Post help me HTC HD2 shuck on "t mobile logo"

    How does one find if its a TMOUS mobile or a non-TMOUS mobile?
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    I lost the shipped 8GB SD card more than year back and since then I am using 16GB SD card with HD2 and it worked perfectly. Does OS like WP7/WM6.5 uses mount in some way to have card and contents available? If so, can it be mounted using MAGLDR or CWM, since the bootloader which IPL can read...
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    no one ?
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    Post No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    further to add, i have tried 2 sd cards 4gb and 16 gb. WM6.5 says no SD Card present however the WM6.5 and all of software (ROM, Radio, Splash etc) were loaded/installed using LEOIMG.nbh on 16gb SD Card. I have searched the forum as well as other sites, and have tried re-formatting sd card as...
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    Thread No SD Card detected however .. (please help)

    Hi, (Strange problem - OS does not detect SD Card however Bootloader does and loads ROM from SD Card) I have a strange problem from this morning. I had WP7 mango installed which was working pretty ok apart from a few restarts if the bottom part of phone got warm/hot, so I kept it in from of...
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    Post help me HTC HD2 shuck on "t mobile logo"

    different region ROM ? Can you try to installing region specific ROM instead of Asia/India version. I faced similar problem last week as I bought phone in Europe (WWE version) but I was trying to update using Asia/India version. Also, have you ever used HSPL on your phone?
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    Post HELP !!! HD2 cant connect with ACTIVE SYNC

    I cant use WDMC (on W7 professional 32-bit)) to sync contacts. WDMC crashes with following error. This used to work perfectly on my XP using ActivSync. Any suggestions? See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************...