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  1. rickgillyon

    Thread Screen Stays on While Running

    Recently, my Fit2 Pro has started keeping the screen on while I'm out running. It used to turn off after the timeout (15 seconds) but now I have to turn the screen off manually, and then it'll turn on again and stay on. Maddening. I've had to get around this by turning DND on or by turning off...
  2. rickgillyon

    Thread Always On Mode Isn't

    Okay, I have my Fit 2 Pro and wanted to set it up to always on. Set it to always on, wakeup gesture disabled, low brightness, great stuff. Worked most of the day, then started going screen off instead of going to the clock mode when it times out. Any ideas? Not great for the first day... :(
  3. rickgillyon

    Thread LED Brightness

    I have the F3211 and was successfully dimming the LED overnight with Lightflow - set it to a dark colour and told it to always display at 2% when charging or charged. Perfect. But I just got the OTA upgrade to 36.0.A.2.109 and this no longer works. Whatever settings I pick, it just displays...
  4. rickgillyon

    Thread Z Ultra Off Sale?

    I've just had a look on Expansys UK, as that's where I got my last couple of ZUs (for £200). I notice that they are no longer selling them. Has Sony finally stopped making ZUs? Still available from for £350, but only in white...
  5. rickgillyon

    Thread Runtastic Alternative with Low Power Mode

    Anyone know an alternative to Runtastic with low-power mode? Bloody hopeless having to fart around with buttons to see what speed you're doing... :eek:
  6. rickgillyon

    Thread Screen Protectors

    What screen protectors are people using? I had a Savvies screen protector, cost around £5, which started lifting from the top within a week. I kept sticking it back down but it then looked horrible. So I traded up and replaced it with a Skinomi - I have one of these on my phone and love it...
  7. rickgillyon

    Thread Scratched Screen

    Anyone seeing the ZU screen to be particularly susceptible to scratches? I've had S2, S3 and Note 2 as my last three phones, never had cases or screen protectors, and never had a scratch. Two months with my ZU and I have a scratch on the screen. Just unlucky, or are the screens not as tough?
  8. rickgillyon

    Thread SW2 Font Size

    Any way to increase font size on SW2? Been searching, can't find anything... I'm just too old to see this stuff easily. :(
  9. rickgillyon

    Thread Power Management Tips

    Any idea how we can disable power management tips? What system app they come from? Just annoying...
  10. rickgillyon

    Thread [Q] Popup When Placing In DK30 Dock

    When I put my phone in this dock, I always get a popup offering me a couple of apps. I don't want any apps to run when docking, any ideas how I get rid of this bloody annoying popup? I tried putting an action in SmartConnect, which runs, but the popup STILL appears! :crying: Please help...
  11. rickgillyon

    Thread [Q] Date Formats in Polaris Office

    Using Polaris Office for Excel on my SGS2, the available date formats are US formats, e.g. MM/DD/YYYY. Locale is set to UK and Date Format set to DD/MM/YYYY in Android settings, it's right everywhere else, so anyone know how to fix it in Polaris?
  12. rickgillyon

    Thread [Q] Sense Music Tab Cover Art Size

    I've searched for this, but can't find anything. I want to use Sense to play music, but the cover art display is really small. Is there any mod that will increase the cover size in Sense? I realise I could use S2P etc., but this is the only problem I have with sense for music, and it seems...
  13. rickgillyon

    Thread Lock and Turn Off

    I've searched for this for bloody ages, but can't find it... :mad: I used to have a bit of software on an old unit, really simple, just installed and gave a few program shortcuts like Lock, Lock and Turn Off (suspend) etc. Anyone know where I can find it? Everything I find seems to be...
  14. rickgillyon

    Thread Microsoft My Phone Service

    I'm getting an "Unable to connect to My Phone service" trying to use MS My Phone for the first time on this unit. Any ideas? Worked perfectly on my old HD and the website is up... It's a tricky one to search with throwing up half the posts on XDA... ;)
  15. rickgillyon

    Thread HTC Date Picker

    OK, loving the HD2, but my main problem so far is Inesoft's Cash Organizer. Works really well mainly, but the Planner screen has a date (Forecast date) that you can't get to with the keyboard. When you hit it, it brings up the HTC date picker/calendar thing. But when you pick a date, it...
  16. rickgillyon

    Thread Mapping Hardware Buttons

    Anyone found an app that can do this yet? Need to map a task manager...
  17. rickgillyon

    Thread 3-in-1 Stylus

    Anyone seen a 3-in-1 stylus for the the HD, i.e. a stylus with a built-in pen that fits in the normal silo. I had one for my Polaris, it was very good from Proporta, but no-one seems to have them for HD...
  18. rickgillyon

    Thread Audio Library

    I'm using the TF3D Audio tab to play music. Works pretty well, but a load of my albums have track ordering screwed: track 1 and track 5/6/7 are reversed. Tried deleting the library and resetting, retagging my songs - no help. Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas how to fix song order?
  19. rickgillyon

    Thread Music Stuttering

    I've searched, but not found anyone with this issue so it may be just me... ;) Playing music on the HD, I get frequent stutters - just maybe a tenth of a second pause. This happens every minute or so if I use the TF3D tab or WMP. Using PocketPlayer, if I set priority to "Above Normal" it...
  20. rickgillyon

    Thread Backlight Utility

    Anyone know a utility that provides fast access to backlight levels on HD? I use SPB PocketPlus and PhoneSuite to control backlight, but neither of these (or AEButton) work on HD. I've turned off auto-backlight. Thanks!
  21. rickgillyon

    Thread Adding Cities to Weather DB

    See here on Diamond forum: Needed to use the 1.1 Modified Cab, the others didn't work, but with that one it works like a charm... :)
  22. rickgillyon

    Thread Assigning Buttons

    Okay, I can see that I can assign long-press Send and End keys, but I want to assign a function to the Back key (short press) - can it be done?
  23. rickgillyon

    Thread AVRCP Not Working

    I'm connecting my TC to a JVC KD-AVX44 car head unit. Bluetooth audio works fine, but I believe both units are supposed to support AVRCP, yet the JVC doesn't get song details or allow me to control it. Anyone have any idea if there's something I need to set up on the TC to allow this? Thanks!
  24. rickgillyon

    Thread Airplane Mode and Restarts

    Just started using Polaris this week, but finding a problem with Airplane Mode... When I go to bed at night Airplane mode goes on. Some nights Backup kicks in and restarts the phone afterwards. On Artemis, no problem, phone comes back up in Airplane mode. On Polaris, the phone always comes...
  25. rickgillyon

    Thread Toggle Min and Max Backlight

    Anyone know a program that will allow me to easily toggle minimum and maximum backlight? It's a pain going through all the backlight steps, I just want something that sets it to max if currently on minimum and vice versa. Any ideas, I searched but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  26. rickgillyon

    Thread HTC Audio Manager Volume Steps

    Does anyone know if there is any way to make the volume changes in smaller steps in HTC Audio Manager? I'd rather change it 1% at a time rather than 5%. Couldn't find anything on search, maybe there's a registry setting available? Thanks!
  27. rickgillyon

    Thread Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    Is anyone using either Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 or Nokia Wireless Stereo Headset HS-12W with Artemis? If so, how's the audio quality? Do you need to install extra software? Do all the buttons work? And do track titles show on the display? Thanks! Rick
  28. rickgillyon

    Thread Retractable Headset?

    Anyone know of a retractable headset for the HTC P3300? The tangled wires are really annoying me - I had a retractable set with my K-JAM but can't find one for this... Thanks!