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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdogb][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [Sept 9 2020]

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash system_a system.img < waiting for any device > target reported max download size of 805306368 bytes Invalid sparse file format at header magic sending sparse 'system_a' 1/2 (781009 KB)... OKAY [ 18.682s] writing 'system_a' 1/2...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdogb][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [Sept 9 2020]

    Im having issues trying to install it. When I do the fastboot flash system_a system.img is saying no such directory HELP! please
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdogb][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [Sept 9 2020]

    Is the brightness is fixed? When is a dark environment doesn't go nuts?
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    Post [ROM][10]Android Open Source Illusion Project[Hotdogb][Official]

    Working: Android auto, Bluetooth audio, fingerprint, reset with fingerprint Have issues: brightness in dark environment (OP posted issue already), ghost touch ( like playing COD Mobile ). ---------- Post added at 08:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:18 PM ----------...
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    Post [ROM][10]Android Open Source Illusion Project[Hotdogb][Official]

    Cant find stock boot.img to root rom//// found it
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    Post [ROM][9.0][PERSEUS][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [PE/PE-PLUS]

    Caf as well? Edit: Yes its good for Caf too. Thanks a lot
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    Post [ROM][9.0][PERSEUS][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [PE/PE-PLUS]

    For the ones that want to know the difference between CAF and AOSP
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    Post [ROM][non-GSI] Unofficial Pixel Experience P

    Have you tried this?
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    Post volte and wifi calliing

    No, VoWifi doesn't work on t mobile
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    Post [Discussion] Which ROM are you guys using and why are you using it?

    Cn device with global Rom, I like MIUI battery management last all day with heavy use.
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    Post China ti global

    Use Mi flasher and fastboot global Rom BUT DO NOT LOCK BOOTLOADER. Just erase and install.
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    Post [RECOVERY][TWRP 3.2.3-0] Beta * WORKING*

    V2 Dosent required to type password but files have encrypted name on it only sdcard folder tho
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    Thread Build.prop of Miui EU

    Hi all, Can someone please send me unmodified build.prop out of the EU Rom. Thanks a lot!!
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    Post [ROOT] [MAGISK] [Module] Hardware Origin Bypass for Xiaomi devices

    Didn't work for me, I have CN with global Rom and still have bootloop
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    Post [MODULE] Xiaomi GLOBAL ROM on CN Hardware BYPASS Mix 3, Mix 2s, possibly others

    not working for me :(, I have Mix 3 Cn on Global Rom. I rooted then install zip at throw me back to TWRP
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0]LineageOS-17.1[Joan][Unofficial]

    Make a clean installation, like format and clear cache, system,data.... Then download the Rom, and gapps again (maybe you have a bad download) I had the same problems with setting on other devices About magisk I think because it keeps reading old stuff in the boot img
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    Post [ROM] [PIE] ResurrectionRemix 7.0 [H930 - H932] [Unofficial]

    How to make gcam switch from wide to regular camera?
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    Post [BETA][9.x]Bootleggers ROM (pie) [LG V30]

    I cant find you on telegram im interested on the Rom for h931 as well can you help me!
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    Post [ROM/FW] [STOCK] US99820H TWRP Zip

    I see it now!! That happens when you not read... Smh Thanks!!! Chazz
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    Post [ROM/FW] [STOCK] US99820H TWRP Zip

    Where is the download link?
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0]Dirty Unicorns[Joan][Unofficial]

    You will have to install dialer again.
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    Post [REQ][H932] H932 ROM Development Bounty Thread [Release Available]

    Btw im done dealing with you immature ass... Im not going to **** my reputation here in xda for a nobody. ---------- Post added at 12:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 AM ---------- Thats funny you read whatever you want to argue! If you can read better (barney style) all I said...
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    Post [REQ][H932] H932 ROM Development Bounty Thread [Release Available]

    You think i care about you cocky biat? Whatever You have for "Developer" I have it of astronaut.... By that I mean Me personally Dont care about you private secretly. Is no like Im waiting for your ROM. Its just dumb of you "yes we have a progress" and that ****.... Just grow...
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    Post [REQ][H932] H932 ROM Development Bounty Thread [Release Available]

    Just a heads up! This page is to share, reading your posts make me mad as hell, is not because you are doing a Rom is because you cant even do the appropriate Share. Just keep it to yourself and dont post thats all. We have a lot of developers that throw ROMs at alpha stage.... And of you dont...
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    Post [ROOT] H932 - lafploit 1.5 up to v20a

    So i can downgrade to 10d? Im in oreo right now
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    Post [Recovery] LeTV Super4 (4th generation) :: All Mstar 6a938 based models supported

    dipcore I did everything and I got a bootloop im with x55 USA version. I did a factory reset amd everything but It wasn't successful. I have custom recovery runing already.
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    Post [BOUNTY]LG IMS Services on AOSP ROMS (VoLTE VoWifi) $305 and counting...

    villarleg darkobas what do you think?? I know you can do it like the LePro 3 IMS for wifi calling and Volte
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    Post [TMO H932 ONLY] Progress Towards Root/TWRP/ROMs (not achieved yet)

    Thanks for you intention to help is greatly appreciated:highfive:
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    Post [TMO H932 ONLY] Progress Towards Root/TWRP/ROMs (not achieved yet)

    Im not going to quote your whole history, but if you choose to brag about something here in LG V30 h932 topic you should at least go with the flow, by all means ask question we are here to help each other to obtain something. Dont be an a*****le and just say screw everybody else I have my thing...
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    Post [TMO H932 ONLY] Progress Towards Root/TWRP/ROMs (not achieved yet)

    Why he didn't take a good screenshot and why the pic is way too edited? I call it BS. If that really is a v30 trust me he will be so excited to show us everything... We will see maybe im talking trash.... Good job guys keep doing great job Josh McGrath runningnak3d ChazzMatt
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    Ok if is false change it to true and reset it should work
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    Go to build.prop and change from To
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    What kind of problems do you have?
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    If anybody has problem on telegram or WhatsApp try to make this change over system/etc/vendor/mixer_paths_tasha <path name="camcorder-mic"> From - <ctl name="ADC1 Volume" value="12" /> - <ctl name="ADC4 Volume" value="12" /> To + <ctl name="ADC1 Volume" value="18" /> +...
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    Can you grab logcat and I can help better
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    I didn't forget about this project im working on it, next build should be good.
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    Post [ROM][TREBLE][X72X][8.1.X][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 (Oreo) for LeEco Le Pro3

    You should at least give me credit for something that nobody knew how to fix it since nougat till I released my fix. Now Everyone knows how sounds work. You only point my job as a bad and suddenly you release a "fix" with my modifications. Just give proper credits, and we all can work on this...
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    Post LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    I combine those to prossesor files because the one for msm8996 keeps breaking microphone. And I used few things out of msm8952 but the base is msm8952.