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  1. Siddhant Shankpal

    Thread [SOLVED] WiFi issue.. Pls give some suggestions!

    EDIT:- This issue is solved by using "FXR WiFi fix and rescue" app from play store. Link: My S2 i777 wifi is not at all turning on & not showing the nerworks. It was working fine 2 days back but now it's not.. Phone...
  2. Siddhant Shankpal

    Thread [WIP][ROOT][4.0+] Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

    Hello guys!! I see lot of members asking for Nav-bar for their Galaxy SL as they lose their phone's soft keys. So here i share the link for Nav-bar app that's supports all Android phone which is rooted & 4.0+ Androids, in case u guys missed this app.:)...
  3. Siddhant Shankpal

    Thread How do you manage your phone's RAM?

    Hello guys! Here I want to start a thread to help each other abt the RAM management. :D Hope I didn't miss any similar thread like this! :confused: So I request u all to answer the following; 1. Post a screenshot of ur RAM consumption from task manager or using any app that does the same. 2...
  4. Siddhant Shankpal

    Thread [Q] SIM network unlock PIN

    Please mods, delete these thread. My problem was solved by myself before anyone could post answer for my Q thread so this thread u can close & delete. Really very SORRY for my inconvenience. :o:silly: Thank you. :)