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  1. Hetalk

    Thread [INFO] Xposed modules that work on my rooted Moto E XT1022

    Fellow member, This is for rooted devices only. You need to install xposed framework for these modules to work. I've been trying out different xposed modules on my rooted+unlocked XT1022. There have been a few ones that didn't work as intended, for me at least. They aren't a part of the list...
  2. Hetalk

    Thread [Q] Will our SL devs be able to make kernel 3.x?

    I thought of making a poll to see what our fellow SLians feel about our developers' capability. Do you feel that our SL developers (Dhiru, Adi, etc) will be able to develop a working kernel 3.x, now that hillbeast has been forced to quit our device? Humble request: Do not post your reply, just...
  3. Hetalk

    Thread [Q] Extract individual contact info from CWM

    I have GT-I9003. I have CWM backups(for my original stock ROM/MIUI ROM/ CM9 ROM) for my phone, that I have saved on my PC. Is there a way I can restore individual contact information from this backup?:confused: =========-----------==================---------------=========== Additional...