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  1. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Call Recording on 5G

    Anyone got call recording works on Samsung s20 Fe 5g ???? Or tried factory reset to get it works
  2. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Call recording

    How to enable call recording for the 5G version Snapdragon
  3. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Nova 3i rollback to oreo

    how to rollback to oreo the option of switch to other version isn't appeared in hisuite
  4. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread rollback

    how to roll back from android pie to android oreo Nova 3i
  5. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Nova 3i rollback to oreo

    I'm on pie beta and can't rollback to oreo I tried hisuite but it didn't show "switch to other version" Also tried to sign out from available projects of beta app but also it didn't show me the option of sign out Is there any way that i can do this???
  6. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread call recorder

    what's the best call recorder app ????
  7. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread sound mod

    any sound mod for stock emui ??????
  8. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread MiUi

    if any dev free can u make update to miui rom
  9. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread modified stock emui can this work on kii l21 (last updated 17-10-2017) i'm on 6.0.1 emui 4.0.2
  10. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread missing

    i can't find mixer path.xml at system / etc in 6.0.1 does anyone have that???
  11. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Stock emui camera Vs custom roms camera

    Does the custom roms camera is good as the stock emui camera And have the image processing
  12. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread In-Call volume

    How to increase the in call volume a bit
  13. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread emui 4.0.2

    i'm on stock MM 4.0.2 (middle east ) how to downgrade to LP emui 3.1 c185b140
  14. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Whats app grouplea

    Leave ur number i'll add u
  15. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Whats app group

    Is there a whats app group for GR5 And if not can we make one
  16. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread low incall volume

    how to increase incall volume
  17. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread need help really

    guys i want to flsah stock firmware MM for m8 can anyone guide me????
  18. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread Odin problem

    My note need stock rom but i didn't enable usb debugging and it's off and won't open And my odin didn't recognize it How to flash the stock rom
  19. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread ftf file

    can anyone check ftf file by 7zip if files end with .ta or fwinfo.xml found or not
  20. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread flashtool errors

    any help with that problem i want to falsh stock rom
  21. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread twrp backup.

    I talk a backup with twrp but i didn't find it in file manager but when go to twrp recovey and check restore it's exist so how can it
  22. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread navigation bar

    how to make navigation bar transparent
  23. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread important ques.

    can any one tell me do i have to unlock bootloader??? and when i need to that custom roms like bliss,RR need LB or UB???? what's the best way to save more battery???? custom kernals need only UB and if not what the kernal that can work on LB???? does xposed make unstable battery???? i'm new...
  24. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread bluetooth problem

    what happened to bluetooth in sazy and 5.0.2 and 5.1 i tried all these new roms and it didn't work ????
  25. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread drop in battery

    is there anyone who face this when battery under 40% battery goes down so fast and when reboot phone battery goes to a down %
  26. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread wifi problem

    i have a problem with wifi the signal it too low i tried a lot of wifi access but the same i treid also DN4 the same result any sol.
  27. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread s2vep LP roms on s2ve?????

    guys i want to know if s2vep LP roms will work on s2ve like KK roms as LP diff. than LP
  28. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [ROM] [CosmicCM-4.4.4] [V5.6]

    This Rom is ported to work with GT-i9105.I am not the creator of the ROM. CosmicCM is a custom firmware aka ROM for galaxy grand duos. It is built from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with additional features, performance and battery life improvements. Base : KitKat 4.4.4 : FULL AOSP BASE...
  29. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread what is the correct wat to port rom from phone are the same manufacturer

    what is the best way to port roms on same manfacturer
  30. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread User name

    How to change my name on xda Sent from my GT-I9105 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  31. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [LINARO 4.8.3] [4.4.4] [APP2SD] Carbon ROM

    This Rom is ported to work with GT-i9105.I am not the creator of the ROM. CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like...
  32. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [rom] [4.4.4] [unofficial] vaniraosp

    This Rom is ported to work with GT-i9105.I am not the creator of the ROM. General features: stock mode - ability revert to stock AOSP code with the exception of a few custom features we chose to keep active enhanced performance.. longer uptime with less slowdown custom written CRON and init.d...
  33. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread are there devs in forum

    i just want to know if there are any devs work on any work for s2 plus except andrewww 57 and haky 68 and rutvikrvr
  34. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread roms of p on non p

    i have s2ve (non nfc) on spirit 1.6 if i download twrp of p-version and flash it then i reboot will it boot or it will stuck on logo???? if i flashed the recovery of p-version should i flash the rom of p-version immediately??????
  35. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread stock

    how to make the stock modified rom of the p-version work on the the non p-version
  36. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread call recording

    what i miss there... is that trus all custom rom don't recoed call by using apps.... i tried on pac didn't work
  37. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread solve in call low volume i find this thread but can't find mixer_paths. xml
  38. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread miui music player

    how to install miui music player on pac rom
  39. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread art or dalvik

    what has more stability and smooth with no lag freeze fc dalvik or art or non of them has a relation with all i say
  40. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [Q] in call volume

    while using axxionkat rom i found the in call volume is so good as astock the question is how to port this feature to other roms is that to replace the sounds file from system or what
  41. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread great idea

    why developes don't customize stock rom instead of compiling customs rom stock roms like exslim have great stablity and so fast with no lag wit high in call volume + add extra volume these are a great stuff of features the idea is can developers add all feature and stuff of custom rom to stock...
  42. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread low in call volume

    how to make call volume as stock volume and how to add extra voulme as stock rom ????????????
  43. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread porting roms

    can i port roms from s2 to s2 plus
  44. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [Q] porting roms

    which devices should i port roms from
  45. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread compiling roms

    how to compiling rom ??????
  46. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread [Q] sm-g355h core 2

    does core 2 has motion and gesture and if it in where
  47. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread mount remount

    while using root explorer i found the system is read only how to fix that to modify the build .prop
  48. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread sazy rom

    what is the best build in sazy roms
  49. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread wifi direct

    in custom roms how to send files over wifi direct also exslim
  50. Mohamed Elhadad

    Thread roms

    what is the best custom and modifed stock rom for our s2 plus