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  1. Habs69M

    Thread Note 4 sm-n910w8 rom?

    Confused a bit with note 4 loll I am on EMPORIA rom with Emotion r23 kernel, but wanted something new and updated to flash :) Any recomendation? Thks :)
  2. Habs69M

    Thread just got a gear 2 and love it

    bought a used gear 1 last week and noticed that the right side of the glass was lifted a bit, no worries i could still use it but then i had to charge it twice a day so i opened it and this is how my battery looked like fluffy as a pillow, oh man i was pissed so i went and bought this...
  3. Habs69M

    Thread Cover art

    My media player (media utility) keeps generating cover art at every song in the folder mu_coverart, anyway to avoid this? Im using play music or apollo app Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Habs69M

    Thread baseband for sgh-t999v videotron

    just wondering if i can use other baseband or do i have to use VideotronGalaxyS3_VLLH2_Modem only?, if i can use others wich one can i use? thks :)
  5. Habs69M

    Thread trinity 46g?

    i instaled wicked v6 and loving it :) seen many using trinity 46g for kernel so i downloaded this, TGST-STOCK-ICS-1728-ALPHA46g but in the about device kernel version it says, 3.0.8-TGST-g74bdd56-dirty, is this normal or do i have the right kernel? its working great was just wondering :) thks
  6. Habs69M

    Thread New to android :)

    And loving it :) just traded my ipad2 for a 2 month old tf201 with dock, i feel i got a good deal :), anyways it was on ICS and i upraded it to JB it was never rooted and never unlocked, what are my options? Will something come out to be able to root on JB or am i stuck on playing with it stock...