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  1. aalakib07

    Thread [APP][NO-ROOT] Mi 10 Ultra Saturn Super Wallpaper for Any Xiaomi Device!

    Hello Guys, Today I am going to share the new MIUI 12 Superwallpaper of Mi 10 Ultra - Faraway Rings (Saturn).. What's needed? Xiaomi Device that has Amoled Screen MIUI 12 Internet Connection to download app Downloads: Click here to download Instructions: Step 1: Download the app from the...
  2. aalakib07

    Thread Audio Mod for Mi9

    Is there available any audio mod like dolby or v4a for Mi9 Android 10?
  3. aalakib07

    Thread Dolby Atmos or Viper4Android for Android P?

    Hi guys, I am using Pixel Experience Rom (Android P) Is there Dolby Atmos or Viper4Android available for Android P Pie? If available, link/guide? Thanks in advance.
  4. aalakib07

    Thread How to decrypt A1?

    my security lock was pattern and there is no option when i flashed a rom to enter pattern.. it wants password.. how to fix it? Reset phone is not working..
  5. aalakib07

    Thread [icon v2] Flashabe Android L Icon Pack v2 for MTK

    Mainly for Mediatek JB AOSP based Roms............... Here u go: 1. Download and Move to the root of your sdcard. 2. Go to CWM recovery. 3. Install zip and choose and wait, it will automatically reboot. Download Link ...
  6. aalakib07

    Thread [GUIDE] Adding Extra Details in About Phone in Settings.apk [NOOB-FRIENDLY]

    Hi guyz, :D Today I want to share something about settings.apk mod…. :o Its about adding small details in about phone section… :) NOTE: I have not copied it... Actually I was playing with some codes and got success. I don’t know if there is any guide about this… There is guides about this...
  7. aalakib07

    Thread [icon] Flashable Android L Icon Pack for MTK

    UPDATE : ANDROID L ICON PACK V2 Mainly for Mediatek JB AOSP based Roms............... Here u go: 1. Download and Move to the root of your sdcard. 2. Go to CWM recovery. 3. Install zip and choose and wait, it will automatically...
  8. aalakib07

    Thread [APP] Share Latest NP++ for Android

    Hi, Q. What is notepad++? A. It is a text editor with a little more features to it. It features things that are usually helpful to programmers such as collapsing sections (called code folding) and syntax highlighting, plugin features and can even be made to integrate with compilers to build...
  9. aalakib07

    Thread [Collection] BootAnimations for all Android (Mediatek)

    I have collected Some bootanimations for all Android (MTK).... :p specially for WVGA Here it is....... :D 1. AlienWare Download here 2. Asus Download here 3. Canvas Download here 4. ColorOS Download here 5. Cross Download here 6. Droid Xtreme Download here 7. Android Kitkat Download here...
  10. aalakib07

    Thread [Guide] Recovery Porting For MTK Phones

    Its about porting Recovery 15 minutes... Ok lets start...... _________________________________ Requirments: 1.Apktools letast version (Search on xda or google) 2.NP++ for mobile (Search on google) 3.Root Explorer or any Good file explorer (Search on google) 4.Recovery tools (Search...
  11. aalakib07

    Thread [TUT] How to Unbrick MTK Smartphone via SP Flash tool

    Phone bricked?? :confused: No problem. Here is the tutorial for Unbrick MediaTek (MT65xx) Phones. You need VCOM driver, Stock Frimware and SP Flash tool to unbrick your phone. SP Flash Tool Download HERE Then Download Your MT65xx VCOM Driver, Please Google it Then Download your Phone’s...
  12. aalakib07

    Thread KitKat Icon Pack for Mediatek

    Here I have uploaded Kitkat true Icon Pack only for MTK devices. Size Only 800kb. It will better work on Stock/Aosp based Roms. Download here Instructions: 1. Download 2. Flash through recovery 3. Enjoy :)
  13. aalakib07

    Thread [Collection] Updater Script commands with short discribe

    OK, Lets Start :) 1.(Mounting system)- ______________ [[ mount("yaffs2", "MTD", "system", "/system");]] [[ run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");]] _______________ ^^^ this 2 command is for mounting system..... (Discribe)-use any command from this 2 command for mounting system...
  14. aalakib07

    Thread Rom Porting Method For MTK phone

    Hi all, how r u? Now I will described you about ROM porting method for MTK phone (same SoC ) See details below :- You need to have custom recovery for flash your new created rom. Note :- Stock Rom is :- Current Rom of your handset. (Flashable zip)...
  15. aalakib07

    Thread [GUIDE] How to port recovery.img (easiest method)

    MTK recovery porting method Difficulty Level – Medium Requirements – 1. Developing Skill 2. .img unpack-repack tool ( kitchen or other tool) 3. Notepad++ 4. Brain 5. Little Respect So Let’s start....... Step 1 : Unpack both ( stock and port) recovey.img How to Unpack-Repack without kitchen...
  16. aalakib07

    Thread [TOOL/GUIDE] Unpack-Repack boot/recovery.img without Kitchen

    Hi. I have written a guide about how to unpack-repack boot/recovery.img with pictures. Go Here ---> [Guide] Unpack-Repack Boot, Recovery IMG without Kitchen Thank you :)
  17. aalakib07

    Thread [IDEA] Change or Resize Icons

    As we All know LeWa OS has a issue of wierd icons & incorrent sizes of icons! You can resize the whole UI of your android easily using these easy steps! Changing the DPI value of your android device will solve the issue!This MOD will also change the resolution of icons/status bar/menu/app...
  18. aalakib07

    Thread [Guide] How to increase internal memory by CWM/TWRP recovery

    Preparation of increase the internal memory: 1. Your mobile must be charged at least up to 80%. 2. You must take a backup of memory card on your computer. 3. Your mobile/tablet must be rooted. 4. Clockworkmod/TWRP recovery must be installed on your mobile/tablet. 5. Install Link2SD app on the...
  19. aalakib07

    Thread [Guide] Unpack-Repack Boot, Recovery .img without Kitchen

    I have searched a lot, but couldn't find any post like this. So I thought I would post it here. This is NOT purely my work, and I do not take credit for it as such . NO NEED ANDROID KITCHEN FOR UNPACK REPACK IMG's This is the easiest way to unpack .img files with extracted ramdisk. So, Lets...
  20. aalakib07

    Thread [ROM][4.2.1][[email protected]@y Rom for Lava Iris 405 by aalakib07][Fast-Stable-Smooth]

    [email protected]@y Rom Introduction: Based On LegoCanvas4 4.2.1 Rom Features: Awesome UI Best Ram management Nice Battery Backup Samsung Task Manage in Recent App Pre-Rooted Init.d Tweaks Build.prop Tweaks Optimize and Zipalign Apk MIUI notes Added and Lots More....... ;) Screenshots...