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  1. Omaxe

    Thread Moto G Plus (2017) Dedicated Forum?

    Hello, I was wondering why there's no Forum section for Moto G Plus 2017? It's been almost a week since I got this phone and I'm sure others might be looking for ways too Root/Mod this Device. Any way one could request a Forum Section for such a device?
  2. Omaxe

    Thread Desire Eye VoLTE

    Hello, Is there any way to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on Desire Eye? Any ROM or Mod? I really need it, I am on Jio (India) Network and my device is tuhl running Marshmallow. Phone is Rooted - TWRP - Xposed Please let me know if there is any possible solution. If VoLTE works for you please...
  3. Omaxe

    Thread VoLTE [Desire Eye]

    Hello, My Device is HTC Desire Eye (TUHL) running stock Marshmallow. Phone is Rooted - TWRP - Xposed.. I want to know if this Phone supports VoLTE or not? If yes, how to enable it? I am on Jio Network (India) and it supports VoLTE calling only, so i am stuck with Jio's VoLTE calling app which...
  4. Omaxe

    Thread VoLTE Support?

    Hello, Is there any way to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on Desire Eye? Any ROM or Mod? I really need it, I am on Jio (India) Network and my device is tuhl running Marshmallow. Phone is Rooted - TWRP - Xposed Please let me know if there is any possible solution.
  5. Omaxe

    Thread Finger Print Security

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if there's any Good and Less Irritating Fingerprint Security app for S5? I need to lock some Apps like WhatsApp so what's are the Best options? With cool features.. I tried using an app FingerSecurity (or similar) it was sort of irritating.. Because if my Device...
  6. Omaxe

    Thread S5 USB Cover Flap

    Sorry for Reposting. I really need to know where i can get USB Flap for S5 Replaced in India? Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
  7. Omaxe

    Thread Lost USB Cover

    Hello People, So my Cousin was playing with my Phone and she deattached the USB Cover and threw it somewhere.. Any idea where i can get a Replacement. Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
  8. Omaxe

    Thread Help Rooting :)

    Hello People, i was away from XDA for a long time as i switched to iOS (Because Android doing weird things) i actually tried most of Samsung flagship Phones but then i bought this and somehow to me it felt like good old SII. As i was away from Android Development i am not aware of changes...
  9. Omaxe

    Thread Tablet mode

    Guys i need help starting "Battlelog" Android app in tablet mode on my phone... I would really appreciate it Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda app-developers app
  10. Omaxe

    Thread Battlelog tablet mode.

    Hey guys i want to spoof an App called "Battlelog" (Free on Play store) as tablet while its Running on my Samsung galaxy Note II They posted the per app dpi erc settings on this thread for Battlelog that works on Xperia S only I would...
  11. Omaxe

    Thread Screen Replacement India

    Hello guys, Well i broke screen of my lovely Note II It fell out of my pocket while i was test riding a bike... So i want to know much it would cost me for touch screen replacement? Edit : i am from india Touch is working as before.. I just see hundred of cracks on screen Sent from my...
  12. Omaxe

    Thread Strange Chinese words on Screen

    Dunno what app/mod is causing it, it comes after every 4-5 sec Sent from my GT-N7100 using Xparent Skyblue Tapatalk 2
  13. Omaxe

    Thread Just got a Push Notification for software update

    Anybdy know whats it 14 mb file software update...? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Omaxe

    Thread Voicetalk.apk

    Please Someone Share Voicetalk.apk from official ICS I was Modifying it but Accidentally Deleted the Backup Also VoiceCommand apk Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  15. Omaxe

    Thread Strange Problem

    Hey Guys, i am facing very strange problem with my S II Okay the problem is my phone isnt starting at all When my Primary Rom is above provided... Stuck at S logo But when i clone same rom to secondary ROM it works perfectly... CM9 worked perfectly as Primary ROM Hope u understood...
  16. Omaxe

    Thread SMS Retrieval Problem

    ROM CM9 Stable Siyah 4.1 I9100 Carrier Vodafone India I am not receiving my SMS's on time. Specially when packet data is on. I receive sms's very late... Please i need a solution Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  17. Omaxe

    Thread [Q] My Device Died

    So the day came to me a week ago... My device was connected to a charger... And after some time it died.... No visible hardware faults... Last f/w i9100 Siyah 4.1 Dualbooted... Primary: Official 4.0.4 with a bunch of Modifications.. LQ6 Secondary: CynanogenMOD 9 jTagging failed. Phone don't...
  18. Omaxe

    Thread Australian Note

    Hey Guys just wanna know if there any Carrier locked Contact Note II in Australia, i want to buy one from Australia :D it would be cheap... And then unlock it :D Peace Hit Thanks & It will Disappear Sent from S II Running Fully Modified Official ICS 4.0.4 Next Device: Upcoming Nexus
  19. Omaxe

    Thread |Solution] On Screen HW info/Samsung Service Menu On Home Screen. [Guide]

    Credit Goes to Jokesy, Getting HW/FW on Home Screen ? Then this Solution is for You! Made this Thread Because alot of People Questioning about this. Please Correct me if there's already a Guide Here. Peace Hit Thanks & It will Disappear Sent from S II Running Fully Modified...
  20. Omaxe

    Thread DELETED

  21. Omaxe

    Thread [India Only] The OTG Giveaway.

    Indians Only. I will Give free OTG Cable to the Person Who Lives Nearby to me. Start Now, Giveaway ends After 48 Hours from Now. I am from Patiala, Punjab, India Edit: I only ship In india :D Peace Hit Thanks & It will Disappear Sent from S II Running Official...
  22. Omaxe

    Thread DELETED

  23. Omaxe

    Thread [GUIDE] Make Your Stock ICS i9100 Look Awesome [UPDATED: 20/9/12]

    Hi Guys, Well i thnk there's a Need of this thread to the Users Like me Who Prefer Using STOCK ROM instead of Custom Ones, But Stock ROMs are kinda Boring as they Dont Look Nice, Specially Samsung ROMS (Dont Count Latest Devices) There are Some Launchers etc in Market But they Seems Very Fake...
  24. Omaxe

    Thread [Request] [Rules] Please Dont Post Questions in General Thread.

    Hi Friends. As i am a S II owner too. I don't visit 5360 forums much. But whenever i Visit Galaxy Y General Thread, i see alot of People Questioning Here instead of Q/A Sub Forum. Please Guys Read Rules Before Posting and This Thread is For GUIDES and Info not for Questioning. Mods have...
  25. Omaxe

    Thread [Game] Rate the Person Above You

    As the title Says. Rate the Person Above You out of 10 And also comment why you gave that score
  26. Omaxe

    Thread 3G USB Routers.

    Hiya Guys, Just wanted to know if anybody have experience with any 3G Wifi Router? I want to Buy one.. But before i do.. I want to know if it works without Conputer/Laptop after one time Configuration. I am thinking of This I want to Place it on 2nd Floor for Better 3G Signal...
  27. Omaxe

    Thread [Q] Screen Rotation in Any Side.. Possible?

    Hey i was thinking if its Possible to Rotate Phone to 180 Degrees. Like in iP Any mode available.. Peace Hit Thanks & It will Disappear Sent from S II Running Official ICS 4.0.4 with Siyah 4.1 [/size]
  28. Omaxe

    Thread Boot image

    How to Pull out boot image of My phone? I need that file so i can edit it Peace Hit Thanks & It will Disappear Sent from S II Running Official ICS 4.0.4 with Siyah 4.1 [/size]
  29. Omaxe

    Thread [Info][Roms] User Friendly ROMS Collection for Galaxy Y GT-S5360 [UPDATED 15/9/12]

    Currently Updating I AM NOT REMOVING OLD ROMS BECAUSE DEVICE WILL NOT RECIEVE ANY OFFICIAL UPDATE BY SAMSUNG SO OLD ROMS MAY ALSO BE USEFUL As we all know Galaxy Y is Low End Smartphone for Samsung. Due to its Hardware it was not able to go far than GingerBread. But our Devs had made it...
  30. Omaxe

    Thread Rooting & Overclocking i9100

    Hi Guys, I always had Problem with installing Siyah Kernel on my Phone. As i was Using CF Root. Ehenever i tried to install Siyah. My phone got Soft Bricked so i had to Install CF Root again to Get ot Working. So it was Clear if i root Without this type of kernel i would be able to...
  31. Omaxe

    Thread S II i9100 4.0.4 OTA

    Hey Guys.. This Question is Boogling me! Is that 4.0.4 ICS OTA on SamFirmware? Anyone can confirm Please? I tried this But i Get Error in CWM Recovery "Installation Aborted" I am on XXLPJ CF ROOTED 4.0.3 Samsung Official. So any News About This? Sent from S II || Running...
  32. Omaxe

    Thread Kernel Flashing Problem

    My Device: i9100 Official ICS 4.0.3 XXLPJ Rooted via CF Root Kernel Now the problem is that when i install any Kernel like i tried Siyah and slide2wake My phone dont start like a soft brick... Then to make it work i reinstalled CF Root Kernel.. Then phone started but the Kernel i...
  33. Omaxe

    Thread Overclocking ICS 4.0.3 XXLPJ CF Root

    I am not finding anything after alot of Googling.. How to overclock CPU of my S II Running Official ICS Stock I have rooted my Cell via CF Root.. So any Possible thing? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  34. Omaxe

    Thread Help with UX Launcher

    I was always a fan of S III's TW Launcher so i found one after googling and flashed it.. But i noticed a little bug see This is when i select to add something This is when i select home screen And when i select lock screen... When i select Lock Screen and home screen both option...
  35. Omaxe

    Thread Network Problem

    Hi Guys, Lets come on the topic. My phone had alot of scratches on Camera so i decided to change the full Body. And i got it changed for 1000 INR. So when i got it changed i Returned home and noticed there's 0-1 Bars of network. I tried Restarting Phone too. After that i inserted the...
  36. Omaxe

    Thread Camera Problem

    Hi Guys. I got SGS 2 from my Cousin in Return of Apple iPhone 4. I really loved this phone but noticed a problem. Its camera Quality is Poor. I know it must not poor so i checked the camera lens (With Microscope) There are millions Scratches on it.. So i want to know is that possible to...
  37. Omaxe

    Thread A lill problem with S II

    Hi guys new to S II had an iphone 4 Before.. Anyways i face a Problem with S II gingerbread 2.3.3 I made a folder in My internal storage (connected with DC without kies in usb mode) named Videos and checked gallery.. N videos aren't there.. I also rebooted phone but still same thing so...