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    Thread Root for oneplus 7t pro?

    Is this guide safe to root oneplus 7t pro? Thanks you in advance
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    Thread Root with this firmware version?

    Sorry for my bad english, i have a question: On my s7 edge i have installed this firmware, PDA:*G935FXXS3ERHD MODEM:*G935FXXU3ERHC CSC:*G935FITV3ERG2 Can i do the root on this firmware?
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    Thread [REQ] Note 4 s view cover service for s5?

    Anybody do a porting of the s view cover service of note 4 working on all s5 variants?
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    Thread Help me please!

    Hello boys!sorry for my bad english :( ,but i have a big problem... my tablet doesn't entering into recovery when i pressed VOL+POWER i have this error message: Erasing cache before SD update... SD update cmd: recovery Booting recovery kernel image Recovery...