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  1. bcrook

    Thread [PORT][3.22.x EBI1/32A]Cyanogenmod 5.0.8/6.1.0 DS EBI1/32A Port [December 8]

    ***I have recently switched to the Nexus One but I will continue to do these Magic ports as long as there is a desire (and I have time).*** This is a thread for the port files required to use the 32B Cyanogenmod ROM on 32a/EBI1 phones. Please see the following link for details on the ROM...
  2. bcrook

    Thread config.gz from a Cyanogen 32B phone

    Hey guys, Could someone do an adb pull /proc/config.gz . and post the config.gz file somewhere? We need it to try and build a 32A Cyan kernel. Thanks, Brian
  3. bcrook

    Thread [ROM]Qteknology Hero v1.3b from WWE [1.76.405.6] 32A

    Here is a port of the Qteknology Hero v1.3b from WWE [1.76.405.6] ROM. This is using gboddina's 32A v2 kernel w/ iptables -Tethering works -SetCPU will not work as the CPU is set as a kernel option. See here Download:
  4. bcrook

    Thread [ROM]JACxROM v1.3 32A

    Here is a port of Jac's JACxROM v1.3 for 32A devices. Original thread: Thanks to jac, haykuro, amon_RA, anyone else. This is not my work...if you like it, track them down and donate. Download...
  5. bcrook

    Thread [ROM]Drizzy's V3 Full No Name Hero ROM 32A-gbo_v2 [Updated Aug 21]

    Original 32B Thread: Original Dream Thread: Changed wlan.ko and AudioPara4.csv and kernel. Many thanks to Drizzy, haykuro, Amon_RA, skittleguy, anyone else who has contributed...
  6. bcrook

    Thread [ROM][32a] CyanogenMod Port < Only[update Oct 6]

    ****This thread is now only for the 4.1.xx series of cyanogen ROMs. For the newer versions, please see the thread by Radix999 - Please keep in mind that the port files from Radix's thread will likely work fine on these versions. If not, I...
  7. bcrook

    Thread Gaining root on 32A Cyanogen's 3.9.2

    ***Delete this please.***
  8. bcrook

    Thread Magic not fastbooting

    I was pushing the JacHero 32A to my sdcard on my Rogers Magic and the file wouldnt write to the sdcard. I unmounted it and all used my card reader to try and transfer the file. Ubuntu couldnt mount it and wouldnt even recognize it long enough to format it. I put it back in and phone...