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  1. tvall

    Thread [rom] lineageos-13.0

    Haven't seen this posted here yet, so making a thread. yeah, lineageos-13. android 6.0. on the atrix hd. nothing special. This is just pure lineage sources. plus the signature patches for microg. I've been out of the android scene for a while, but my wife got an atrixhd to replace her missing...
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    Thread [kernel] meh

    So i just got a gear. triangulum is a nice kernel, but the site it and its source are hosted are down for some reason. you can still get it via, but source is harder to find. So i am attempting to recreate it. V0.1 samsung source, using the 4x12 cpufreq driver instead of...
  3. tvall

    Thread [KERNEL][2014-02-11] Oasis

    since the release of kitkat, I've been using the MiRaGe kernel developed by mrg666. it is rock solid, lightweight, and without any noticeable flaws. the only major issue is users want the kitchen sink. may users constantly ask for many features to be added to a kernel that aims to be as...
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    Thread [outdated]non-updating rooted images

    These images are outdated! do not use them anymore! there are much more useful roms and mods for the chromecast now made my devs who actually own the device. go use them. I am no longer doing anything at all with the chromecast. (I haven't found one at any local store with a serial number in...
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    Thread firefox os?

    has anyone tried to port it before?
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    Thread [ROM]tvall's cm7

    For a while I've been randomly uploading pure cm7 builds for the dream and sapphire as cm made cool changes. At this point, cm7 seems "finished" (the cm team is focusing entirely on cm10 it seems), so I stopped making pure builds. Instead, I will be pulling useful features in and attempt to make...
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    Thread [ROM][WIP]CyanogenMod 9

    So here's the story. I built cm9 for the dream/sapphire using files from various devices, one of which is the hero. So out of boredom I built it for the heroc too. I cannot test it or confirm it works. Info: Cm9 code from the middle of may (android 4.0.4) Device and vendor files from...
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    Thread [ROM][WIP][32B/32A 3.22] United ICS

    Yes ics. Main thread is in the g1 section. Look here
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    Thread [ROM][WIP] United ICS

    This is ice cream sandwich for the Dream/Sapphire. Yes, you read that right. Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. We currently have cm9 and AOKP mostly working. AOSP is next What works: It boots Touchscreen Wifi Mobile data Audio sdcard Bluetooth (maybe. It turns on. I don't have devices to test...
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    Thread [ROM] meh stuff

    Welcome to my new thread. Here I will post my various random optimus v stuff. I am not too experienced with this kind of thing and I really like to experiment, so expect periods of frequent updates with small changes followed by periods of few updates where I fix everything I broke and decide...
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    Thread g1/magic build server

    I have set up a server dor developers to use to build android roms on if they can't or dont want to set up their own. the main thread is at the link below currently have no users, if that doesn't change in a few weeks ill consider this a...
  12. tvall

    Thread G1 ROM build server

    I want to keep the g1 alive, so here's something I'm offering to the community. I have set up a server dedicated to g1/magic rom and kernel development. It is rather low spec and not the best machine for this, but it's better than nothing and will be upgraded as I get more money and if I get a...
  13. tvall

    Thread [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    Welcome! This is the first rom from the DREAMteam. It's AOSP Froyo with a few changes. Features: Autokernel. Ezterry's ezgb v1.5.1f kernel Audiohack Apps2sdext (froyo parts app) Compcache (same app..) Other stuff in froyo parts Light and quick Issues: If there are any, tell us! Requirements...
  14. tvall

    Thread Jtag mt3g 1.2

    I have a bricked mytouch 3g 1.2 and I don't have the tools or knowledge and experience to jtag it. when you turn it on it shows a htc magic splash screen and that's it. No fastboot. No recovery. Is there anyone here who could jtag it for me? ill pay anyone who can do this. please pm me if you...
  15. tvall

    Thread honeycomb magic 32b

    Edit: the original port supports us now. Use that instead