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  1. MidgetMob

    Thread New OTA Releases

    Considering NVidia decided to make their naming scheme wonky as all hell after 3.0, I'd like to set up a post that will help users capture the download links when a new OTA is released. This will help all users get a direct link to NVidia for their devices' OTA as well as help me with my OTA...
  2. MidgetMob

    Thread [Q] What's up with the 2.2.2 Recovery Image?

    Has anyone received any information as to why a recovery image for 2.2.2 was released but no OTAs have been uploaded? I've tested out the image and it seems legit. The build number (29979_541.7190) seems to support my assumption that this build was legitimately made before 3.0, but the lack of...
  3. MidgetMob

    Thread Stock Recovery Images and OTA Library w/ Guides

    I'd like to start off by thanking the XDA community for getting me started on the path to organizing these files. I noticed that there are a lot of posts scattered here and there with OTA downloads, sideloading, stock recovery images, and the like so I figured I'd attempt to start an all-in-one...