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  1. The-Cronos

    Thread ''this divice has been unlocked and cant be trusted'' how to get rid of it ?

    so every time i turn off and on , i get this message telling about my unlocked bootloader. (phone is rooted) What should i do to make the phone turn on and off without showing this message ? Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted. To learnmore, visit: .......... ...
  2. The-Cronos

    Thread Please, What is the name of the service for this apps ?

    I have a mate 10 pro rooted and i need to freeze this services for the following apps : can someone tell me wich they are , i cant find them on Titanium backup Factory reset ? Twin apps File safe thank you
  3. The-Cronos

    Thread Mate 10 pro BLA-L09 Should i root with FHMate10Tool.exe or TWRP and magisc?

    Hi all, i successfully unlocked my new mate 10 pro, used the DC-unlocker app buying 4 credits to get the bootloader code and than following the guite on XDA to unlock. All worked. NOW i need to root. I tried to root with the FHMate10Tool.exe and it worked but i forgot to disable the OTA...
  4. The-Cronos

    Thread Complete root and wich rom is the most complete and stable ?

    hi all, i need to buy a Note 7 (international) can you please advice me what is the most safest model to root and the difference between them ? and what is the root method i should be using ? WILL the updates be available after root ar i will not receive system updates or ota if i put a costum...
  5. The-Cronos

    Thread Is the P30 rootable ?

    Hi , i need to buy a phone and i am checking if the Huawei P30 can be unlocked and rooted , is there any complete guide ? is there a Rom i need to flash or can be rooted on the emiui itself ? i dont mind having android 9, and i dont care about the updates. (i dont want the phone to update)...
  6. The-Cronos

    Thread Please, help I need to solve before tomorrow. Rom, ota and Google security

    Is very urgent I hope someone can help. I have a xiaomi mi a3 phone that I need to root. Can anyone redirect to the complete guide for global version? I need the Ota updates not to be installed, I need the phone to not get any updates. How can I block phone to not get any update.? After...
  7. The-Cronos

    Thread New user - V20 H-990N (DualSim) Root? :)

    Hi to all of you ! :) - Sorry for asking and creating a new topic, but i just got my phone with Android 7.0 and i am asking if there is already the Way to gain Root ? if so, can you please link me the topics ? - Second question: i puted the nova launcher but when i double click to turn off, or...
  8. The-Cronos

    Thread How to RooT MT7-TL10C00B561 (LOCKED Bootloader)

    Hello to every one ! I received an OTA update, around 1 giga , giving me the Version Android 6.0 on my phone MT7-TL10C00B561 (Chinese) is there anyway to root it easily withoyt unlocking the bootloader ?! I hope somebody can help me ! Thank you in advance friend !