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    Thread [Guide] Make the Korean Q Great Again [relocalise, volte, wowifi, debloat and more]

    I've completed all the steps (except for lg weather) and I didn't notice anything different in call features until I saw the description of the international roaming setting referenced "outside of US PR etc." instead of "outside of foreign territory or whatever" which indicates a success. Then...
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    Thread LTE+ on converted phone (ls998 to h933)

    Hi, On my H933, when using data, most of the time, the little icon is indicating LTE+ and I noticed it was faster then regular LTE... Here's the thing.. I grabbed a ls998+ converted to us998+ on ebay and flashed it to h933.. the phone is working great and data too but the little icon never...
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    Thread [Battery][Help] huge number of wakeups from phone app

    Hi.. I'm not sure what's up right now but I know one thing.. My battery life is bad and is going crazy. Is there something I can do? Thanks!
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    Thread [Guide] Getting H933/Any? Modem to work on a converted US998/H930.

    A SOLUTION WAS DISCOVERED CLICK HERE TO ENJOY Hi Guys! So... I've no clue if my LTE connectivity is worse then before and since I'm scared of bricking my device by reverting back to the canadian firmware... I've got a canadian G6 so I compared both of them and.. even tho the Band 4 had...
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    Thread What's happening when enabling "Enable OEM Unlock" Option

    Hi guys, I'm wondering what's actually happening on the phone when enabling this option... does it change something on the bootloader? Thanks ps: if someone has already wrote about it, can I have the link please?
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    Thread [Bug] Crash with a specific stream link

    Hello, I'm trying to use mxplayer with Uploadlux (video sharing website) But after ~~9minutes, the video simply stop working (the picture freeze, or the player close itself) Here's a demo link to test what i'm saying (Don't open this without a video player..)...
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    Thread Use of the v45 adreno driver.

    hello, is there a way we can use the driver from another phone in our phone? like take this one and put it in our phone?? or it depends alot on the kegl? Thank you ;)
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    Thread [Concept] Root without unlocking

    Hello, I've been trying the dolphin emulator for android and to get it running with the opengles3.0 backend, we need to disable some kernel function. Otherwise, the device is rebooting. this is the command we run with root right: echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/fast_hang_detect echo 0...
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    Thread [Q] Which roms and kernel should I use

    Hello :) It's been a while since I've got my htc one and I was waiting for the release of the stock 4.3 firmware before going into the custom world. Unfortunately, it's been quite some times now and I'm pretty tired of waiting. So which rom should I take as a daily driver.. I'd like to be able...
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    Thread NullDCE, still alive! *NEW VIDEO*

    New video from jimchode No eta but I guess they will release it this year... (I hope..) EDIT: Shenmue Update:
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    Thread Xperia play, the ultimate portable gaming console

    Okay, my goal was to play ps2, gamecube, wii or any pc game on the xperia play. And I knew that can't be done via emulation... BUT you can do that via streaming(local or internet) here's the result of my test via internet streaming: why am I using...
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    Thread [Q] underclock

    hello, 1. Is there a way to underclock the play on specific apps? 2. Can I use SetCPU to underclock the play without custom kernel? thanks ^^
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    Thread [Q] How to make ftf file for xperia play?

    Hello! I just tried to make ftf of rogers 2.3.3, and I can not make the bundle.... OR when I make one(I don't know how I did), I'm not able to flash it on my play... Someone can help me?!?! please!!! Good bye!
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    Thread [Q] how to make ftf file for xperia play? (2.3.3 rogers)

    hello I make a ftf file with flashtool, but when I try to flash it, process stop at "flash loader" and said something like "interrupt" (don't remember) How can I make a ftf file for xperia play? Because I really want a stock ROM of rogers firmware... thanks!