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  1. SB13X

    Post Wifi problems

    Add me as another for this list. My speeds are absolute crap, seemingly capped at 15mbps across all networks I've tried. My sons Pixel 3 on the other hand flies on the same. So not a router or ISP issue. So disappointed as everything about the 7 Pro is awesome but can't live with such poor WiFi...
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    Thread Screen Protector Recommendations?

    Anyone have any tempered glass screen protectors on their 7 Pro? The pre installed protector is finally giving way and I'm peeling it off today. Anyone any experience of the Skinomi TechSkin?
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    Post [Module][Pie/Q][3.1.7] QuickSwitch - Universal Quickstep Switcher

    Love the module and enjoy using the more aesthetically pleasing One Plus Launcher. Yet I have an issue, not major, but an issue nonetheless, using split screen breaks it. Doing so causes you to be unable to scroll through the apps and it springing back to the last used. Only way to stop the...
  4. SB13X

    Post January Update Broken Substratum again?

    No I've never used the Magisk module before now and everythings worked okay ? will try using the module see if it helps. Thanks for replying. The module is not for Oreo or later but uninstalling and reinstalling substratum helped with the PBO theme but appears Swift Black is still borked. At...
  5. SB13X

    Thread January Update Broken Substratum again?

    Having trouble with certain overlays not installing since updating to January patch, worked before with Substratum 1015 and Magisk 18 but now having issues again. No Swift Black overlays I'm using work, most but not all of my PBO overlays are being applied. Anyone any info or getting the same?
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Yass! ☝️??
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    No Sketch... Sadface ? I'd like to have something to flash too ???
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Yeah the modules been working okay just lost the font in some places such as phone/dialer as one example of the top of my head. On another note though and in response to your last post about whether to release in batches, think that would be a good idea, and then with the AIO module or the...
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Hi varben this is the current version of fonts from my Pixel XL 2 running Android Pie I asked for the Sony Sketch pack you did me back on page 6 which worked flawlessly for Oreo. Be honoured to use an updated version for Pie. I'll send...
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Double Post Please Delete
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Amazing! Worked a treat thankyou so much. ?
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    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Let me know if you update, I'm happy to test the Sketch font module for you.
  13. SB13X

    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    These two zips from the previously linked thread holds both the stock font and the adapted Sony Sketch Font for use on Pixel 2 XL devices to fix the colon issue. The font is Google Sans and in the 8.1.0 update Google decided to use it for the colon in the clock which renders the same result on...
  14. SB13X

    Post [MODULE][UNITY][v3.4.2] MidnightCore: All-In-One For Midnight Modules

    Thankyou I don't know if you'd want to add a Pixel option to list them I'd hate for you to go to the trouble only for it to adversely affect others.
  15. SB13X

    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    No it doesn't appear to have the clock fix? Think this is a Pixel issue on the new sans font that came with 8.1.0 I did try it though. Same issue with MidnightCore module too.
  16. SB13X

    Post [avFonts] [Magisk Modules] || Tutorial to make your own module||

    Could I be cheeky enough to ask for you to convert the Sony Sketch font flashable zip from here: into a Magisk Module as currently got the rectangle instead of the colon using MidnightCore version.
  17. SB13X

    Post [MODULE][UNITY][v3.4.2] MidnightCore: All-In-One For Midnight Modules

    I used the Sony Sketch font but as outlined in the thread the one in MidnightCore causes the Always On/Lockscreen Clock Colon to be displayed as box. As I've tried your module and within Magisk it retains SafetyNet etc it's my preferred option however you may be able to confirm for me whether...
  18. SB13X

    Post [MODULE][UNITY][v3.4.2] MidnightCore: All-In-One For Midnight Modules

    Can you by any chance implement these fonts from this thread for Pixel/2 owners?
  19. SB13X

    Post Flashed patched_boot.img.tar on S7 G930 and now my security pattern isn't recognised!

    Did you have to factory reset after applying boot image to get it to boot? I've tried this a few times without doing but it just boot loops on my S7 Edge.
  20. SB13X

    Post [Substratum] Signal & WiFi icons

    Is there any chance you could get it to work by taking a look at this and their implementation?
  21. SB13X

    Post MAGISK V14.0 New Method Installation Bootloop Issue

    Thanks meddylad will try that!
  22. SB13X

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    My issue on GitHub appears to have been closed with the enclosed boot.img from my Samsung S7 Edge has anything been done again or statement made regards the installation of Magisk via the new ODIN Manager patched_boot.img.tar method? topjohnwu ---------- Post added at 07:09 PM ----------...
  23. SB13X

    Thread MAGISK V14.0 New Method Installation Bootloop Issue

    Trying to utilise the new method of installing v14.0 of MAGISK. I've installed Magisk Manager and got a copy of my boot.img, I've patched within the app and flashed the patched_boot.img.tar via ODIN and got the Green PASS. This however after a couple of vibrations just hangs the phone at the...
  24. SB13X

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Thanks for the fast response and I'll have a look at doing that after couple of good suggestions. I'm not that desperate for MAGISK that I'd installed TWRP. I've only become reinterested since the new method became available to keep everything else intact.
  25. SB13X

    Post Flashing boot.img.tar in Odin...

    Thankyou :) Unfortunately it didn't work and bootloops/hangs at boot. Have you managed to install Magisk with the new method?
  26. SB13X

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Samsung G935F Samsung S7 Edge on Three UK FW I've tried using the new method to create patched_boot.img.tar to flash with ODIN. ODIN flashes successfully but device just hangs at boot animation. Reboot and flashed stock boot.img and boots fine. Opened up New Issue on topjohnwu GitHub here...
  27. SB13X

    Thread Flashing boot.img.tar in Odin...

    Hi all, My first foray into Samsung modification has me wanting to install a patched Magisk boot.img through Odin. However I've never used the tool before and documentation for people new to Samsung with this device is thin on the ground as are any step by step YouTube videos for the latest...
  28. SB13X

    Post phh's SuperUser/ OpenSource SELinux-capable SuperUser

    Can 266 hidesu be used without Magisk? I'm getting Bootloop on my Xperia Z3 at the flash screen after flashing on clean kernel boot.img with Magisk uninstalled. phhusson using this kernel as a Base seems all Soby Xperia devices get stuck on flash screen as it's been mentioned earlier on but...
  29. SB13X

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Yeah I have it working on a Z3 ---------- Post added at 04:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:14 PM ---------- Update coming through for Android Pay is it still working? Can't test myself right now?
  30. SB13X

    Post [SOUNDMOD][EndOfLife][LP-P]Project Desire Gen ZeroTwo One, Reincarnation

    PDesire is it possible to make this Magisk compatible?
  31. SB13X

    Post Z3 - Working Magisk

    I've had this working a while and even used Android Pay for the first time. However Viper4Android doesn't seem to be working well and sounds are too quiet do any existing mods still work or would they break SafetyNet?
  32. SB13X

    Post [Rom][MM][.238][LB/UB]☆|MoonWalker™ Amaluna ☆ Pro-Spect ☆ V5.2.0| ☆ D6603/33/53 ☆

    [PROBLEM SOLVED] IG Users should flash the Adreno Revert Driver Option from this thread: Thats the second link referencing RXSW.
  33. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    Anyone else noticing when tapping home it isn't always recognising the first tap and it needing a second to get a response?
  34. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    Suffering Instagram FC too running 8.2.0
  35. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    What is WAP Push asking for permission for?
  36. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    See here: I'm on Three and it works for me :)
  37. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    What tweaks did 11.5 have? It worked fine on that. Thanks for the input ?
  38. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    Wolfbreak looks like an init.d issue causing SoftKeyz not to have access to SytemUI there a fix?
  39. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    Wolfbreak have you changed something that would prevent the SoftKeyz app from changing my nav keys? Had the problem prior to 11.5 which fixed it and now broken again?
  40. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    I understand it isn't always a ROM issue but V11 seems to have broken SoftkeyZ app.
  41. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    For those of you wanting double tap to wake, as the Settings>Display option isn't available you're all aware you can enable it in the Kernel Aduitor app?
  42. SB13X

    Post [AROMA] RXSW Marshmallow Edition [4.0.0] [03/06/16] [6.0.1] [OTA]

    Am iI right in understanding that double tap to wake is currently missing from Settings > Display?
  43. SB13X

    Thread Best Method to Backup Data from No Root Recall Tablet ( Locked Bootloader) to new one

    As it says in the subject line, I'd never felt compelled to root my Shield Tablet buy now wishing I had. It is on the latest 5.1.1 update and I want to transfer my data in such a way as go clone it onto the new tablet I've received due to the recall. Is there anyway of making a Nandroid backup...
  44. SB13X

    Post Xperia™ Z3 - Post Your Home Screen Here

    My Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Homescreen quite apt for Android with the quote, using StealthyChief Agent Icon Pack, the Bebas UCCW skin and Apex Launcher.
  45. SB13X

    Post XHangouts - The ultimate Google Hangouts extension.

    Just wondering as like many others I prefer a Black and White theme, is there a chance of adding Black to the colour options?
  46. SB13X

    Post nandroid restore..on another it possible?

    guybrush2099 did you restore the phone to stock using flashtool? Did it restore camera functionality?
  47. SB13X

    Post [lollipop]LPThemer[+whatsapp mod][06-05-15]

    Is there anyway of getting persistent and Google Now notifications to theme like regular notifications rather than this off white colour?
  48. SB13X

    Post [DEVDB][TWRP][PhilZ Touch] XZDualRecovery 2.8.26 RELEASE

    [NUT] What issues if any would installing the latest Busybox cause with Recovery. Someone claiming installing the latest version resolves issues with Xposed and looking at testing but wanted to check with you first because he says it broke Recovery for him.