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  1. veez21

    Thread [MAGISK MODULE] Fingerprint Camera Shutter v2

    Now on Magisk Module Repo (Downloads section of Magisk Manager) This sets the fingerprint sensor (when in a camera app) as the shutter like in MIUI which is probably the only feature I miss :p Flash this in TWRP or at Magisk Manager And for those who care, I've tested this in (treble) DU v12...
  2. veez21

    Thread Boost fingerprint scanner responsiveness on Custom ROMs

    Try this and see if it works for you
  3. veez21

    Thread [MODULE] Fingerprint Scanner Booster

    Fingerprint Scanner Booster It does what the title says! It boosts Fingerprint sensor's responsiveness by prioritizing its process. If you use custom roms and those roms have a little delay with unlocking the device using the fingerprint scanner, this should help you. It does this by using...
  4. veez21

    Thread [DEPRECATED][MODULE TEMPLATE][DEV] System/Less Magisk Module Template

    SYSTEM/LESS MODULE TEMPLATE FOR MAGISK This template is a modified version of the original one. Its purpose is to make Magisk Modules install in either Magisk (as a module) or directly in /system. How to use/create a module: Clone / download this repo Open, follow the...
  5. veez21

    Thread [MODULE][SYSTEM/LESS] ART Optimization v2.0 [DISCONTINUED]

    Android Runtime Optimization DISCONTINUED lol Compiler Filters Since Lollipop, dex2oat takes a variety of --compiler-filter options to control how it compiles. Passing in a compiler filter flag for a particular app specifies how it’s pre-optimized. Here’s a description of each available...
  6. veez21

    Thread [Flashable zip] Magisk IMG Resizer

    Magisk IMG Resizer By default, magisk.img is 64M in size, so the space in /magisk is approximately 64M too (thanks captain obvious ?). If you flash a Magisk Module whose size is bigger than the current free space in /magisk, the update-binary automatically resizes magisk.img for the module to...
  7. veez21

    Thread [MODULE][Terminal] App Systemizer v17.3.1

    [Terminal] App Systemizer Terminal App Systemizer systemizes Apps systemlessly! This is inspired by App Systemizer​ by stangri. I then decided to make a script/UI in Terminal emulator for it to make 'app systemizing' easier. How to use: Install from recovery Type su and systemize in Terminal...
  8. veez21

    Thread [MODULE][Terminal] Debloater v17.3.2 - Debloat Systemlessly!

    [TERMINAL] DEBLOATER Debloat your phone Systemlessly! Debloating can sometimes be device specific. OEM apps can sometimes be a trash to a user but not to the other. So I decided to make a module to Customize the uninstallation of a system app (in Magisk) with a UI in Terminal emulator. So you...
  9. veez21

    Thread Please Delete this Mods

    Wrong. Please delete this Moderators
  10. veez21

    Thread [MODULE][TERMINAL EMU] Increase Volume Steps + UI

    INCREASE VOLUME STEPS Yep, that's just it. It increases volume steps, but it doesn't make your sound louder. By default, it increases vol steps by 30. You can customize the volume steps by doing this command in terminal emulator: vol_magisk You can then enter your choice. And then reboot to...
  11. veez21

    Thread L Speed Feature Suggestions

    This is L Speed's suggestions thread. You can suggest/request features for the app, and it might get approved. Just tag Paget96 in your comment.
  12. veez21

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Nougat Bootanimation [Black/White]

    Hey guys, here's a couple of Nougat Bootanimations for Nokia X/XL. Downloads White Bootanimation Black Bootanimation Flash in twrp(or any other)
  13. veez21

    Thread [TUT] How to Optimize your CM13

    OPTIMIZE YOUR CM13 PREREQUISITES: CyanogenMod 13 ROM Nokia X You First of all, this thread's purpose is to make our Marshmallow Experience better. I have been using a CM13 ROM and it's good, but it can never surpass Stock ROM in stability, smoothness and other things alike. Now...
  14. veez21

    Thread What do you think will be the Nickname of LineageOS?

    So what will it be? CyanogenMod is CM, I think this one deserves a nickname too. I like LinOS, What would you want?
  15. veez21

    Thread [SCRIPT][TOOL] ADitor - Easily edit your Hosts file

    ADitor We all know what AdBlock is, how its done and how it works. The purpose of this script is to let you easily edit your /system/etc/hosts file that contains host sites or whatever they're called, either you can add one or remove one. What we need: Terminal Emulator or adb shell or...
  16. veez21

    Thread [Completed] Bootloader not unlocking (Asus X014D)

    Hey people here, I already posted a thread and I don't want to make another one Here Thanks for reading this and thanks even more if you'll help me :fingers-crossed:
  17. veez21

    Thread Bootloader not unlocking (Asus Zenfone Go ZB452KG)

    Hey people, first time in this section so I'm gonna go straight to the chase... I've been having some troubles unlocking this phone's bootloader Here's the thing I've already enabled "Enable OEM unlock" in Developer Options I've already...
  18. veez21

    Thread [TOOL][ETC] Nice Value Checker

    Well, this is just a simple script to view Nice Value/Niceness of processes and PIDs. I made this because i can't seem to find a simple and direct way to view niceness, so I'm sharing it with you. :) Okay, What is Nice? nice is a program found on Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as...
  19. veez21

    Thread [TWEAKS][Guide] 'build.prop' Tweaks

    Most of these are BS, use if you want placebo. I don't support these anymore. If you don't want to flash zips that makes your phone faster, or you just want to do it yourself, you should try this. Intro: As you know Android is open source and the development of Android is increased in today’s...
  20. veez21

    Thread [MOD][PERFORMANCE] Watson [Nokia X/XL]

    Hello everyone, I was searching here on XDA on how to improve our phone and I was successful. Here I present you Watson. Watson is a MOD that works really well on our device and is made by sonickles9. For more information, go to this thread...
  21. veez21

    Thread [TWEAKS] vTweaks Reborn v2.2.1 [02/07/2016]

    vTweaks Reborn Simple Explanation : vTweaks is a simple compiled tweaks that I encountered in my stuff. It gives a lot than you think, while having nice scripting in it ;) Tweaks that are included: Better Performance Better Battery Life Better Net Speed FlagTuner (For...
  22. veez21

    Thread Stock Android Font(Roboto) for Nokia X

    I didn't really like NX's font so i made this, just wanted to share it... I almost forgot, you can also change the font from any font changing root apps after flashing this... DOWNLOAD HERE If you want to revert back to stock, go here , by pyumredkar
  23. veez21

    Thread How do i show battery percentage on Nokia X stock rom?

    how can i show battery percent on stock rom? :confused:
  24. veez21

    Thread WiFi Fix for Nokia X (Might work on other roms)

    There are instructions on the file... Just read it or watch this video Download here... (I didn't create this thing,I just wanted to share it, thank the guy on youtube but...