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    Thread Unbrick guide! 99,9% WORKING! (Repairs the unrepairable!!)

    HEY PEEPS!!! I have great news for you all! Now i'll tell you my experience: I flashed a custom rom, but something went wrong, and i needed to restore with odin. Now comes the problem, even after restoring with odin IN EVERY DIFFERENT WAY, i wasn't able to format my /data partition. (trust me i...
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    Thread [TOOL][ZIP] Play Store 492-498 fixer by Lopicl

    Hey folks! Finally the play store fix come here... With this tool u can fix the 492 or 498 error on play store (NOT SURE) There are two versions, one for RFS partition and one for EXT4 partition, download the one accoreding to your rom specs. EXT4 RFS HOW TO: 1. copy the zip on sdcard 2...
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    Thread [HOWTO][ZIP][4.4] Root + BusyBox for Nexus 7 (UPDATED!)

    ROOT + BUSYBOX for Grouper and Tilapia (Nexus 7 2012) with Android 4.4 (also other android versions work!) This is my first contribution to nexus 7 community on xda, hope you'll enjoy it! :) UPDATE: Now zip is working 100% ;) And system is auto-mounted. This is a very simple method to root...
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    Thread [DEPRECATED][KERNEL] CyanMobile X specific kernel v1.0

    DEPRECATED, USE THUNDERKERNEL NOW! 1.1 removed, was not working Note: This kernel is under the GPL license. FEATURES: - 5 IO schedulers no-op sio cfq vr deadline - swap and ramzswap - 6 default governors conservative ondemand...
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    Thread [ROM][DEV][2.3.8] CyanMobile eXperience - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE][Beta 1 - 24/08/2013]

    CyanMobile eXperience - Android 2.3.8 for Cooperve Gingerbread is never die! #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some...
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    Thread CyanMobile X general discussion

    Let's talk there for CyanMobile rom questions, problems and news and PLEASE leave the dev thread clean! CURRENT STATE: First build is out! DEVELOPMENT THREAD IS HERE:
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    Thread [KITCHEN] Lopicl's Linux Kernel Kitchen v0.002

    Hi guys! This is a Kernel Kitchen based on Dsixda's android kitchen. I only add functions to compress/decompress in lzma :) FULLY TESTED AND WORKING! Features: - COMPATIBLE WITH LINUX AND CYGWIN - Wiew boot.img details - Compress/decompress in Gzip and Lzma - Make Nand Boot folder - Change...
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    Thread [GUIDE][HOW TO] How to create a swap file for expand the ram without apps!

    Hey guys! Today i am showing to you how to create a swap file for ram expansion without any app. Easy and simple! ;) Also i will give you an init.d script that will enables and starts the swap at all the boots! What you need: - Installed Kernel with Swap function and init.d (NOT the stock...
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    Thread [DEV][KERNEL][] ThunderKernel 2.2 [UPDATE 10/07/2014]

    Hey guys, this is my first, freshly compiled kernel. Because this is my FIRST one, don't start flaming... I am still learning about kernels and this is the result. ;) NEW VERSION 2.2 STABLE IS OUT! NOW INSTALLED WITH AROMA: now you don't need anymore to download 3 different zips. All the three...
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    Thread [TOOLKIT][PC][V1.1 RC1] Samsung Galaxy Ace-i toolkit!

    I had an idea... Why not make a toolkit for our phone? I present you the new creation, the Samsung Galaxy Ace-i Toolkit v1.0! NOTE: This tool is working only on windows! Certified for windows 7! :p :silly: What it does (at the moment)? - Installs your device drivers. - Helps you to restore...
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    Thread [ROM\KERNEL][SUPER SMOOTH][ICS/JB][DISCONTINUED] Super IceDroid v3.1 FINAL by Lopicl

    ROM IS DISCONTINUED!!! NOW I'M WORKING ON A NEW PROJECT!!! Here there's my first custom rom! Super IceDroid v3.1! DOWNLOADS AT 3RD POST! 3.1 IS OUT!!! FEATURES: - Based on XXLA2 - Modded Galaxy S3 Boot Animation - Tweaks build.prop internet, power saving and other - Very light! - Dom Script...