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  1. silrosriv

    Thread Help, AT&T messages vs stock/3rd party

    So I found out about a week ago that I missed an mms new years day. The only reason I even found out is because I opened the AT&T messages up and started viewing all "unread" messages. (In quotes because they had already been read on other apps.) So then I opened the stock s5 messages app and...
  2. silrosriv

    Thread S5 bluetooth music skipping

    Has anyone found an actual fix for this issue? Clearing cache, unpairing, and resetting have not worked.
  3. silrosriv

    Thread How to make a fine point stylus.

    I've been experimenting with a lot of conductive materials for a while, but what I found works best for a fine tip stylus is a 2.5 mm headphone male connector. Or 3.5 mm will work also. The best part is that the connector is already conductive enough. You don't have to attach it to anything...
  4. silrosriv

    Thread Lock screen not registering touch! Help!

    This just started happening a couple of days ago. When I get a text message, no matter whether it's from 3rd party app or stock, my lock screen won't register touch. It takes me a while to swipe to unlock. I have been hitting the home button a lot and sometimes it will unlock long enough for me...
  5. silrosriv

    Thread [Q] Apply more than 1 theme?

    Is there any way to use more than 1 theme? There's a couple of other launchers that will give you the choice of applying a new theme or merging it with the current one. If not, is there a way to do it in the zip?
  6. silrosriv

    Thread S4 usb bootloop. Help!

    I have an sgh-i337. I rooted a couple of weeks ago by downgrading, rooting, installing ss, then flashing a rooted nb1. Since then, when I connect my phone to my surface pro it shows connected as installer then gets stuck in a bootloop. I've updated drivers, and even tried Kies. Hasn't worked.
  7. silrosriv

    Thread Cricket s4 root?

    Does anyone know how to root a gs4 on Cricket? -Silvia
  8. silrosriv

    Thread Lightning Launcher recommendation

    I haven't seen anyone talk about this launcher, but it is awesome. Yes, you have to pay for it, but with the amount of customizations available it's well worth it. I know I'm a newb around here, and this post may not be taken seriously, but I thought I'd try to get a great dev paid to keep up...
  9. silrosriv

    Thread [Q] GS4 f'ed up build.prop lost root. Begging for help!

    Please help!!! Ok, let me start by saying that I've successfully rooted, soft bricked, and unbricked my previous S2 & Note 2. I just got an S4 about a month ago and decided to root today. While I was setting it up a month ago I updated to mf3 and had completely forgotten. I did the new root via...
  10. silrosriv

    Thread Minute headphone volume levels

    I've googled the crap out of this and have come to realize that's it's nearly impossible to get the minute volume increments that I am looking for. I sleep with headphones on sometimes and with regular buds I can never get the volume low enough. If anyone is interested I think the only way this...