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  1. Rockmins

    Thread Dark Mode does not turn on automatically, Why?

    I have set the Dark mode in OP8Pro to turn on automatically according to custom time range (6PM to 6AM), Unfortunately it does not do the work it suppose to. I only able to turn it on manually. Is this a firmware issue?
  2. Rockmins

    Thread Pokemon GO!

    Does Pokemon GO AR effect perfectly works on Xperia L of yours? :confused:
  3. Rockmins

    Thread Rom For Xperia ION

    Can anyone suggest me the most latest and stable Kitkat and Lollipop rom for Xperia ION? I just looking it to flash into my friends phone and I really didn't catch up with this forum :confused: .
  4. Rockmins

    Thread [Q] Will Xperia M port work On L?

    I have recently found this port with xperia Z4 framework and Superior Auto Cam Port! _ Fingers Crossed :fingers-crossed: till this been ported Xperia L!
  5. Rockmins

    Thread [REQUEST]Working Dolby Mod

    Can someone provide me a link to a working Dolby Sound Mod for CM12.1 Beta 3! I did a search but I couldn't find any trustworthy one because those mods were made to stock rom or something! I really appreciate if some one helps me out here! It's good if you using it in your Xperia L currently! :D
  6. Rockmins

    Thread [Request] Money Saving Sony Conversations App

    Hey! can some one mod our XL conversation apk and thank DaRk-L0rD for his splendid work ! :D Here's the link!
  7. Rockmins

    Thread A bug that so annoying!

    I just update my Xperia L from version 15.3.A.1.12 to 15.3.A.1.14. I cleanly update this with factory reset from SUS. There was a bug that, Lockscreen start flickering when music is playing in 15.3.A.1.12. And as same as previous version this version too have that annoying bug :crying: I...
  8. Rockmins

    Thread [Q] Viper4android help

    Which one should I select? No modes: For processors with or without VFP . Battery Saving: Available for all processors with NEON. High Quality Mode: Available for processors with NEON. Super Audio Quality: Available for processors with NEON. I dont know whether our Xperia L has Neon...
  9. Rockmins

    Thread Throw Function

    Hey guys I'm using windows 8.1 in my laptop and I just want to know how exactly can I play Music using my Xperia L Throw function via bluetooth ? I paired the devices but when I search for devices no devices are showing in throw function! I search this matter in google but no answer I found! I...
  10. Rockmins

    Thread [Q] Need so much help!!

    Hey Friends, I'm using xl(2105) .36 firmware that have customization code of 1272-2263 r4a(singapore). And my questions are, 1. where can i find this firmware ftf or can i use other .36 instead original one? 2.And I looking a clean way to full root with BL...
  11. Rockmins

    Thread [Q] Viper4Android Issue

    Hey Friends, I tried viper4android on minicm7 but no luck to me, after installing I only get awkward restarts. So I gave up! I saw it on x8 thread, it used in a rom. Can any one port it cleanly??
  12. Rockmins

    Thread DC2SD Problem!

    Hey friends, I Flashed again gingerdx31b(mimmi) after creating a ext partition through CWM and I activated the DC2SD after that I install couple of apps and rebooted my phone and suddenly FC errors are pop up and only black screen, I did it again wiping all but it still happens so I...
  13. Rockmins

    Thread [Q] NAa JB 03 (.32) vs GDXv30

    I'm am using Gingerdx v30 and I flashed this kernel , now even the boot animation doesn't appear! what should I do to run this kernel on GDXv30 ? (I have format system,data,cache )
  14. Rockmins

    Thread [Request] A tutorial for "How to move non-system apps to SD completely"

    I assume there is a way to move apps to sd completely and I know there is a way to move apps natively in GB but some data still remain in the internal memory,All I want is a guidance to move apps to SD completely with step by step. I'm Using GingerDX v029 :o