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    Post [ROMl] [15-APR-2013] [Android 4.1.2] [NexusFlyerV1.3]

    In process of uploading to GDrive, over public WiFi that creeps along. Checksums of existing file (not original): File: / MD5: 45:67:72:4a:30:6d:ff:b4:97:fb:70:fa:c1:33:04:dd SHA1...
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    Post [Root] Universal Xoom Root - ANY XOOM ANY UPDATE

    Would you repost the universal root zip again? Getting restricted file error. Was able to get img without problem. Thanks.
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    Post HTC Flyer Android 4 update

    I would be happy to just be able to get it to run through the regular update channels and get away from gb onto hc. Not able to set S-on anymore, for whatever reason. Trying to get the darn thing in a condition to run Torque Pro in the pickup and play mp3 from a vast pool on extsd.
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    Post [Q] Another Flyer stuck in reboot loop after flashing DextersJB18

    Better late than never... I have been looking for dexterjb for a while now, thought I would search for it tonight and voila! There it is at hmm, can't post external links. I could have sworn I was able to before... ?fid=746163614322263502 after