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    Post Case review: dbrand Grip for Pixel 5

    its a good grippy case.. I love mine.
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    Post Video quality

    me too...
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    Post Pixel Buds or....?

    Im using Jabra Elite Active 75t (mostly for work calls) and Jabra Elite 85h (music on phone, watching TV and playing gaming on laptop).. both sounds amazing... ANC not the best in-class but the voice quality is top notch... they both pair easily to the pixel 5.
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    Thread Finally got EMUI10

    About dang time..
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    Post Open Camera now allows P20 PRO to record video using all lenses

    whats your max resolution for recording video using Camera2 API?
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    Post Open Camera now allows P20 PRO to record video using all lenses

    Quality seems not as good.. Also can not use Camera API 2, for high res to get extra control in manual mode.
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    Post Seriously no EMUI 10.1 for the P20 Pro?

    LOL you think Samsung or Xiaomi cares about software updates? Any company that produces 10+ lines of devices dont care about keeping up with updates.. only selling.... You want consistent updates, go with Apple, Google or even OnePlus, as they openly support 3rd party roms...
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    Post Thoughts on the P40 Pro

    No matter how good the phone is now, if it doesnt get updates, its dumb.
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    Post Stuck on July patch?

    I also was stuck on Aug but got 2 updates last night... I refreshed it a few more times hoping I would get Android 10 lolol
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    Post System settings update available [25/10/2019]

    you can correct that issue by restarting the phone... I notice this only happens if you try to use multi window for 2 apps
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][10.0.0_r41] CarbonROM | CR-8.0 [MAKO][25 November 2020]

    Reboot into TWRP Format Data OTG flashdrive doesnt read. I have a 32gb (FAT32) with the rom and gapps, so I tried to sideload it and it stops saying my system partition size is too small
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    Post [REPARTITION] Nexus 4 Repartition [MAKO] [8GB/16GB] [UA TWRP]

    I was trying to install the CarbonRom and its saying my system partition is too small.. Will this fix the issue?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][10.0.0_r41] CarbonROM | CR-8.0 [MAKO][25 November 2020]

    I have a problem. TWRP isnt reading my 32gb flash drive and Im trying to sideload the rom and its saying the system partition is too small. I have TWRP installed.
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    Post Bluetooth turns off when screenlocks

    I have Samsung Gear X and my car Bluetooth
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    Thread Bluetooth turns off when screenlocks

    Hi guys Does anyone know how to fix this? My Bluetooth turns off 3secs after the screen locks. At first I thought it was the app but I have it manually managed and enabled. This doesnt seem to be the issue as it has still happening. Last night when I had it casted to my Google Home to play...
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    Post Playing Music Cuts On Lock Screen

    Anyone figured this out? I'm using YouTube music with premium subscription. I have edit the battery settings to Manage Manually and enabled all 3 sub options. After screenlock, msuci stop. I dnt have any battery saving options set
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Have you guys tried the HiCare App method? try changing to other regions that have already gotten the update
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Someone who is CLT-AL01 and followed the guide said they got an update. Whether its true or not, Im not sure. If you havent tried and just complain then I really have nothing to say. I was trying to suggestions ideas to try.
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Nope... well I did unlock it before but i Relocked it awhile ago
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    I followed this method Changed my region to Asia and I got the update.. Running
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    Post Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    Just updated to android I suggest try to switch to Asia-Pacific
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    Post Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    I chose North America as my region and nothing.. I bought my phone from Hong Kong and switched it to that region, BAM I got the update.. downloading now
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    Post Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    I tried this method. Got to the package to download and verified.. but when it goes to install, it just does nothing. after waiting almost 5mins I gave up.
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Just switch to rogers and nothing.. granted i was on fido before.. LMAO
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    Thread Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    Found this thread here, all credit goes to poster. Go to thread for more detailed info. I have not tried this yet but tempted. Anyone who tried please let us know if its working for you For this...
  26. gd6noob

    Post Guide to update from EMUI 8.x(Oreo) to EMUI 9.x(Pie)

    Only EMUI 8.1.X is approved.. EMUI 9.x isnt.. can I still force it to install? will there be any issues?
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    Post Unable to activate contactless payment for Google pay?

    Its rooted? If you are, you need to install Magisk. My device was rooted and has the same problem. Magisk sometimes works, I think on certain versions. So I finally gave up and relocked my bootloader and unrooted. I need my GPay
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    Post VoLTE - Bell Mobility

    Strange thing, when the phone is on and I took out the sim card to use on another phone.. as soon as I pop it back in, It shows VoLTE on the top left.. after about 5-10mins, it goes away... hmm... Im using a non fido bought device.. So Im guessing is that they purposely block it if you didnt buy...
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    I was excited then I got sad... WTF... gona give me heart attack.. lmao
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    I woke up this morning and I got an update! I was so happy.. then I read closer, its :(
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    Post VoLTE - Bell Mobility

    Fido sucks.. might switch to Rogers soon... my work has a ok deal.. $55/mo for 6gb and unlimited calls/text canada wide.
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    Post Problems taking photos at night with Christmas lights

    Thanks for your response, it shouldn't be oily lens, when I took an indoor photo with Santa, it was perfectly fine.
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    Thread Problems taking photos at night with Christmas lights

    Anyone know how to fix this? Wanted to get some nice christmas lights shots but its been acting like this all weird. I use the normal Photo mode with AND without AI mode and results are similar. It has this weird glowing effect.
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    Post P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    I did buy my P20 Pro from Hong Kong, not sure if that will make any difference?
  35. gd6noob

    Thread P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Has anyone got the update
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    Post Cortana with Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L09

    Why would anyone use Cortana? Google Assistant is way superior
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    Post Warning Bootloader

    Throw your phone away and no more message
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    Post Nano memory card to be compatible with P20 Pro in future?

    If the P20 pro doesnt have a memory card slot, how does one use one?
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    Post P20 pro package disabler

    Tool All in One also works
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    Post Who else is disappointed in the camera?

    Just in here for the laugh.. Chances are people who come into other phone section and start **** coz 1 - they have no life 2 - they dont have the phone because they are bored and have no life. 3 - they have no life All his claims are "doesnt provide details" blah blah but nothing to back that...
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    Post Launcher?

    I use Nova, bought the prime when it was on sale awhile back for $0.50
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    Post Anyony got their P20 Pro successfully rooted?

    Too bad I didnt see this in time.. lol I relocked my bootloader and gave up on root for now... Thanks for the advice, will keep this in mind should I decide to reroot again.
  43. gd6noob

    Post Anyony got their P20 Pro successfully rooted?

    anyone else install .154 and ctsprofile failed?
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    Post Anyone knows of any Metal framed bumper case?

    My phone looks kinda ok.. The case while it looks likes, doesnt have the lip to stop the front and back side of the phone from touching the table. I got a tempered glass for the front, this one was fairly think so pressing the home button you can really feel the thinkness. I got the slickwrap...
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    Post [Guide][P20Pro] Debloat, DeGoogle P20Pro rom and install MicroG + Magisk

    What is left? Can you post a screenshot of your app drawer?
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    Post Bad news ahead for us...

    lol is this legit? I doubt it is..
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    Post [GUIDE] Manual Update P20 PRO with HuRUpdater and TWRP

    I just received the update via OTA.. it was regarding contacts being sync without user knowledge while on BT, i.e. to your car...