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    Thread COM3 contancts on COM2 phonecanvas issue

    I have an issue on rhodium phonecanvas contacts (WMcontacts)(picture 01). Color is not correct. I´ve corrected part of that using (coocking in) Yota Contacts, New Contact Card and HTCActionScreen and including this registry keys: For ActionScreen (New Contact) (picture 5)...
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    Thread Video Call Huasang on Topaz

    Hi. I´m using Huasang Phone Canvas Enhancement v5.0.61220152721.0 and Video Telephony v3.0.38566.0 because I´m using 23152 build and this phonecanvas is native for Com3 and solve positions issues. But I don´t be able to make a videocall. I always get the same screen. I don´t use Manila, but I...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Add Contact in 6.5.3

    Hi, I´ve a little trouble with adding contacts´ background. I don´t know why this image is here. Thanks
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    Thread HTC Messaging Client + WinMo 6.1?

    Hi. Im trying to cook HTC Messaging Client on a 21057 Sys build. On 21916 works fine. I recmoded all modules in HTC Messaging Client, Message Enhancement and DRM Middleware, but when I push on "Messages" nothing happens and in Messages and Contacts Tab the screen goes down. Is possible to...
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    Thread Swype & Manila

    Hi. I´ve got a little trouble and a question about Swype. When I cook Swype without Manila, works fine, no problem, but when I cook with Manila, I must cook also IME. If not, only works when Manila is disabled. My question is if can I cook only Swype without IME and works fine on Manila. Is...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Menu Enhancements issue

    Hi. I´ve a little bit trouble with Menu Enhancements and Manila 2.5 20183025 on WVGA (Topaz) When Manila is running, menus are right, but when Manila is disabled, menus are very small. This "bug" happens on 6.1, 6.5 and 6.5.x (changing and recmodding Menus). Any idea? Thanks in advance.