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  1. Arjen

    Post Moto G XT1068 Got Lollipop (Indian MFN test started)

    Ok, cleaned up a bit, Instead of reacting to posts which provide nothing or are insulting, please use the report-function!
  2. Arjen

    Post [ROM] [5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 5.0 [ALPHA1]

    I want to invite some users to read XDA-rules again, the link can be found in my signature. I understand why people tend to post their qestions here, they think the developer will answer sooner, but by spamming a dev-thread with those questions will mostly lead to the opposite and as you can see...
  3. Arjen

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies , RC and SNAPSHOTS [STABLE]

    Cleaned the thread a bit because people are forgetting this thread is about cm11 development and not cm12. Also, quit whining about when something will be released, it's irritating!
  4. Arjen

    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r1][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop - Amami [LMY47V][2015/04/24]

    Ok, cleaned up the mess from today. As mentioned before, this is a development-thread, if you have issues with another member, take it to pm and keep the thread neat and tidy!
  5. Arjen

    Post Note 4 vs Nexus 6...

    Cleaned up a bit, be respectful
  6. Arjen

    Post Data Governor Killer/Remover

    Thread closed
  7. Arjen

    Post Indian lollipop not yet started

    Thread closed.
  8. Arjen

    Post [Share][App]Free mobile recharge

    For the ones questionning this, it's real, no scam, so no need to report this.
  9. Arjen

    Post Yay no more miscellaneous battery drain!

    Thread closed, please continue in mentioned thread.
  10. Arjen

    Post Need lollipop firmware

    No need to spam the fora with this 'question' Closed
  11. Arjen

    Post [lollipop stock recovery] How to enter lollipop stock recovery menu

    Thread closed, no need for a new thread
  12. Arjen

    Post [ROM] CM 12.x (Android 5.x) for moto_msm8960 A-family KKBL/JBBL

    Cleaned the offtopic, If you have other things to discuss, take it somewhere else. Hmm, sounds familiair?
  13. Arjen

    Post [UPDATE] Moto G XT1033 Android Lollipop Update

    Keep it nice in here guys! If I see users starting demanding again the thread will get locked!
  14. Arjen

    Post [ROM] CM 12.x (Android 5.x) for moto_msm8960 A-family KKBL/JBBL

    Just a little warning, this is not the place to discuss/compare the LG G3, if you really want to though, take it to another place and not in the RAZR HD section!
  15. Arjen

    Post No-contract service providers

    Removed the flaming, if you have issues with eachother, take it to pm and not here!
  16. Arjen

    Post [DEVELOPMENT] - CM12.1 - Android 5.1 - FreeXperia Project

    Cleaned the offtopic...
  17. Arjen

    Post Android L this month?

    Thread closed
  18. Arjen


    Cleaned up some mess, keep ontopic.
  19. Arjen

    Post Fragile Screen, Don't buy Moto X 2014

    Thread closed, adds nothing
  20. Arjen

    Post {All 2011}[FAQ][Q&A][CM11.0] LegacyXperia discussion

    Cleaned all of the cm12 stuff, please only discuss cm11!
  21. Arjen

    Post [Q] About Total RAM in L7 II

    Please remember, only english allowed here!
  22. Arjen

    Post New firmware 23.0.1.A.5.77 certified for Xperia Z3

    Duplicate thread, please continue here
  23. Arjen

    Post |ROM| ★ AndroidNow HD 8.0 ★ |D855|New LRX21R V20F|Lollipop|

    Thread closed on OP's request For questions about the rom, please use the Q&A
  24. Arjen

    Post [Q] Spirit 1 | Got installed | NO SOUND

    Thread closed for obvious reason, please use mentioned thread
  25. Arjen

    Post [ROM][5.0][NIGHTLY]CyanogenMod 12 UNOFFICIAL

    Ok guys, stop ranting, this user is learning, so be nice to him. We will see which way it goes. So back to where this thread is about.
  26. Arjen

    Post [ROM]The Titian Prime ROM for Moto G 2014 [XT1064][Android 5.0] (ROM v1.0)

    Thread closed until rom is uploaded
  27. Arjen

    Post Imminent Update to 5.0

    Thread closed
  28. Arjen

    Post [Rom][4.4.4][.167]MoonWalker Revolution V2.4 ☆ Android 5 Design ☆| Black & White |☆

    Thread is open again, new rom will be available tomorrow. Now the thread is open again it doesn't mean you can post offtopic!
  29. Arjen

    Post Android lollipop for XPERIA L

    Thread closed
  30. Arjen

    Post [ROM]{OFFICIAL} CyanogenMod 12 | taoshan | Nightly

    Instead of posting a thanks, use the thanks-button ;)
  31. Arjen

    Post Moto G XT1032 OTA approaching UK

    Thread closed
  32. Arjen

    Post [GUIDE]Compile CM 11 on Ubuntu 14.04 for Moto E

    Thread closed
  33. Arjen

    Post lg g3 is a worse smart phone that i have to have it

    Thread closed
  34. Arjen

    Post [ROM][Lollipop][5.1.1][Official] crDroid Android

    Cleaned up the thread, please keep it on-topic, this means: development related!
  35. Arjen

    Post [Unofficial][03/12 updated][Lollipop]MokeeOpenSource5.0.1 for Honami

    Let's keep on topic, allright ;) Get's to messy this way :p
  36. Arjen

    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r1][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop - Amami [LMY47V][2015/04/24]

    Keep it friendly guys ;) Also, when reporting bugs you might want to add logcats, just crying: this does not work, please fix it, does not help in any way!
  37. Arjen

    Post [ROM][Z1][LP][.236][LB/UB]DstrikerZ1 Kai ROM SP008[27 Apr] XZ PREMIUM LOOKS !!

    Building a custom rom is not about adding/removing apps etc, changing bootanimations and build.prop-tweaks. Best way to learn is to try and fail, also start reading about how android works, how to decompile an compile apk's etc., you can find a lot of info here on XDA. Wish you goodluck!
  38. Arjen

    Post [ROM]{OFFICIAL} CyanogenMod 12 | taoshan | Nightly

    Guys, stop the off-topic! Only post if you have something that can help development, ie. problems with the rom with attached logcat etc.
  39. Arjen

    Post RMA Process?

    No need to open three threads about basicly the same
  40. Arjen

    Post Volume Button Issue

    No need to open three threads about basicly the same
  41. Arjen

    Post [ROM][5.1.1] SlimLP ---HAMMERHEAD [BETA_0.5]

    Couldn't agree more with the previous post! Keep this thread on-topic, and for those who have no idea how to behave on XDA, please read this again! If you keep going the wrong way... Well, guess you all know.
  42. Arjen

    Post [Q] Huawei Ascend P6 update from B510 to B520 (rooted device)

    Look like your download is corrupt or something, did you try to download it again?
  43. Arjen

    Post Just bought a FlyGrip, and they gave me a free TPU case

    This thread is not meant for personal opinions or telling anyone to get a smaller phone, so please stay on-topic.
  44. Arjen

    Post P6-U06 EMUI 3.0 B706 European (Google working)

    Because you need the stock recovery to update from
  45. Arjen

    Post [ROM][CM12][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12 - Android 5.0.2 (01/05)

    Cleaned up a bit, if you have questions not related to development, ask them in the Q&A-section
  46. Arjen

    Post Bump! - Sign (unlock) your own boot images for LG phones!

    Thread is going off-topic to much, but I do understand why. To prevent flaming I am closing this thread
  47. Arjen

    Post OmniRom[5.0] [Unofficial] [Build from Source]

    Thread closed untill downloadlinks can be added