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  1. ldrifta

    Thread [ROM](WIP)D2mtr_NumberTwo v1.1 | MB2 | Multi-Window

    Stock Based ROM for the Metro s3 if anyone is interested? Rom Base: --Stock_4.1.2_MB2 Kernel(s): --Stock_MB2; [Un/In]?-secured Rom Includes: ~Root + SU ~Google Apps...
  2. ldrifta

    Thread [ROM] SenseLD v0.1 BETA Froyo Sense 2.2

    SenseLD [Froyo Sense] Rom is still in BETA mode Requirements: 96-128mb swap 512mb ext3 or 4 - 28.25 1.33.0013d ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: SenseLD v0.1 - BETA no wifi...
  3. ldrifta

    Thread [ROM] "Froyo Melt" v2.2.1 DreamTeam Froyo 2.2.2 Mod/Theme (10-31-11)

    DreamTeam:Rom Thread This Rom is basically the rom Maximo360, tvall and myself built for our dev team ~DreamTeam~ but it's modded Us 3 agreed that the rom we sponsored through the team would be as "stock" as possible!! So this is just my side project from it, it's a work in progress... but...
  4. ldrifta

    Thread [Solved] cant get adb on ubuntu 10.10 maverick

    Solved: thanks to a good friend of mine he directed me to this file on GRP dev-site open this file in ubuntu software manager, let the package install and reboot system, then adb should work in any directory :D Original Post:
  5. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] G1 Past, Present & Future

    Ok this is an old post but im using it for a new question since there was only 1 reply lol tequnically this is a question so i feel it can stay in the Q&A lol but im one of the few un-lucky people who didn't know about XDA when i first got my G1, i was a little slow when this all first started...
  6. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] fender touch screen stopped working

    ok im used to the G1 so im kinda lost, my uncle has a fender, un-rooted stock everything and the touchscreen suddenly stopped working... also when he uses trackball to select contacts an error pops up... something about acore stopped working... does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? should...
  7. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] fastboot <waiting for device>

    ok so i spent the last 3 days building a froyo rom from source... now after all that work i find there is no .zip to flash but the guide says to flash via fastboot, so i did and now the terminal just says <waiting for device> did i do something wrong? is there a way to make a bootable zip file...
  8. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] java jre/jdk 1.5 on ubuntu 11.04

    ok guys i have a little issue lol i've spent the last 2 days trying to build a froyo rom from source! I foolowed this guide exactly as it says to do ( and when i get to the part of building the rom and to run 'make j4' (making the code i assume)...
  9. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] java5 ~ ubuntu 10.10

    ok, so here's the thing... i been up allll night followed like 20 different guides and im at the point where im going to break every electronic device in the house!! lol im trying to build a froyo rom from source! and many people have helped in the proccess lol but i cant seem to figure out how...
  10. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Froyo source

    ok so as most of you know i have ben busy with the SenseLX rom... but on my spare time i would like to port a froyo rom so i can get some experience on froyo... but my question is where to begin? lol i need to find a fresh source, start from scratch!!! i dont want to use someone elses rom to...
  11. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] su binary outdated??

    ok so as the title says.... when i boot my phone up it says SU binary outdated, tap here to update.... so i tap and i get a fail... Downloading manifest... fail!
  12. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] fastboot in recovery??

    hey guys... not that its anything threatening... as far as i know, but earlier i was testing some roms and i had to remove and mtd partition(not sure if this is related to issue) so i flashed fr-remove, than did superwipe and powered off device... my battery was getting low last time i seen it...
  13. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth logcat...

    does anyone understand this? lol im trying to fix bluetooth on senselx rom.. D/MCPMonitorService( 272): starting daemon! D/MCPMonitorService( 272): state of daemon after start: running started: true D/skia ( 272): purging 167K from font cache [18 entries] D/dalvikvm( 272): GC freed...
  14. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] language problems because of CustomizationSetup.apk

    ok here's my question.. Does anyone know exactly what the 'CustomizationSetup.apk' is used for? I was having issues getting languages working on a rom i am building, i accidently forgot to put some apk's in system/app folder. So when device booted up all the languages worked fine!! I traced the...
  15. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Can someone tell me what these files are for?

    i got all languages working on the senselx rom by removing 1 of these 5 apk's.. im curious to why this happened so can somebody tell me exactly what these apk's are for? 1. CustomizationSettingsProvider.apk 2. CustomizationSetup.apk 3. DCSImpl.apk...
  16. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] porting Roms..

    ok guys.. i've been doin pretty good with the SenseLX rom.. still have much to learn. My next goal is to port a rom from scratch and start working on it as a project. my only question is how do i do that? lol i keep looking up link but there is no guide on porting a rom to the g1... which is...
  17. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] in-depth explanation of files in

    hey guys.. i been looking around everywhere to try and get a good explanation of the files inside the like what the files are in the META-INF? and what are all the files inside the system folder? how do i know what to change and what not to change.. lol sorry but if anyone could...
  18. ldrifta

    Thread [Guide] SDK r11, Installing adb/fastboot drivers for windows Vista/7

    Ok so I've been looking around all over google and XDA for the correct way to install the usb drivers for adb and fastboot from sdk manager(r11) and there are no updated guides out there for the latest r11 sdk program... so here is my quick guide just to clearify how this is done on (Windows...
  19. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] fastboot signature check failed?

    i have the latest radio and hboot for G1 (check sig) and in fastboot mode it says S-on.. now im having trouble flashing a custom splash screen via fastboot and i read somewhere that the S-on may be why.. do i need to downgrade to engineering spl to use fastboot flash method? I keep getting a...
  20. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Sdk & Adb???

    Ok guys heres a big one for ya lol... I have a laptop i've been using for about 2 years now with ALL my android stuff on it.. I had adb set up correctly and sdk was running correctly everything was good i had no problems... ok so i still have all the files that I used to install everything...
  21. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Boot Animation

    Ok as some of you know i have started work on a pre dev'd rom and things are going ok with it.. But my question is... Boot Animation?? A friend and I have tried all different methods trying to get this thing working but just no luck at all.. Here's the details... Rom: SenseLX v2.02 Firmware...
  22. ldrifta

    Thread [ROM] SenseLX L2 edition 1-6-12 Apologies!!!

    LDrifta, XILLIUS200, 2.1 SENSELX ROM!!! Special thanks to: ~Namit1994 ~Rushness ~tvall Recommended Device Settings - Kernels - Ebi0, Ebi1 & 2708 - Hboot - 1.33.0013 / 1.33.0013d - 128mb - swap - 512mb - ext... - Ext - 3 or 4 required-(4 reccomended)...
  23. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] Is there anymore developement on G1??

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone knows of another place with a rom list for G1? anybody still developing new roms for G1 or just updating old ones? the rom bible has not been updated in a while....
  24. ldrifta

    Thread [Guide] G1 How-to: Root, Un-Root & Everything in-between; 2708 1.33.0013d

    !!READ DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKING YOUR DEVICE!! Now that i got the warning out of the way i can promise you this method works 100% as long as you follow these directions exact!! INDEX: ~1: Rooting ~2: Google By-pass ~3: No Recovery ~4: ENG...
  25. ldrifta

    Thread [B][Q] root without service?[/B]

    hey guys i stupidly un rooted my phone after the service was suspended and i was wondering if anyone knew how to root a G1 without being able to sign into google..? im on 1.5 but haven't got past the setup screen because i cant skip the sign in part.. any help would be much appreciated!!
  26. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] fastboot

    i was wondering if somebody could tell me the quickest easiest method of rooting the g1 and upgrading to and 1.33.0013d???
  27. ldrifta

    Thread [Q] radio, hboot and spl list???

    hey guys whats up? im sorry if this is a waste of space but i was wondering if anyone knew where to find a list of all the radios, hboots and spl's for the g1 so i can kinda keep track of things more lol
  28. ldrifta

    Thread [Q]what can you teach me?

    alright guys, i've owned a G1 for about 2 years or more and the past year i've been rooting and flashing roms... i got the latest radio and hboot and been flashing some roms but im still clueless to other things like adb and fastboot and just all the other things you can do with these devices...