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  1. sjamie

    Thread [Guide] How to Flash Encrypted ROMs on a Decrypted Device (Without Losing Data)

    Most custom ROMs for the OnePlus 5 are now supporting encrypted devices only. However, some users choose to keep their device in a decrypted state for MultiROM support and for other reasons. If you follow the steps below, you can flash any encrypted ROM on your decrypted device (without losing...
  2. sjamie

    Thread GMaps Search Along Route?

    In Google Maps 7.7, is it possible to search for food, gas, etc. along the route to a destination already in progress? This was very easy to do in version 6.x.
  3. sjamie

    Thread Gmaps - Search along route?

    Ever since the new UI was released for Google Maps, I have been unable to search for stuff (e.g. restaurants, gas stations, etc.) along the route to my destination. Have I overlooked something or has this useful feature been removed in the newer versions?
  4. sjamie

    Thread S3 Talking Caller ID Over Bluetooth

    I'm on Bluetooth earpiece (Plantronics Voyager Pro HD) 97% of the day. For me, it is very annoying to have to remove my phone from my pocket to see who is calling. I would love to hear the name of the contact instead which would put me in a mostly hands free situation and increase safety when...
  5. sjamie

    Thread AT&T Mobile Hotspot vs. FoxFi

    Since use of the GS3's hotspot is included in AT&T's mobile share plans, is there any advantage to using FoxFi instead?
  6. sjamie

    Thread The Ultimate Touchwhiz ROM?

    I am coming from the Sprint Motorola Photon which was a great phone but Motorblur was very limited. Therefore, flashing a custom ROM was necessary to get the most out of that phone. In contrast, the S3 is a BEAST just on the stock ROM! Here's my question. If you have flashed a custom ROM...
  7. sjamie

    Thread Receiving Duplicate Text Messages

    My phone has always received an occasional duplicate text message here and there from 1 or 2 contacts regardless of the ROM used. However, within the past two days, I've been getting BOMBARDED with duplicate text messages from many contacts. Nothing has been changed on my phone. Have you...
  8. sjamie

    Thread No MoPho love for iHeart Radio?

    For some reason, whenever I try to play a custom station on iHeart Radio, the app freezes but I can play live radio stations just fine. I've even factory restored a few times and tried it on different custom ROMs with the same results. Anyone else experiencing this behavior or know of a fix?
  9. sjamie

    Thread Inconsistent Charging

    Since I travel a lot, I prefer the detachable design of car chargers like this Satechi USB Car Charger and the Palm Pre USB Charger. Although both of these chargers and many others that I have are rated at 1000+ mA, they all charge my phone very inconsistently. Sometimes while charging, my...
  10. sjamie

    Thread Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off

    Is there any way to make this happen?
  11. sjamie

    Thread Silent SMS

    Is there a way to stop texts sent from a specific contact from ringing or vibrating? However, I do want the SMS to come through WITHOUT being blocked.
  12. sjamie

    Thread Joker's Recovery Time Stamp

    For NANDROID backups, the time stamps Joker's recovery uses are about 6 hours ahead of my phone's time (Central Time). Is there any way to use that time instead?
  13. sjamie

    Thread Thank You!

    I just want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to the following people who have made this phone the BEAST that it is! Jokersax11, shabbypenguin, Lokifish Marz, Th3Bill, spleef, peetr_, edgan, Bandage, Yay4Juggs, the2dcour, kennethpenn, RockoDev, mof9336, cybik, halfevildruid, olegfusion, qbking77...
  14. sjamie

    Thread Photon vs. SIII

    Now that the Samsung SIII has been officially announced for Sprint, how many of you are taking the leap? Any new features you can't wait to use? Anything you are concerned about that's stopping you from taking the leap?
  15. sjamie

    Thread GoSMS Assistance

    I know how to add/delete members of a contact group but how do I delete the group itself? I accidentally chose a different theme for a conversation thread with an individual contact. How do I delete the individual theme settings and reapply the overall theme?
  16. sjamie

    Thread Very Strange Calculation!

    Using the stock Android calculator, if I enter 0.87 - 0.58, the answer is obviously 0.29. However, if I enter x.87 - x.58 where "x" is any number greater than "7", the answer I get is 0.2899999. What's up with that? Btw, I'm running the 2.3.5. Hybrid ROM in case that makes a difference.
  17. sjamie

    Thread STABLE Photon ROMs

    To help myself and others, please respond with the names (and links) of ROMs that are stable (locked or unlocked). I'll keep an updated list in this first post. Please state any known bugs other than 4g not working for unlocked bootloaders. The goal is to create a list of ROMs that have...
  18. sjamie

    Thread Delayed Dialing Issue

    Sometimes when I place a call, the phone will lag and not place the call for 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. If I tap on someone's phone number, the phone registers that it's been tapped but the phone won't start dialing. Further attempts are the same. If I let the phone sit, at some point it will...
  19. sjamie

    Thread Photon Recording

    So far, there is no stable way to record both sides of a conversation on the Photon. (A pay-per-minute service like RecordiaPro may work.) The reason nothing works is because Motorola has blocked sidetone to the headset jack. Are there any ROMs out there that do send sidetone to the headset...
  20. sjamie

    Thread Best Way to Hide Contacts?

    I am simply trying to hide my Facebook and Linkedin contacts. Here are the steps I've taken with no luck: Flashed 198_7 sbf (long overdue) Wiped all data (long overdue) Synced gmail contacts Added Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to phone for easy status updates After all contacts have synced in...
  21. sjamie

    Thread Should I Upgrade?

    I've been using the 198_6 sbf with no serious issues and was wondering if I should flash the 198_7 sbf. Are there any major enhancements or benefits?
  22. sjamie

    Thread ADW Question

    With ADW, is there a way to uninstall an app from within the App Drawer? Most launchers allow you to long press an app to remove it but this method does not seem to work with ADW.
  23. sjamie

    Thread Clear Default Phone Number

    I mistakenly set my wife's cell number as her "default" number. Therefore, that number is automatically dialed when I click on her contact widget. Question #1: Is there any easy way to CLEAR that default number setting so that I am given the list of all of her numbers when I click her...
  24. sjamie

    Thread MoPho Selective Vibration

    Currently, I keep my phone on vibrate most of the time. However, some people send me way too many texts which can be annoying. Is there a way to silence the vibration for certain contacts? I don't want to block their texts, I just don't want my phone to vibrate for those select contacts.
  25. sjamie

    Thread Swiftkey X on the MoPho

    It appears that many MoPho users love Swiftkey X. I love it too but the one thing it is missing that prevents it from being a perfect 10 in my book is the ability to create custom shortcuts (ie. icub = "I'll call you back", sul = "see you later", etc.). If you would like to see this feature...
  26. sjamie

    Thread Enhanced Email

    Are any of you using this app successfully? I'm thinking this awesome app may be what's causing my phone to lock up and randomly reboot. :mad:
  27. sjamie

    Thread Problematic Apps

    As many of you know, my phone(s) have been riddled with the following main problems: Random Reboots Clock Freezing Keyboard Lockups Therefore, I decided to get a 3rd replacement but I had to remove joker's Skinny ROM and return my phone to stock before doing so. I'm traveling this week and...
  28. sjamie

    Thread Going Back To Stock

    If one wants to return to stock after running a custom ROM, is it as simple as flashing the latest SBF with RSD Lite or should the bootloader be re-locked first? Anything else needed?
  29. sjamie

    Thread NANDROID Flexibilty

    Is it okay to restore a NANDROID backup to a replacement Photon or is it best to start from scratch since it is another phone?
  30. sjamie

    Thread ROMs: SkinnyRev1 vs. CM7

    For those of you who have used both of these outstanding ROMs on your MoPho, which one do you prefer and why?
  31. sjamie

    Thread Battery Info

    Is there an app/widget that shows the following battery information? % drain/ hr. % drain since last charge Time of last charge # of hours and minutes since last charge Battery Circle provides some of this information but since I'm running Joker's SkinnyRev1 ROM with the battery fix, I don't...
  32. sjamie

    Thread Frozen Clock Anyone?

    Does the clock at the top of your phone ever freeze? If so... frequently? Any fix other than a reboot?
  33. sjamie

    Thread The Best Rooting Method

    Thanks to all of the devs who've been working on this phone, we now have various ways to get root access to our phone (ie. torpedo, AIO, etc.). The question I have is which method is the best or does it not matter? Are there any drawbacks to one method or another? I've had success with using...
  34. sjamie

    Thread Reboot Analyzer

    Is there a way to determine what specifically caused a reboot or maybe the state of the phone right before a reboot? I'd like to find out what exactly is causing my phone to randomly reboot. If I could pinpoint an app that is causing the problem... problem solved! Does a "reboot analyzer"...
  35. sjamie

    Thread The Perfect Photon?

    Just trying to get a layout of the MoPho landscape. Are any of you having issues with your phone or do you have a "perfect" MoPho?
  36. sjamie

    Thread Real Audio

    Is there any way to play real audio (.ra) files on the MoPho? I've tried vplayer and it is not working for the websites I use.
  37. sjamie

    Thread Full Reboot App

    Is there any app that can actually power down the MoPho and restart it? I am NOT talking about the fast reboot apps that don't actually power down the phone. Preset Reset worked perfectly for my retired Palm Pre. There are certain things I definitely miss about that phone. (sniff... sniff...)
  38. sjamie

    Thread ROM to Fix Random Reboots

    Where any of you experiencing random reboots until you flashed a particular ROM? If so, which one solved the problem for you? I'm getting at least one random reboot per hour and it is even happening when I am talking on the phone. This is NOT acceptable! :mad: I'm on my 2nd MoPho and I don't...
  39. sjamie

    Thread Photon Full Backup

    What is the best way to make a full backup/image of my Photon including the operating system? I currently use Titanium to back up all files and apps but I need to back up the OS too. Does the ROM Manager from the Android Market work on the Photon?
  40. sjamie

    Thread Dotted Keyboard Malfunction

    I've been using Smart Keyboard Pro for a few months. However, recently, little RGB dots appear whenever I press a key. They don't show up when I use other keyboards. I've already wiped and done a factory reset but the dots remain. Any thoughts?
  41. sjamie

    Thread BOUNTY: Fully Functional 2-way Recording App/Solution

    I am really in need of an on-device solution that can "reliably" record BOTH sides of a conversation for incoming AND outgoing calls. I am not interested in cloud based solutions like Recordiapro that charge by the minute. This functionality has been added to the SGSII by some awesome devs so...
  42. sjamie

    Thread Photon AutoText

    Coming from the Palm Pre, I used to be able to type abbreviations and make the Pre substitute the full meaning (ie. "ilu" becomes "I love you"). Obviously, this autotext functionality is not built into the Photon but there are keyboards that support autotext. The keyboard I am currently using...
  43. sjamie

    Thread Weird Keyboard Problem

    Recently, my keyboard has been acting crazy. Sometimes, when I attempt to type something, the letters appear in the suggested words area but nothing appears in the field in which I'm typing. I've tried switching between keyboards as a quick fix as some have recommended online but that has not...
  44. sjamie

    Thread MoPho vs. K9/Kaiten Mail

    Overall, I really like Kaiten and K9 email clients. However, the following issues are really annoying and would like some help if possible. 1. If I scroll down to the middle of my inbox to read a few messages then switch to a different app; when I switch back to K9/Kaiten, the inbox...
  45. sjamie

    Thread Go Launcher w/ MoPho Conflict

    Ever since I loaded Go Launcher EX, my desk clock no longer launches when the kickstand is opened. Is there any way to restore this functionality and still use Go Launcher? The desk clock worked perfectly with SPB Shell. Is there some place where I can set which app automatically opens when...
  46. sjamie

    Thread Wifi Tether - Battery Drain

    I love the free WiFi Tether app but it drains my battery even while using the wall charger. Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?
  47. sjamie

    Thread [Q] General ROM Questions

    I'm finally jumping off the deep end into the world of flashing my Photon for the first time! 1. Which ROM do you recommend and why? 2. Does unlocking the bootloader still kill 4G? 3. Does the CM Recovery have to be manually installed or can the ROM Manager from the Android Market be used? 4...
  48. sjamie

    Thread Internal Error - LinkedIn

    I just factory reset my phone today and now when I try to add my LinkedIn account, I get "An internal server error occurred. Please try again". I know my login credentials are correct. Anyone else face this? Any solution?
  49. sjamie

    Thread [Q] Possible to Auto-Generate RSS Feeds?

    If I upload a folder of mp3s to a hosted server, is there anyway to auto-generate a RSS feed for that folder? The goal is to have all of the mp3s in that folder be seen as different episodes of a podcast. Ultimately, I want to upload many folders of mp3s and auto-generate RSS feeds so I can use...
  50. sjamie

    Thread GoDaddy Streaming to Photon

    I store a ton of music on my godaddy hosting account. Is it possible to stream this music to my MoPho? Streaming from my PC to my phone is not an option for me.