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  1. frenzyboi

    Post OnePlus 6: Unlock Bootloader | Flash TWRP | Root | Nandroid & EFS Backup !!

    Anyone having magisk error where flashing the latest magisk (20.1) causes your phone to stop booting? On Android 9.0.9.
  2. frenzyboi

    Post [GCam] OnePlus 6 / 6T

    Please don't quote the whole first post next time..
  3. frenzyboi

    Post Best cases for OnePlus 6

    The drop test for the OnePlus 6 turned out really bad. Video Any case that can really prevent the accidental cracks? Maybe for just the pocket + usage drop.
  4. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Will flashing this boot.img be any different from the current other than fixing those problem? Like any downside as compared to the latest? Thanks.
  5. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    I've got this ever since I got the phone. Even after changing multiple ROM, problem still exists. So my guess is that Mi5 has this "problem" all along. Or maybe it's just certain Mi5 phones.
  6. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Quick question: how exactly do you derive the version just from the baseband text? Would really love to know. Thank you!
  7. frenzyboi

    Post [MODULE] Swap Torpedo - run faster and more reliably

    Before installation, Ram truth shows 500mb swap total. After installation, it changes to 0mb swap total. Am I doing something wrong? May I know the expected output? On Mi 5 LOS 14.1
  8. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    No rush pushing it out for Mi5. V3 still working perfectly on LOS 14.1. Thanks for all your hard work!
  9. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    V4 giving me black screen as well. V3 is still the best for LOS 14 1 with working front camera portrait mode.
  10. frenzyboi

    Post Best settings for Google Camera ported (by Arnova8G2)

    Not working for me either. Mi5 LOS 14.1. Still waiting for a fix. Submitted a logcat but still no response.
  11. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Arnova8G2 Using: GCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.6.apk Mi5 LOS 14.1. Portrait mode not taking photos. Debuggings and Tools > camera.gouda.front is checked. No HDR+, Pixel XL (corr) and Default settings.
  12. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Same problem on Mi5 LOS 14.1. Is the app modified for Oreo only?
  13. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Having that problem. Not sure if it's intentional. It's creating a lot of folders and I have to manually move the photos over to the main DCIM/Camera folder. And delete those folders.
  14. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Tried turning on the option. Photo is still upside down and looks ghostly. Example in attached. Edit: Photo attached is sideways. Just take it as the photo is upside down. Edit2: Phone is Mi5.
  15. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Same. On Mi 5 and front portrait results in green photos. But then again, it may be kernel problem reported and fixed (not yet released) on LOS 14.1 thread. And then again, at least the front camera takes photo now. Great job!
  16. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 14.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Anyone facing problem whereby root is lost by Magisk whenever the phone reboots? Which means I have to grant permission again to all those apps when my phone reboots?
  17. frenzyboi

    Post [KERNEL] [LOS 14.1-MiUi 9][HMP-EAS] Nagatobimaru [28 September]

    How do you get such high SOT? I'm using this kernel as well but never really get stats. I'm always down at 3h SOT without any gaming. Just normal Whatsapp, Reddit, browsing usage. Do you think factory resetting the phone will be make things a little better? Edit: I'm on Battery profile as well...
  18. frenzyboi

    Post New Emoji

    Have you tried decompiling them and viewing the assets folder? Try renaming the apk to a .zip file.
  19. frenzyboi

    Post [Recommendations] Stable daily driver ROM for Mi 5

    What settings are you using for your Google Camera? I've been trying a lot of settings but the images all resulted in a lot of noise.
  20. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 14.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Let's say I were to flash N firmware then Lineage. If I wanted to go back to Android 6.0 on MIUI, i do have to flash M firmware then MIUI right?
  21. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 14.1 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Have you tried other third party camera app? Like Open camera.
  22. frenzyboi

    Post Best Android M ROM?

    Any links for MM version? I can only find Android 7.0 version on their sourceforge site. Thanks.
  23. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Double tap to wake should work as well.
  24. frenzyboi

    Post Battery Life Discussion

    Please do so. Would really love to know how you do it.
  25. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Pretty sure it's hardware problem. Tried multiple ROMs from, official global and cm 13. All had low wifi range as compared to other phones that I have at the exact same place in my bedroom.
  26. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][5.0+] DNS66 - Open Source Host/Ad-Blocker without Root

    Yeah, I'm confused as well. According to the app, <string name="welcome_message_hosts"> Define filters based on URL to a host file or the name of a host. \n\nFilter with colors - Allow with green, deny with red, ignore with grey; change with a click. \n\nChange the order...
  27. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Here's the logcat for the SIM card switching off and on repeatedly after airplane mode is turned off
  28. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Got the SIM card 1 restarting over and over again yesterday. Did not manage to get a logcat but managed to fix it. I probably got the problem by turning off Enhanced LTE. 1. Turn on Airplane mode. 2. Turn off Enhanced LTE. 3. Restart phone. 4. Turn off Airplane mode. 5. Turn on Enhanced LTE.
  29. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Nope. I'm not using any third party lockscreen. Stock lockscreen. Anyone else facing the same problem as me?
  30. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Sometimes when unlocking the screen, I have to enter the pin, whereas I can use my fingerprint to unlock sometimes. any reason why?
  31. frenzyboi

    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Xiaomi Mi 5

    Can anyone ELI5 to me about the backup/restore part about efs? Will it affect me if I were to use this to backup my current ROM and restore this backup some other time? Also, why will the IMEI be gone when restoring? Is this version safe, or should I stick to Cofface's? Thanks!
  32. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] CyanogenMod 13.0 for Xiaomi Mi 5

    How's the battery life as compared to MIUI 8?
  33. frenzyboi

    Post [ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices This thread states that Mi 5 is available for root yet opening the app states that the strategy is unavailable. Any reason why?
  34. frenzyboi

    Post Galaxy E7 Getting Android 6.0.1

    I was wrong to assume that my device is getting an update. Apparently it was just a warning dialog that tells me I have to use WiFi if possible. I assumed that it was a new update, but it's not :(
  35. frenzyboi

    Post [Stock 5.1 Update] Lollipop update for Samsung E700H and E700F

    I'm using E700F. Can I flash the Cambodia 's version even though I'm not from Cambodia? Will there be any difference?
  36. frenzyboi

    Post [REQUEST] Need CM12/13 ROMS for Galaxy E7 (SM-E700H/F/M)

    You're only uploading the ROM right? Is any build ready?
  37. frenzyboi

    Post Galaxy E7 Getting Android 6.0.1

    I'm rooted with Kingroot and I'm able to receive updates via the Software Updates menu. Will anything happen if I were to update it? Or do I have to unroot first? Thanksm
  38. frenzyboi

    Post [REQUEST] Need CM12/13 ROMS for Galaxy E7 (SM-E700H/F/M)

    I can't keep my PC up for a week but I do have a server that I can provide to help out with whatever downloads or uploads that you need. Just tell me what do you need it for.
  39. frenzyboi

    Post [ROM] [5.1.x] Unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly Builds (Z00D)

    Finally managed to flash this ROM. Turning on data plan sometime does nothing. I have to restart the phone to turn it on. Any fix for this? Do I have to attach any logs? (Ignore attachment below.)
  40. frenzyboi

    Post [Rom][Stock][LPBl][Borets&amp;FlareXKernel]RussiaNBeaR&amp;RNBApps9.3[Z00A beta 198]-05.03.17

    How exactly can I change the lockscreen wallpaper? It looks like a permanent lockscreen image.
  41. frenzyboi

    Post [Rom][Stock][LPBl][Borets&amp;FlareXKernel]RussiaNBeaR&amp;RNBApps9.3[Z00A beta 198]-05.03.17

    I realized I'm unable to change the lockscreen wallpaper. Only the homescreen wallpaper can be changed. Is this a "feature" in the ROM itself? Like a permanent lockscreen wallpaper based on this ROM? If not, how do I change it? Setting > Display > Lockscreen doesn't seem to work. Thanks!
  42. frenzyboi

    Post [Rom][Stock][LPBl][Borets&amp;FlareXKernel]RussiaNBeaR&amp;RNBApps9.3[Z00A beta 198]-05.03.17

    Is Z00D's version updated to the latest? CHuvaCK21 Title is v5.1, but Z00D's version is v5.0.
  43. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][4.0.3+] QuickEdit Text Editor

    Any plans for cloud integration?
  44. frenzyboi

    Thread [Q] M7 stuck on boot screen

    Few minutes ago, I dropped my phone (with rubber case). Afterwards, I realized that my phone is not receiving notification when screen is locked. So I decided to restart the phone. However, it goes on a bootloop again and again. I tried clear data, reflashing ARHD, restoring my previous backup...
  45. frenzyboi

    Post [APP][1.0]WhatsTracker . WhatsApp Activity Tracker.

    Pretty sure they are using this
  46. frenzyboi

    Post Can't hear or say anything in calls

    Works well for me too! Thanks :)
  47. frenzyboi

    Post [KERNEL] [Nov 26] ElementalX-m7 | 22.4 Sense | 22.4 GPE

    I didn't actually do anything. Just redownloaded the kernel using my phone instead of transferring from PC, and boom, it works. I dont know why it suddenly works either. My steps are: Download on phone Recovery mode Clear cache and dalvik cache Install.
  48. frenzyboi

    Post [KERNEL] [Nov 26] ElementalX-m7 | 22.4 Sense | 22.4 GPE

    Finally managed to install this kernel successfully after weeks. Everything is working well except that Sense 6 toolbox does not detect this kernel in the settings. Putting this aside, what's the best application to tune this kernel instead of manually editing those files?