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    Post Mail App

    I only had a problem with the mail app when using it to access my ISP mail account directly. Since setting up Gmail and forwarding my accounts to there I've had no problems with syncing my mails, contacts, calendar entries, chats etc. Strangely my surface is more reliable for chats than my win8...
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    Post [Q] Lumia 800 Battery life

    I've not done any monitoring but I though I'd throw in my 2 cents too... I have found my device to have a very short battery life when charging off the bundled uk plug adapter..however...if I charge my lumia from a USB socket on my laptop or PVR then I get up to 2 days battery instead of just...
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    Post Just can't say goodbye....

    The HD2 is an amazing phone, I've given away 2 upgrades to friends and am still using my HD2...albeit not on wm6.5. I'm using Android and WP7...for this reason alone it's still, IMO, the best phone available for its versility and power.
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    Mine works fine after renaming the folder to 'Android' and booting. It crashes on first boot then I replaced the data.img with the original and now it works fine for me on MAGLDR
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    This can be fixed, at least for me, by replacing the data.img with the one from the original download...not sure why though. This has to be the smoothest, most bug free, fast build I've ever used on my HD2!! A+!
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    IT doesn't need to be 'included' it works with it anyway :) Download it from here:
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    Can't wait! This is by far the smoothest SD build I've ever used, looking forward to the v6 update.
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    Post [APP] RockClock - FREE Alarm Clock

    Sorry friend but I was forced to discontinue my Windows Mobile development completely. I flashed my HD2 to WP7/Android and haven't got another WM device :( The project became 'open source' though if you can compile it and it can be found here...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    By the date I believe he may be making reference to a New York madman that has predicted the end of the world on May 21st/22nd.
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    I was simply re-iterating what other people have said - DFT have the right to do what they want with THEIR development tools. You'd have to be an idiot not to understand that. And by that you mean?!?... I'm sure DFT would love to hear what you 'realise'
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    Post [Q] WhatsApp for WP7?

    According to the developers of WhatsApp there are no plans to support WP7 until various aspects of the OS are changed/updated. It's to do with the way apps are run on the OS. Because WP7 apps are run in a 'sandbox' style environment WhatsApp cannot access the WP7 built in contacts app etc so...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    Err... NO. There is little to no point asking DFT. As stated MANY, MANY, MANY times previously in this thread - they will release it when THEY are ready and not before. From the looks of the video that was released previously they are currently working on NoDo, Mango and a new MAGLDR. It...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    Guys...PLEASE read the rest of the thread before posing news that has already been written. The magnifying glass is part of the Microsoft 'mango' update for WP7. Just google 'DFT +WP7' find their site in the list and hit translate if you want updates on progress. Apparently they are already...
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    Post Cool Toy, Bro

    I have 2 of these :p (see for some stuff I've done with them). There is already a development thread on with regards to Android control but I am sure that they will apreciate some input from this community too. This is a great 'toy' and the community...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    I am interested in NoDo progress... not speculation. The thread title is about 'NoDo Working' not how DFT got WP7 working in the first place. As a member with 1,184 posts I would have thought you would appreciate the importance of keeping to the subject of a thread. You could always start a...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    IMO this thread should be closed. We are now all aware that 'NoDo' works in the hands of DFT as does 'mango'... we don't need another thread speculating about how development was done, what M$'s plan was etc etc etc etc... ..there are enough of those posts already. There is especially no...
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    Post [CODE] Blockclock - Free Code Giveaway - A Metro Style Alarm Clock for WM6+

    No problem at all. Some of the form layouts can be a little confusing so if you need a hand just yell. Glad that it might be of use to someone. :)
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    Guessing it's the default device name for our HD2's as mine is currently set to the same using their original ROM release.
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    Post [CODE] Blockclock - Free Code Giveaway - A Metro Style Alarm Clock for WM6+

    Glad to see some people may have found this useful! Keep me updated with any developments, it'd be interesting to see if this goes anywhere....I ask for no credit.
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    Post Prevent WP from shutting down when locked

    Mine shuts down too.... but I have a HD2 with WP7 so I wasn't sure if it was a WP thing or a WP+HD2 thing.
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    Post Make your own WP7 APP Online

    Any more updates on this? I checked the site a while back but am at work and it's restricted access here so can't check it.
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    Post [MAR0812] AmeriCanAndroid AOSP HD2 GB2.3.7 CM7.2 | bk2sdext [KERNEL:ACA823]

    The Wireless tether app doesn't work for me and force closes.... BUT tethering works fine if you goto the settings for Wi-Fi and configure and enable wi-fi tethering there. As a shortcut get 'WiFi hotspot Settings' shortcut from the market. It's part of the OS so no need for other apps...
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    Thread [CODE] Blockclock - Free Code Giveaway - A Metro Style Alarm Clock for WM6+

    A lot of people I spoke to whilst leaning programming didn't want to help with the Visual Basic side of things and started moaning about me not using C# - but that was my choice to make. So I make this post with similar minded people in mind - maybe there is someone else out there that doesn't...
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    Post [08/08][ROM] blackSideSeven v1.13.7401 NoDo

    Not my ROM but the simple answer is NO. Reading the FAQ's for ALL other WP7 ROMS would have answered this for you. The key cannot be remapped because you wouldn't have a hardware camera button at all and it's a device requirement for WP7.
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    Post [REF] HD2 WP7 STICKIES | USEFUL INFO | POSTING RULES - Read Before Posting

    Any chance we can condense the 'activation code' and 'chevron' threads into their own sub-forums or even a wiki? Trailing through the forums has become a little tedious from all the duplicate, reworded, posts. Surely it would be better to have a wiki or single accurate thread for each with...
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    Post Good Bye HD2

    Shame... I had an X10 for about a week before I got rid for the HD2 (my second HD2) ... The X10 has a few 'quirks' of it's own but nothing reflashing can't fix.
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    Post [XAP] SHCameraApp - alternative camera for WP7. version 0.6.3 (Mango support)

    Not true....You can do it manually if the shutter bothers you, using TouchXplorer (provided your device is Chevron unlocked). I was actually replying to your 'Post 1' (which is what I quoted) as I know that you could rename files etc programmatically in the old Windows Mobile - what I was...
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    Post [XAP] SHCameraApp - alternative camera for WP7. version 0.6.3 (Mango support)

    I have no clue when it comes to the actual coding but as a tempoary fix couldn't you just rename the 'shutter.wav' file in the windows folder to something else programatically...if this file is deleted or renamed the shutter doesn't sound?
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    Post Make your own WP7 APP Online

    had a bit of a play with this earlier and it actually works quite well for a beta. Would love to see the ability to return to a previous project and edit it, and some more customisation options, but hopefully that would come in the future.
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    Post is wp7 boring

    Found it boring at first but once you actually get involved with some of the non stock apps then it gets interesting. I much prefer the way the UI works to Android although, as others have said, more customisation would be good. Am now dual booting WP7 with Android (mainly for Wi-Fi tethering)...
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    Post WP7 Battery Drainage Vs. Radio Rom

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic but it's just something I experienced that might be found useful....or I may have a freaky battery ;) Could the problem with the battery drainage could be related to the battery state when WP7 was installed? I installed it on my device when the battery was...
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    Post WP7 slower and slower

    I had this 2 days after installing it on my HD2 but it sorted itself out by the next day and I've now been running it since release with very few issues. Camera works great since changing the language to English (US) and getting the extra options. Also, it seems that the problem with the...
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    Post [Q] What does Chevron and other stuff do?

    Yes, you need to do the other stuff so that the market sees your phone as a HD7 rather than a LEO(HD2).
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    Post A way to stream from PC to WP7 device?

    VLC PLay is available on the zune marketplace and uses VLC on pc as a host.
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    Post [ROM] Official DFT Green Mango with five language [Download Inside]

    I'm sorry to say that that might have been a bad move... with your real IMEI they can block your phone forever. Hopefully they won't though, they probably already have a fair few fake ones to go though.
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    Post [ROM] Official DFT Green Mango with five language [Download Inside]

    - ...err... ty pressing the 'home key' for search in contacts etc....doesn't work in all apps though. - There is also a proper messenger app but MS have said they they didn't develop it but its on the marketplace (there's info in another thread). - Copy and paste is coming in the next update...
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    Post [Q] [DEBATE] Why is MS issuing the activation codes?

    A 'carphone warehouse' insider has informed me that they recieved a bulliten stating that some batches of HTC phones were shipped prior to being activated by MS. MS apparently have a list of new activation numbers for these handsets but may not have a record of any IMEI numbers etc (he wasn't...
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    Post UK ACTIVATION by phone help

    This is kind of the point! Each WP7 'authentic' device has a certificate on it to make it 'authentic', if a device is not manufactured with WP7 on it as standard or is distributed by an OEM before the certs are registered with MS then there is no certificate for it....which is why it asks for...
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    Hold down on the right hand side of the home screen for the menu...there's an exit option there.
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    love it!!! thanks for the update. :)
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    If you get desperate you could try this: - Reinstall the sdkcerts cab file - Reinstall .NET 3.5 - Then if the error still occurs try installing this - sqlce.wce5.armv4i.CAB I used to see this error when I was developing my alarm clock app. The linked CAB will provide your device with the...
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    No problem at all! Looking forward to the next release.
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    Yeah...that is a problem I haven't yet found a way around. Really a question for Jaxbot I'm afraid.
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    Easy... 1) Install s2u2 and configure your settings (bearing in mind most won't work) 2) Run s2u2's ilock.exe program to turn off s2u2 3) Rename s2u2.exe in the s2u2 program folder to something else 4) Install Jaxbots lockscreen and copy the exe to the s2u2 folder - name it s2u2.exe 5) Run...
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    Post [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    This is by far the best UI I've come accross so far. Love the customisation options and the fact it's a standalone app unlike LeSScros 'theme' (can't stand WAD2 etc). This runs much faster and smoother than Jaxbots theme and this has far more options, although I am missing the animated tiles...
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    Post WP7 features (or lack there of)

    VLC on the iPad supports transfering files from your PC through iTunes to watch you normal video files without converting them. You should also look at 'USB Disk for iPad' (also an Apple approved app on the appstore - and FREE) which allows transferring anything to the iPad via iTunes. All I...
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    Post WP7 features (or lack there of)

    I would say this is probably down to developers. iTunes for idevices does allow transfering of files, just not file system access. For example: programs like VLC...BUT vlc had to be approved by Apple and Apple allowed direct file transfering via iTunes. This will probably come from MS with...
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    Post WP7 features (or lack there of)

    I can't believe that this arguement is still going. We had all of this when they first announced WP7. Have people not done their research?!?!? It sounds to me like you're all expecting too much from an OS designed FOR THE MASSES not people as technical as us. Windows Embedded Compact (7) was...
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    Post Marketplace paid apps 100% free

    Stinks of Warez ...not that I'm adverse to a little warez but there is a place to distribute these links and it 'aint here! Especially since it dubs itself the 'installous' for android. For those not in the know 'Installous' WAS an app for installing cracked games/apps etc on jailbroken 'i'...
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    Post Is it me or does Windows 7 look cr*p?

    Couldn't agree more... also theres a lot of cr*p coming from people that have not done their research. WP7 is an OS for the masses....not the techy among us (me included) but Windows Embedded Handheld (or Compact) IS. Enterprise will have access to the features of WP7 (apart from Xbox live...