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    Thread Finally got EMUI10

    About dang time..
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    Thread Bluetooth turns off when screenlocks

    Hi guys Does anyone know how to fix this? My Bluetooth turns off 3secs after the screen locks. At first I thought it was the app but I have it manually managed and enabled. This doesnt seem to be the issue as it has still happening. Last night when I had it casted to my Google Home to play...
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    Thread Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)

    Found this thread here, all credit goes to poster. Go to thread for more detailed info. I have not tried this yet but tempted. Anyone who tried please let us know if its working for you For this...
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    Thread Problems taking photos at night with Christmas lights

    Anyone know how to fix this? Wanted to get some nice christmas lights shots but its been acting like this all weird. I use the normal Photo mode with AND without AI mode and results are similar. It has this weird glowing effect.
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    Thread P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

    Has anyone got the update
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    Thread Anyone knows of any Metal framed bumper case?

    If anyone does, please let me know.. Not looking for the ones with the plastic backing on.. pure metal bumper only...
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    Thread Trouble playing recorded videos in Gallery App

    Anyone has issues? Im on .152 would this be the cause? Anyone else on .152 experiencing this? I downloaded a few camera apps and same thing.. finally I download Google Photos and I can play the videos...
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    Thread Anyony got their P20 Pro successfully rooted?

    I tried and it didn't pass Safetynet, something wrong with ctsprofile:false thus I couldn't use Google Pay and other features. Relocked my bootloader to back to and I lost the lastest update .151 and eRecovery downloaded and installed .130... that sucks If anyone who got their phone root and...
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    Thread Updated firmware but something wrong

    I updated via the HuRUpdater method. Downloaded the latest one for my deivce CLT-L29C636B151, I was on .130 before Everything went ok, I rooted with Magisk. Went to check the build number and it says im still on but the Security Patch is August 1, 2018. Im pretty sure before I...
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    Thread [Q] Slow-Mo recording on the fly???

    Is there any to record Slo-Mo while your recording normal video? Lets say Im recording someone running for a layup in basketball and the moment he jumps up, to activate the Slo-Mo.
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    Thread [HOW TO] Remove OEM Bloatware From S7/S7Edge

    This is a handy way if you do not want to buy an app from the store, like BK Disabler. Prerequisites ADB Your phone How To Connect phone to computer Download Package List Open Package List and find an app ID you want to uninstall Open Command Prompt or Power Shell and Type these commands adb...
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    Thread What is the latest firmware?

    I havent really used my watch in about 6-8months now. Decided to pair it to my phone for laughs and giggles. Went to settings to see if there was any updates but nothing. The current build is MEC231 - Android 6.0.1 Is this what everyone else has? Thanks
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition icon pack

    Can anyone find the icon pack from the Olympic Edition or tell me how to get it from the theme?
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    Thread Bad battery life with new update

    the drain is horrible.. anyone know whats up... everything stock, non root barely used it...
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    Thread RhinoShield

    Been waiting ages for them to release rhinoshield for the edge... they have it for the non edge... im thinking maybe I should have gotten the non edge.. lol... Their making a set for the Pixel and Pixel XL... why no edge.. Anyone contacted them yet?
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    Thread Wifi network issue

    So Im at a hotel using the wifi.. Went through the web sign page and I chose the cheapest wifi package but found it slow... so I decided to go with the faster one.. I long pressed and "forget the network" , when I reconnect to it, it doesn't give me the option to resign-in.. anyone know how to...
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    Thread Which full body protector is better?

    Bodyguardz Skinomi TechSkin IQ Shield ArmorSuit Anyone have reviews or feedback or any others? Looking for full body which also covers the metal frame. Thanks
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    Thread Guides on how to make themes?

    Anyone have any guides or links for me to learn how to theme for the S7? Thanks
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    Thread [REQ] Dark Color Theme

    Im looking for a theme thats similar to this theme Colors Dark Basically a Black out theme but with colored icons/notifications, etc
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    Thread Need root to access obb folder?

    As title states, to access the obb folder, do I need to be rooted?
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    Thread How to use Odin?

    Just want to know how to use Odin.. I downloaded the files for my phone and theres a bunch of files AP_G935W8VLU1APD3_CL7697308_QB9172137_REV00_user_low_ship.tar BL_G935W8VLU1APD3_CL7697308_QB9172137_REV00_user_low_ship.tar CP_G935W8VLU1APD3_CL7697308_QB9172137_REV00_user_low_ship.tar...
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    Thread Re-flash stock firmware

    If I wanted to reflash stock factory firmware, do I need to be rooted? I need odin? is this the correct official odin page
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    Thread how to remove clock from status bar

    Anyone know how to remove clock from status bar or the battery icon without installed apps?
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    Thread Re-flash stock factory rom question

    So when I bought my phone at the Samsung Store, the rep put in a sim card from my carrier and it installed all the bloatware. I was thinking if its possible to reflash the factory stock firmware to remove all these bloatware is possible? I can not uninstall these apps using the playstore...
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    Thread MircoUSB to Ethernet support?

    Does our device support this without root?
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    Thread Samsung Wireless Battery case vs Mophie Juice Pack Or Original Samsung one? Anyone have solid reviews?
  27. gd6noob

    Thread Galaxy S7 Edge on back?

    I noticed some phones have the "Galaxy S7 Edge" printed on the back of the phone and some do not.. Like the one from Android Authority Mine does not... Whats going on?
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    Thread All Canadian S7 Edge owners, does the phone support CA for koodo?

    Hi peeps... a Proud new owner of my first Samsung phone.. Im a Nexus owner, owned a 4, 5 and 6P My first question is does this phone support Carrier Aggregation in Canada, more specifically, for Telus/Koodo... Thanks
  29. gd6noob

    Thread Help... Lost/Stolen 6p

    So I was down in Cancun, Mexico and my phone is either lost or stolen... Its got fingerprint and pin code.... unfortunately, I can not track it as I didnt get local sim with data and its been put into Airplane and Battery Save mode... I tried to locate it in hopes someone crack the pin and...
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    Thread Google Camera?

    Can anyone else find the google camera in the playstore? I tried through android and on my pc at home and cant find it.. Did google remove it? I really like it.. The only way for me to download it is to go to apkmirror to download it...
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    Thread Android N, rooting and twrp question

    So, to get Android N beta, one must have a completely stock phone.. After installed N Beta, I suppose TWRP would still work... Chainfire released a new update for root on N beta.. If I installed TWRP and root my phone, will I still get updates via OTA?
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    Thread Are all custom roms slowly dying?

    I notice quite a lot of rom threads are being closed... only a few are being updates while lots were lasted update near the beginning of the month...
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    Thread Doest 6.0.1 support mp3 songs for Alarm?

    Before on Lollipop, I remember that I can set mp3 songs as my alarm wakeup on the stock alarm clock.. Just place the mp3 files inside the "Alarms" folder. Now on 6.0, the stock android alarm doesnt pick up any mp3 songs... I rather not use any 3rd part apps, does anyone know how to get this to work?
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    Thread Anyone know a good Lockscreen for Weather / Clock widget?

    Looking for a good one. Im currently using Weather & Clock Widget but doesnt support lockscreen... anyone know of a good one.
  35. gd6noob

    Thread Titanium Backup restoring apps stuck at 0%

    Rom: Cataclysm Kernel: AK SuperSu 2.65 I read that supersu migh be causing issues if the binary files are outdated.. Anyone having issues?
  36. gd6noob

    Thread Will anyone sell their current 6P for the Special Edition?

    With Google only announcing the Gold color for Korean market, I wasnt happy because I wanted it, but I went ahead and purchased the frost white. Now stupid Google is going to bring it over to NA... WHY GOOGLE Im debating to get it or not.. I know its the same phone.. gold is too bling bling...
  37. gd6noob

    Thread Root Explorer cant read USB drive

    So I bought a Kingston DT MicroDuo drive Works great when im flashing my roms and stuff, TWRP picks it up no problem. I then loaded some files to install after flashing my rom.. Root explorer doesnt read it.. I gave it root permission.. but cant find it.. Normally I go gack until in at the...
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    Thread Possible to use keyboard dock for hand writing?

    As title states, is this possible to use the track pad for hand writing gesture?
  39. gd6noob

    Thread Best Call Recorder for marshmellow

    just curious what everyone uses, if they use one and if they work on our devices
  40. gd6noob

    Thread Issue with TWRP

    Anyone know why this error is showing up when I use the "Format" function?
  41. gd6noob

    Thread Hot Off the press... Benson Leung test OnePlus type C cable and disapproves

    The famous Google Engineer test OnePlus's USB Type C cable and does not approve this cable to use with any of googles latest devices 5X, 6P and Pixel Just a heads...
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    Thread Youtube always HD?

    Since our screens are 1440p, anyone know how to force 1440p or even 1080p automatically to autostart??? Thanks
  43. gd6noob

    Thread Can not extract factory google images

    I was following Heisenberg's guide "How To Flash The Factory Images (And Return To Stock)" and it said to extract the factory images but I always get an error from Winrar and 7zip. I downloaded many times from google page. Anyone know whats up? Also, if I just do: fastboot flash boot...
  44. gd6noob

    Thread TWRP issues

    Anyone have issue with TWRP not erasing/flashing roms properly.. I have a dark theme installed Domination Theme with the extras (MMS, contacts, etc) and i did a very clean install, normally I go Wipe > Advanced and select all partitions and format it. After flashing another rom, I noticed some...
  45. gd6noob

    Thread Doze feature

    Is this auto or do i turn it on inside settings? I looked everywhere for it and can not find it
  46. gd6noob

    Thread Carrier Aggregation, needs to be enabled?

    Nexus 6P supports Carrier Aggregation, does it need to be turn on or is it auto config?
  47. gd6noob

    Thread Hangouts picture quality

    Not sure if its just me or not.. but when I send any pictures, the images look so bad... Im using Sultanxda Unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 with CAF 3.4.0 kernel, not sure if its rom or app issue... Anyone else can confirm?
  48. gd6noob

    Thread Will Note 3/4/5 roms work on this device?

    Just curious if anyone knows if the stock Note 3/4 or 5 roms will work on our devices?
  49. gd6noob

    Thread Factory Rom?

    I have the Telus version if that matters Im looking for the stock Samsung Factory rom, didnt seem to see it..
  50. gd6noob

    Thread Correct device?

    So I just received a free Note and not sure if this is the right section. I would like to root this device This is the info