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  1. apprentice

    Post Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global) vs. Note 9 Pro (Indian) vs. Note 9 Pro Max (Indian)

    Xiaomi are spectacularly good at totally unconventional naming of their products. I found a great YouTube video that does a good job of revealing just how confusing it all is here:
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    Post One UI home battery drain

    Thanks for link. It's weird though, as the app made by Policedeveloper on the Play Store has the same UI and same name, they also use identical screenshots with an old Samsung phone model! I wonder if they are the same developer or one has copied the other. I was using the one on the Play...
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    Post google assistant in unfolded mode won't make calls

    Yes, I have "Show More Content" enabled and as stated I have no issues making the call on the inner screen. (I am also based in the UK)
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    Post NewPipe For YouTube

    . This is a great player, I like how you can set the screen zoom and playback speed, also the on-screen volume and brightness. I think you should have posted this on the "THEMES, APPS, AND MODS" section though, but thanks for sharing all the same! .
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    Yeah I watched this video the other day, she's very clued up on screen performance in all her reviews. She does a very detailed analysis of the Z Fold 2 screen and she does endorse removal of the protector. Regarding your point about how smooth the...
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    Post One UI home battery drain

    Thanks for sharing your tips here. Which app are you referring to? Is it Package Disabler Pro? Searching "PD MDM" brings up a whole load of different PD apps on the Play Store. ~
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    Post google assistant in unfolded mode won't make calls

    ~ Just tried on mine, no issue at all, GA makes calls on both screens. ~
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    Post Crease imperfection

    ~ I feel like I am missing out!! No bumps on my screen at all, smooth all the way down. ~
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    Post UK Case thread

    ~ That's disappointing for you, can you send it back??? The images you posted show a case that's identical to those sold by various Chinese sellers all over eBay, in fact I bought a similar one for just £6 and to be fair although the back is fake leather, it looks quite convincing and has a...
  10. apprentice

    Post Fingerprint sensor - anyone else finding it extremely bad?

    .. I am not sure they could have placed it anywhere else. An in-screen one on the front wouldn't be helpful when you are using the inner screen, and one on the back would be very awkward with the phone open, especially as the inner screen is probably used equally in both portrait and...
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    ~ I believe this is because some people might be tempted to use some sort of tool to initially pry the protector away (or a sharp fingernail) and obviously the unprotected screen is still easy to dent or scratch. But using a piece of paper around the camera cut-out is quick and easy. ~
  12. apprentice

    Post Annoying notification

    ~ Yes it's easy! Just go into the phone's notification settings, look for the notification "Galaxy Watch3 Plugin" then find "Device disconnected" and tap "silent" or just disable the notification completely. Hope that helps. ~
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    Post UK Case thread

    ~ Regarding the Araree case, I guess that's unavoidable, it has to wrap around the hinge. It's one of the reasons I bought this case, as I also wanted to protect the hinge. The overhang doesn't bother me, I sometimes fold it right back. The way I use this case is only for when I leave the...
  14. apprentice

    Post Chrome shows web pages as desktop tabs when unfolded but I want the old look back

    Ah ok, I think I might have misunderstood what your problem is. You could install Good Lock, and one of the modules MultiStar has some settings in there that you could mess around with (Also check the "I love Galaxy Foldable" section there too) ~
  15. apprentice

    Post Anyone able to change the default video player in Gallery to something else like VLC.

    Doesn't look like it's possible. The Gallery app is so bonded to the camera app it's probably like that for a reason. Personally I don't use Samsung Gallery as a standalone app, there are far better and more powerful apps out there. I use F-Stop for all my media content.
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    ~ Don't accuse people of lying based on your solitary experience. If anything I am accusing you of lying, because the screen protector is made of a material similar to vinyl, it's malleable and therefore offers a degree of resistance when touched. So no way is that the same as the hard plastic...
  17. apprentice

    Post Android 11 for Fold 2

    It's simply because the S20 series phones have the largest user base, so it makes sense to target them for the best possible and consistent bug reporting. Samsung users don't really see the huge benefits of each iteration of Android, because generally new features have already appeared within...
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    Post Chrome shows web pages as desktop tabs when unfolded but I want the old look back

    ~ Go to Chrome settings > accessibility > disable simplify tab view ~
  19. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    Thanks for the info. I am pleased with the case though, it certainly doesn't look cheap and is well made. I am not bothered about it being made of a synthetic material, as I believe it to be very durable. Please update us on how the cheap clone one compares. ~
  20. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    Yeah, it seems that they are finally beginning to trickle through, although there's still a couple of weeks delivery date. One thing that bothers me ...the cases all seem to have that thick bezel for the cover screen section. I get that it's to protect the screen but it prevents you from...
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    Post UK Case thread

    They are described as leather and Araree is a reputable brand. But you may be correct. Either way it's a very well made case and affordable. No one has time to wait weeks and weeks for a case for this arguably delicate phone. Whilst the cases you link to look very good, there are no clear...
  22. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    Yeah, I had looked on various other sites for this case including Amazon but as another said, some of the delivery times were weeks ahead. Most likely because these are hand made in S.Korea. I guess I paid a premium, but like many, I was desperate for a decent case. I did get a 10% NHS discount...
  23. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    Finally! My Araree Bonnet case/cover arrived and I am very pleased with it. Good quality leather that protects the screen as well as the rear. Phone fits perfectly and it feels good all round. Access to inner screen is great and is easy to open/close. Works happily on my wireless charger...
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    Post Samsung Keyboard - Emoji Icon Disappears

    ~ When you start typing it brings up suggested words. To get the emojis and other keyboard functions just tap the little arrow < on the left of the keyboard! ~
  25. apprentice

    Post Widgets Issue : Front small screen

    ~ Are you using a third party launcher?? I am using Nova Launcher and haven't had an issues at all with home pages or widgets. ~
  26. apprentice

    Post Front Screen Button Order Edit option missing

    . It's available in the main screen, which applies any changes to both. Unless you're expecting to have different layouts for each screen, which isn't possible and probably for good reason. . EDIT: Oops I didn't read your entire message and I now see what you mean. But I don't see any real...
  27. apprentice

    Post Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Indian Thread

    ~ Well it IS a PLASTIC layer on top! Until advanced technology can come up with a full tempered, scratch resistant, foldable glass laminate top layer, Ultimately the scratch score will be low. You have to remember that plastic scratches at a level 2, no way round that right now. ~
  28. apprentice

    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    ~ I understand what you are saying but the original Fold did not have this factory fitted screen protector. I read a lot of people's experiences with that device, stating that the screen is more durable than first anticipated and no real reports of extensive problems relating to scratches over...
  29. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    ~ Yeah, you're absolutely right, the premium cases for this (very expensive) phone, are almost impossible to source, and when you eventually find one they are over-inflated prices. Trouble is sellers know that desperate consumers (who possibly have more cash than your average consumer) will...
  30. apprentice

    Post Proximity Sensor Location/Issues

    Certainly seems like a conflict with the Google phone app. The gesture settings are OneUI features so they are unlikely to work with a different dialer. .
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    Post stock screen protector

    I removed the inner screen protector: 1. It was easy (just used a piece of paper to lift protector near camera hole). Peeled off like any other protector. 2. It no longer feels like a sticky rubbery screen, it feels like glass. 3. Fingerprints are no longer the big issue. It obviously has an...
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    Post UK Case thread

    Update: One of the cases arrived today, just a hard clear back cover: It fits perfectly and will protect the back...
  33. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    ~ So I ordered a cheap case off eBay whilst I wait several weeks for a much better one. Supposed to arrive this week. Of course on eBay, "UK STOCK" posted by Royal Mail that takes over a week to arrive means only one thing of course... they are being sent from China. Which I mostly expected when...
  34. apprentice

    Post small noise when closing the fold

    . Me too. Night and day difference! .
  35. apprentice

    Post Proximity Sensor Location/Issues

    . I just tried it myself and turning over the phone definitely muted the incoming call (with the phone open or closed) Also the palm gesture worked (cover screen only) but that was slightly more difficult as you really have to cover the whole screen for a couple of seconds. I also used...
  36. apprentice

    Post What 3rd party keyboard are you using?

    I tried a few different ones but ended up back with the Samsung one. I spent some time getting to know the various settings and now I think I am happy with it. There's a big update coming in the next couple of weeks for the keyboard: xAIiaXpO4so It may help your situation. .
  37. apprentice

    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    I bit the bullet and removed the screen protector from the inside screen. It was extremely easy, I just used a sheet of paper to gently pull away from the camera cutout enough to grasp it and pull off as easily as any other protector. I can confirm the screen feels fantastic now, instead of a...
  38. apprentice

    Post Outside/Front Screen - Protective Cover - Remove?

    I bit the bullet and removed the screen protector from the inside screen. It was extremely easy, I just used a sheet of paper to gently pull away from the camera cutout enough to grasp it and pull off as easily as any other protector. I can confirm the screen feels fantastic now, instead of a...
  39. apprentice

    Post Additional Edge Panels?

    I have to say, the built in edge panel for Smart Select is welcome! This was one S-Pen feature I missed on my Note 20 .
  40. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    . Good to know about this. The one you bought is not the same one I was looking at but similar: It's cheap but it's better than nothing, I just ordered it now, because I really need something to protect this phone until something more premium comes...
  41. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    Do you have a link? I think it might be one I was considering while I wait for the one from MobileFun. .
  42. apprentice

    Post UK Case thread

    I think Samsung are charging way too much for the leather one, I bet they deliberately priced it so high because the people likely to buy this phone have a bit more cash to splash. Or that they know the cases are in short supply. I bought the official leather case for my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra...
  43. apprentice

    Thread UK Case thread

    Thought I would start a new 'case thread' for the Z Fold 2, as the current one in this forum is very US orientated and the cases discussed there - are simply not available in the UK right now. I will kick this off though with a high level of frustration, that this is the hardest phone to get a...
  44. apprentice

    Post stock screen protector

    ~ So does the actual screen have an oleophobic coating? Also does anyone know if this affects the 'discounted screen replacement in first year' benefit? ~
  45. apprentice

    Post What's the best solution for transferring data from a note 10 plus

    It doesn't work with all apps, but that's a limitation of the app, not Smart Switch. This is mainly apps that have a level of security like banking apps or are password protected. But even if just 50% of your apps transferred their data over, that's a fair few apps you don't have to set up...
  46. apprentice

    Post Post (both of) your home screens

    I like my wallpaper so much I kept the theme the same for both screens! I don't like clutter, less is more for me. ~
  47. apprentice

    Post Can't transfer certain Mp3 to galaxy watch 3 from Fold 2

    What size are the MP3's? Are the ones getting stuck much different regarding their size?? Are the MP3 files all stored in the same place on the phone? Check permissions are all ticked for Galaxy Wearable, Galaxy Watch Plugin on the phone On the watch Settings/Apps/Permissions turn on all for...