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    Thread OPO DEAD

    just flash stock 44S: and in one of the "reboot bootloader" commands, its just won't reboot and now its dead. help? Thanks :)
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    Thread How much amps the nexus 6 charging?

    Any information? thanks!
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    Thread 1080p - 60fps

    There is a way to capture videos at 1080P in 60FPS NOT in slow motion and with sound? Thanks!!
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    Thread roaming in status bar

    HI! How do I enable roaming sign in the status bar? Thanks!
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    Thread /sdcard empty, can't write on it nothing overall

    Hey. I have tried all of what i know, and i didn't get to a solution. I can't do anything, for example take pictures or backing up whatsapp. and if i try to download somthing via chrome it says "No sd card" HELP?
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    Thread SHV E330S - Android 4.3?

    Did it came out? Tanks! :)