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    Post [GSI][PIE:r47][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 2.9 [arm64-a/ab,arm,arm32binder64][updt:2019-09-14]

    man u rockssssssssssss , ty in advance btw, that encryption in twrp after installing it , still occurs ..i was googling it and came out with a flashable zip ( solution so that it dont get encrypted anymore... should i upload it here, so that u can have a look...
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    Post [GSI][PIE:r47][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 2.9 [arm64-a/ab,arm,arm32binder64][updt:2019-09-14]

    remove phhsu pls while executing "adb shell su 0 /system/bin/" it shows permission denied.... can u pls remove phhsu from this rom? i think that is the reason why we are getting "google certification error" in the first place.. as it overrides some values of device properties...
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    Post [GSI][PIE:r47][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 2.9 [arm64-a/ab,arm,arm32binder64][updt:2019-09-14]

    "DEVICE is not play protect certified" what to do? using latest havoc gsi and mimix2 as base rom
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    Post [GSI][PIE:r47][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 2.9 [arm64-a/ab,arm,arm32binder64][updt:2019-09-14]

    is this encryption error normal? like internal storage gets encrypted after its installation ? or it is just me who is facing this?
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    Post [GSI][PIE:r47][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 2.9 [arm64-a/ab,arm,arm32binder64][updt:2019-09-14]

    encryption error in twrp after flashing this gsi on my redmi 7 (onclite) ... everything works good and smooth but, whenever i reboot back to twrp (LR)... it shows encryption error to internal storage... any idea how to fix this? or can someone provide me the password to decrypt this in twrp?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0.0][onc] LineageOS 16.0

    big thanks to this guy for providing us this rom.. thank u ..appreciate it veri much,... just some little bugs like wifi and sd card .. when is next update coming? waiting for it.. <3
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    Post ONC (redmi 7) base rom (miuimix_9.0)+ (GSI) Pixel dust 9.0

    cant disable tap on fingerprint sensor this same problem is happening to me, can't disable tap on fingerprint at all ..any solution?
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    Post [ROM]-[19.07.01]-Havoc-OS-2.6-[9.0]-[Unofficial]

    bug fixes pls? atleast the audio jack fix pls ?.. i want to try my very first custom rom....pls help? the only custom rom available for redmi 7 sadly ..( aware of miuimix but not interested )... pls help fixing that bug with audio jack?