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    Post Help with flashtool

    You might try to connect the powered-off phone to a computer. Sometimes it will randomly enter flashmode "just because". You might then also try force-rebooting (vol+ and PWR).
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    Post Hardbrick

    If it shows the SONY splash then you're most likely fine. Try holding vol+ and PWR until the logo disappears, then keep pressing vol+ but release PWR. You should be in fastboot then. If that doesn't work, leave it connected to a wall charger for some time and try again.
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    Post 120hz???

    You can recompile the kernel (or even the devicetree, really) and move the "qcom,mdss-dsi-timing-default;" from 1080p60 to 1080p120 node.
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    Post Charging speed

    The bundled charger is quite slow, but when connecting to a QC powerbank/charger it charges at a respectable rate. It's no 100 watt, but it doesn't remind you of 2013 either.
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    Post How do I relock the bootloader and update to the latest software?

    If you didn't back up your TA partition, you can NOT unlock, as the previous poster said, trying to flash one from a different device will irrecoverably brick your one. You can flash stock with Flashtool (the one by Androxyde, not Sony Flash Tool, they are different) though. While at it, you...
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    Post Amd Ryzen info !!! You can't do anything with this platform.

    If you guys still have issues, you might as well try to make a live USB of Ubuntu (or some other Linux distro), boot it (don't worry, it will not overwrite your existing install unless you explicitly tell it to do so) and use adb/fastboot from there.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10.0][Dipper] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2020/09/21]

    Is the Q branch going to receive security updates after all cool kids switch to R?
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    Post Screen flickering problem

    Not 100% sure what the issue really was, as the OP has deleted the video, but reading the description, my Mi 8 has had a similar case. I just ended up RMAing it and the phone got replaced with a new one.
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    Post Do you want a KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) enabled kernel for your Android phone/tab?

    It's not simply a matter of enabling the KVM support in kernel. The vendor has to enable virtualization capabilities for the SoC in the firmware. On most (if not all) mobile platforms this will be disabled. Although there have been exploits that enable you to overcome that and they have been...
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    Post [Benchmarks] File System Performance: F2FS vs EXT4

    Seems like it indeed brings difference. Too bad it hasn't been deployed by default on the stock rom which would most likely considerably improve the UX out of the box.