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    Thread [request] qslide

  2. daisymone

    Thread Hello

    So I have an att gs3 with Tmobile service. I have unlocked the phone my self. Where the problem lies is I can't get it to root. I've tried it on windows with Odin didn't work. I've tried it on my Mac with heimdall didn't work. My kies on my Mac will read the phone and let it connect but aft...
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    Thread [Q] IWNN IME UPdate

    HELLO so we all know that we have iwnn on our nexus 4's my question is is there a way to update the keyboard ?:good: for example i have some blank squares, but if i tap on them they dont show up until i send them. like is the keyboard updated in some kind of way that the emojis stay current?
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    Thread [Q] 2 screen?

    My question is: Is there a way to have two things running on the screen at the same time like the s note2. granted i know the screen is not the same size but i do think it is big enough to have the function. and if so how ca it be done????
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    Thread [Q] Camera 4.1

    is there a way that no matter what how i hold the phone the picture will still come out the right way up. so when i put it on a different site and it doesnt have the option to rotate i wont have to worry about it because it is upright. like if you see in my profile pic to the left its sideways...
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    Thread New Sgh T989

    Hello.. I have a New sg2 my second one. I want to root it right now but leave it on stock. How do i do that with my mac? I Dont have a pc. Sent from my SGH-T989 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Emoji Color

    I wanted to know will it ever be possible to see emoji in color? Like I know they said it wouldn't never be on android and that's wrong cause I have it and use but they are not in color. Kinda kills the effect in some cases. But any ways would love to know some answers to this. Sent from my...
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    Thread What's next

    So after 4.2 what will be the next big thing for android... I truly think there should be a an android store just like there is an apple store every where. Sitting here looking at all the different ROMs for androids. Just what will Google do next.... exciting Sent from my SGH-T989 using xda premium
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    Thread Galaxy sbean

    Great ROM..... the dev is awesome..... responsive..... smooth Jb ROM.... the best I've flashed..... everything major is ruining great. Cameras, recording, gnow, gnow voice.... etc. Themed and new 4.2 keyboard. A attached screen shot of the ROM page... hopefully you can read my font.... I like it...
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    Thread Extended Battery

    Im using the qcell extended battery and its great last me a day and a half. And Im always one phone. Between emails from work. On xda ...and watchin netflix. It still does good. For the longest i was looking for a case to fit it. If u dont mind the phone being a ill big then zcell. By laza has...
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    Thread CWM

    Hey everyone the new CWM is freezing in me wont work correctly please. help Sent from my SGH-T989D using xda premium
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    Thread [q] clockmodwork not working

    Sg2 tmobile freezing
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    Thread [Q] help!!!

    first that 10 post shyt is stupid... but ne who im trying to flash a different rom and while i was trying to wipedata nd factory reset CMW kept freezing and not working correctly. so how do i solve that issue. i have the samsung galxay s 2 tmobile. currently on a custom rom im not feeling to much
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    Thread Rooted but on a stock rom ics

    How do i take touchwiz off as the stock launcher and make apex my system launcher. I did remove it the first time but it started to act up and the phone actd up and i had to wipe and restore the phone.. So is there away to do this safely with now problems ??????