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  1. Dovanchuc7521

    Thread [ROM] [10] [RC] [SecureFolder]Galaxy Note9 [N960F/DS/N] SUPERSTABLE ROM UI2.5 V14 (20/02/2021)

    Support Galaxy Note9 Stock Kernel Base on Android Pi-e 9.0/ Q 10.0 Stock - Odex Multi CSC: (XXV default) Add Magisk Root thank @topjohnwu Add busybox, thank @osm0sis Thanks @superR for Kitchen Thanks @Grouxho for Rom Control and Mods Thanks @sac23 for some suggestions And thank all member of...
  2. Dovanchuc7521

    Thread [ROM] [7.0] [G93XX] PrimeStable V8.3 for Samsung Galaxy S7/S7edge

    Base on Nougat 7. Stock - Deodex Light litte CSC: multi CSC Root with SUPERSU, thank Chainfire Add busybox, thank osm0sis Thanks ASSAYYED for Tool Support air message Support block call and SMS Mod SMS unlimit character Build.prop tweaks Features tweaks Multi Users Enable Real-time network speed...