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    Thread Battery health help

    I tested my battery health with phone info app(the app made for Samsung if I’m right) and it said my battery health was 71% and I do have bad battery life and changing the battery is not an option for me. So can somebody suggest some options for me to get better battery life without changing the...
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    Thread Battery health help

    I want to know the EXACT battery capacity(as in battery health) left in my s7 edge battery.unrooted stock nougat. Don't at all mind if computer is needed.Help?
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    Thread Help!Odin flashing question

    Sorry but a long one so pls bear with me. I just flashed a S7 edge nougat stock rom via Odin by flashing just AP and have been using it for a day and have some apps installed and debugging enabled on it.if I flash an Oreo stock rom with Odin with BL . CP . HOME CSC and AP .(emphasis on HOME...