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    Thread Enable Always on display Not my work. I'm just going to leave this here for reference. This is for OOS Oreo only (5.1.x). OnePlus 5 thread:
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    Thread Help to make unlocking phones legal again!
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    Thread [ROM]BAKED TF201 bb-8 (3-16-2013)

    || Github || Irc || Twitter || Google + || Welcome to a #teamBAKED production. Where our goal is to get you all BAKED. Black Android Kang Everyone Desires that is. What did you really think we could include that in the rom! LOL Our real goal tho is plain and simple make a stellar black fully...
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    Thread [ROM][CM10.1][4.2.2][Unofficial] JellyBeer-v3.58 [Feb 22]

    Features: -DPI app Groups -3 different UI modes @ any DPI (phone, phablet and tablet) -Set custom DPI (213 as default) -Navigation bar -Change navigation bar height -Dual panel -Custom carrier name -Disable bootanimation -Disable physical buttons -Center clock in status bar -Week day in the...
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    Thread [REQ] reboot mod flashable zip for 2.3.4

    i was wondering if someone could work up a flashable zip for reboot menu mods for stock deodex 2.3.4. this is a great mod but but currently, if you want it you have to flash a complete ROM. i currently have the new hotspot hack so if its a framework tweak then it will prob remove the hotspot...