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  1. zerokoolmyth

    Thread [Q] New Version of Android?

    when will this be release http://*******/WUJej :confused:
  2. zerokoolmyth

    Thread [Q] [xperia p] best custom rom?

    what is the best custom rom for xperia p? a battery friendly fast and smooth rom no bugs... i'm on ICS 6.1.B.0.544 lock bootloader do i need to upgrade to 6.1.1.B.1.54 to install custom rom and what recovery to use i'm new to xperia phone so help is much appreciated thanks :D:D:D
  3. zerokoolmyth

    Thread Xperia P album art prob

    when i insert album cover for a song and i add another album cover for another song they become the same cover and when i change it again the other one follows, i cant add different cover album for different song, does anyone experience this, and how you did you fix it, thanks in advance...
  4. zerokoolmyth

    Thread [Q] Xperia P LED Notification

    does Xperia P has the LED notification, like in the Xperia U (the one that is in the back, home and option key in the bottom) tnx and sorry for the noob question
  5. zerokoolmyth

    Thread Help on 4EXT Recovery

    i just flash 4ext recovery, coming from cwm, i notice this in the info system ext4 data ext3 cache ext4 should i also convert data to ext4? and what is the difference between ext3 and ext4 :confused: in case you want to know about my phone state check my sig
  6. zerokoolmyth

    Thread Game Problem on Ice cold sandwich

    i got the latest ice cream sandwich rom, and i always play nba jam, i notice that it needs a wifi to continue to the game, but in other rom either the wifi is on or off the game continue, but in this rom it stuck in checking update screen, and it wont let me play, and other games like FF3, i...